A new computer costs only $ 5, and it is less than a credit card

Developers of a computer that has the dimensions of a credit card, Raspberry Pi, released an improved model of Pi Zero. To buy it, you do not need to get into debt, it costs a microcomputer only five dollars.

An amazing new computer equipped with one card, the size smaller than a credit card, is much cheaper than its predecessors. The original Raspberry Pi is estimated at $ 25.

A modern microcomputer

Founder Raspberry Pi Founder Eben Upton said that reducing the cost of computer equipment is the main task. Even in developed countries, a computer is considered a luxury item for most people. As practice shows, every extra dollar in the price reduces the probability of buying a device.

The impressive little Pi Zero has a full-fledged Linux operating system. He is 40% working and thinking faster than Raspberry Pi, released in 2012. The microcomputer boasts 512 MB of RAM, a Mini-HDMI port and two micro USB ports. In general, not bad.

So far, several thousand such computers have been released, but the developers hope that the demand will exceed the offer.

Those who want to buy a microcomputer for only five dollars, will not find a better time than now. You can buy now on sites in the UK and in the US.

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