Why can not I see the printer?

Problems associated with printers, perhaps, are quite common among users of personal computers. Today we will talk about why the computer does not see the printer and how to deal with this problem.

What good is the printer?

Now the print can be produced almost at every corner - in shopping malls, small and large offices, at work in the end. Nevertheless, it is best to buy a personal "typewriter". This equipment is especially important for those who constantly need a lot of typing.

The choice of printers is very extensive. They can be color and black and white, large and small, single and including several functions, conventional and with different "twists" such as wi-fi connection. Thus, people always have to choose printers for a long time. When buying is already at home, very often there is a problem: the computer does not see the printer. Samsung, Canon, HP, or whatever - regardless of the manufacturer's brand, your "iron friend" can "not make friends" with a new purchase. Now we will consider all possible reasons for the failure of the computer to work with printing equipment.

Calm, just calm

Imagine that you have just (or recently) bought yourself a brand-new printer and decided to immediately try it in action. Here is the file open, and you press on the button printing and .... Nothing! The computer does not give any indication of the beginning of the printing process, and the printer "is silent." If you are at home, then the thought that the bosses "will not pat on the head" for the unheard report will not come to your mind. If the misfortune has caught you in the workplace, then thoughts will flow into your mind about calling the master. Unfortunately, a professional can come to the rescue not immediately, but the surrender of work can "burn." The first thing to remember is that there is no panic in this matter. Sometimes problems with printers can lead to hysterics and solutions at all "throw out the window" is completely working equipment.

So, if the computer does not see the connected printer, first thing, do not panic. After that, let's look at the problem together.

Is everything connected?

As stupid as it sounds, make sure that all the wires, and the printer itself is connected to the computer. Maybe you just left the contact or cable. Check the connection first, if the computer does not see the printer. The USB cable or even the connector may be damaged. In this case, first try connecting the printer to all ports, then check the cable. Do you have some other, just a worker? Attach it to your printer, and then try printing the document again . Did not work out? Plug in the other connector and try again. Again it did not work out? Then for the sake of confidence, look at the equipment - is the printer on? Included? Then let's think-check further.

Drivers in flight

The most frequent query that many users ask is why the computer does not see the Canon printer. In this issue, so to speak, "Canon" is in the lead. Fortunately, the reason is usually very quickly and easily eliminated.

Everyone knows that in order for this or that equipment to work on your personal computer, you need to install special driver programs on it. When you connect the printer, you need to install them. For a number of reasons (which ones, it is impossible to establish precisely because of the fact that there are many of them), these drivers from time to time "fly off", that is, they are damaged or completely removed. So, if your computer does not see the printer, and the connectors and cable are working, check the drivers. Better, of course, simply "demolish" them to zero and reinstall. Usually, the driver is installed from the disk that is attached to the printers, but you can also find them on the manufacturer's website. Now you already know why the computer does not see the printer in some cases. But there are problems and pohlesche. Let's see why another computer can flatly refuse to work with your printer.

Oh, our carelessness

Oh, yes, another problem that can entail that the computer does not see the printer is our banal inattention to the operating system. That is, if you have several printers or any other printing devices, it would not hurt to check in the settings which device is worth the "typewriter". Maybe these settings for some reason lost their way. That's the whole reason for the so-called breakdown. To panic in this case it is not necessary. Just put the right device in the right place. After that, the computer will begin to print. A simple and quick solution. If you do not find the correct printer, reinstall the driver.

Automatic or not

Another reason, although not very important and common, may be that you can turn off automatic printing on your computer. It is responsible for starting the printing process. In order to fix the problem, you will need to go to the "Print queue" and find the corresponding window there. In it, set the automatic startup type and all the cases.

System Failure

Quite common, and an important problem with the failure of the computer to work with the printer are system failures. When this happens, it is more likely that you will have to "demolish" the operating system and reinstall it. After that, you will have to restore the system for a long time and put all the necessary drivers on the computer, including the printer. Then you need to "walk through" all the previous items, which we have already described, and check if the printer is working. If not, then there are two options. The first is that you do not have enough driver programs. The second is a malfunction of the printer itself. What to do? Change the equipment or go and print all the necessary documents outside the house.

System incompatibility

Just like a number of the reasons described above, the incompatibility of the driver and the system is another option, why the computer does not see the printer. Of course, it's rather difficult to find out if you do not pay attention to the so-called "trivia" when buying. In the characteristics of the printer, as a rule, the supported systems are indicated, on which the equipment will work properly, without glitches. Thus, your inattention can cause you to puzzle for a long time, why can not you print at home / office / at work. In addition, there are also situations where fix the impending problem simply can not be - drivers for more "new" or "old" operating systems are not supported at all.

So, if you are faced with this problem, do not despair. Try to look for the necessary driver on the Internet, in particular on the manufacturer's website. All you need is to select a printer model and download the file. After that, run the installation process and follow all instructions. Pay special attention to every word that will be written. If it is said that the printer must be turned off during installation, and it must be turned on by command, then it is. Any "disobedience" can lead to "curvature" of the drivers, because of what then the printer still does not start working. The necessary programs will be installed, but the sense from them will be zero. Therefore, make sure that your new hardware supports the computer's operating system. This will save you from unnecessary problems. Remember, if you yourself are not able to determine the cause of the breakdown, it is best to contact a specialist. He will help you. Good luck!

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