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Fomenting ethnic strife

In our time, there is much talk about fomenting ethnic strife in the world and in individual countries. Legislative bodies of the states now and then amend the Criminal Code, increasing the responsibility for such actions. Constantly someone is arrested, criminal cases are opened. On the grounds of inciting ethnic hatred, murders and other crimes are committed. Let's try to figure out what is really going on.

First, you need to define the term. The incitement of ethnic hatred is actions that are directed at inciting interracial and interethnic hostility. In all civilized countries, they are considered criminal, and criminal cases are initiated against individuals suspected of such. And now we will consider in more detail.

For example, the Russian state fomenting ethnic hatred is a crime against the security of the country, as well as against the foundations of the state system. Clear and clear. Article of the Constitution of the RF warns its citizens and all those living on the territory of the country that it is impossible to agitate and propagandize everything that leads to enmity on interethnic, racial, social, national and religious grounds. The Criminal Code establishes penalties for such actions. Thus, for inciting ethnic hatred, Article 282 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation provides for the punishment of a fine, the deprivation of certain activities (up to 3 years), compulsory work (up to 108 hours), correctional labor (up to 1 year), or imprisonment (up to 2 years) . As you can see, in Russia such actions are considered illegal.

How does the world relate to inciting ethnic hatred? In the German Criminal Code, for anyone who engages in the incitement of hatred, directing it against a certain part of the population, supports the incitement of social discord, ridicules this or that part of the population, can deserve punishment - up to 5 years of imprisonment. Everything is much stricter here than in Russia.

France, Denmark, the Netherlands and the same Germany has legislation that provides for conviction for various statements aimed at inciting ethnic hatred, or any other. And it does not matter whether there was intent or possible consequences. Here's an eloquent example: in France, the editor of the newspaper was convicted, who published a vicious anti-Semitic article. The defendant wanted to defend himself by allegedly publishing information without reading it, and he had no intention of inciting hatred. However, this did not help him.

France also amended the Criminal Code that it is impossible even to deny or question the fact of the genocide of Jews by the Nazis. This, regardless of the intent of the guilty, is a crime. Many people consider this approach to be the inflection of a stick, but the fact remains. Perhaps, when scientists can read more and thoughts, then the corresponding amendments will be made. Who knows what to expect in the future.

We leave further on the Globe. Similar laws have other countries. In Ireland, for example, to commit a crime motivated by ethnic strife, it is sufficient to use a threatening, offensive, or offensive expression that will cause hatred or fear among part of the population. And in Israel for a publication that, in one way or another, refers to racism, you can get a prison sentence of up to 5 years. But for storing and distributing articles that are prohibited by law as inciting racism, you will have to spend 1 year on "bunks". India, too, has not fallen behind the world. If you are recognized here as an incendiary of intercommunal hatred, then the punishment will not keep you waiting, and this is a sentence of up to 5 years.

And in conclusion, let's consider how things are in the USA. Here, unlike other countries, courts treat freedom of speech in a wide range. This creates a serious obstacle to criminal liability for such actions. As courts in the United States recognize, restricting freedom of speech is only permissible in cases where there is a threat of illegal acts and all other measures are ineffective. Here the Nazis, dressed in a swastika uniform, march in the streets of Chicago, where Jews live who survived the Holocaust. And in this there is no violation, because everyone has the right to freedom of speech.

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