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How to pay the transportation tax without a receipt? What to do if the receipt is lost

Today we have to find out how to pay the transport tax without a receipt. Is there any way to do this? And how to behave, if the citizen did not wait for the appropriate payment? Or, for example, what to do if you lose a receipt for payment? Each taxpayer should know the answers to these questions. Then he will be able to avoid problems with the tax authorities in the future.

Mailing period

To begin with, it is necessary to find out to what date a citizen must contribute money to the treasury of the state. This information will help to understand when the lack of payment is not a reason for panic and decisive action.

To date, the transport tax is one of the property payments. Similar charges are made before October 1 of the year following the one specified in the receipt. This means that in 2017 a citizen will pay tax on the car for 2016, in 2018 - for 2017 and so on. If you do not make money to the treasury of the state until this point, you will be in arrears. In addition to the amount of tax, you must pay penalties that are charged daily.

Waiting for receipts

To think about how to pay the transport tax without a receipt is not always necessary. Do not rush to resolve such a question. After all, in Russia it is planned to inform the population about the need to contribute money for their property.

The FTS sends out payments no later than 30 days before the deadline for the payment of tax. This means that the receipt for the car should come before September 1. Otherwise, you need to think about paying the tax without this paper.

Reasons for the absence of a receipt

Transport tax does not come? The receipt is not delivered to the citizen? Is it possible to do without it? And what to do under similar circumstances?

First you need to understand why there is no payment. Sometimes there is no cause for concern.

Among the most common cases of the absence of tax notices are the following situations:

  • The period of informing the population has not come;
  • System failure in the work of the Federal Tax Service;
  • Problems in the postal service;
  • The citizen was informed about the need to pay tax on the Internet;
  • The receipt is lost (both by mail employees and by the citizen himself);
  • In the Federal Tax Service there is no information about the property (in the case of tax on the apartment);
  • In the course of recalculation it was found out that the owner of the car can not pay a duty for this or that period;
  • The taxpayer is an exempt and should not pay for the car.

Sometimes citizens complain that the receipt for transport tax is lost. How to be in this or that case?

No receipt - what to do?

Need to pay the transport tax? Where can I get a receipt for the implementation of the idea? There are several options for the development of events. To begin, it is necessary to find out the reason for the absence of notification.

For this purpose it is recommended:

  1. Check the presence of profiles on the websites of the Federal Tax Service ( and the "State Service" ( If the citizen has the appropriate questionnaires, the payment by mail is not sent. A person will be notified of the need to make money on the Internet.
  2. Call the tax service at the place of your registration and ask when they plan to send out payments. By phone, you can also specify whether there was any system failure.
  3. Personally go to the Federal Tax Service. You need to take your ID with you. Employees of the tax can find out whether there were recalculations due to which the taxpayer has the right not to pay for the car.

But all these actions will not help, if the citizen himself lost the payment. Where can I get a receipt? Transport tax without it to pay is very problematic.

Receiving a payment

To date, Russian citizens can receive tax notifications in several ways. Namely:

  1. To personally apply to the tax authority. Employees are required to print a receipt for payment of any tax.
  2. Go to the FTS website and download the corresponding payment from there. If the citizen does not have a "Personal Cabinet", you will first have to know about your debts with the help of the appropriate service.
  3. Print the receipt through the "State Services".

Most often, if you lose notices, citizens simply take your passport and go to the FTS for a new receipt for payment of the transport tax. If it is available, it is much easier to pay off the state than it seems. This is due to the fact that the notice has all the data for making money.

Do I need a receipt?

Some are thinking how to pay the transport tax without a receipt. Can I do this at all?

Fortunately, yes. Tax payments are not always necessary. To implement the task, only the requisites of the recipient of money are needed. They specify in the FTS for the registration of the taxpayer.

This means that a receipt for payment of the transport tax is not always required. As already mentioned, its availability makes life much easier, but the notice is not a mandatory paper for making money for the car.

Ways of paying bills

Pay transportation tax without a receipt is allowed in any convenient way. The owners of cars today can repay the debt to the state in the following ways:

  • Making money through the payment terminal in the Federal Tax Service;
  • Appeal to the cashier of any bank (you need a payment);
  • Work with ATMs and payment terminals;
  • Payment through;
  • Use of the site "State services";
  • Making money through the service "Payment for services";
  • Internet banking;
  • Payment of taxes through electronic wallets.

In reality, the receipt will be required only if the person decided to apply to the bank personally. In other situations, you can do just recipient's requisites. Further on, you will learn more about how to make payments.

Terminals and ATMs

Let's start with the most common option - the use of terminals and ATMs. Most often, citizens use the services of Sberbank. Consider the process of paying the tax on the example of ATM from this company.

A step-by-step instruction will look something like this:

  1. Go to the cash machine or payment terminal. In the first case, you need to insert a bank card in the receiver and enter the PIN-Code to start working with the system.
  2. In the main menu, click on "Payments in my region".
  3. Click on "Search for a recipient" - "By taxpayer identification number".
  4. Enter the recipient's ID. To do this, you must first find out the details of the FTS.
  5. Select the tax authority and click on "Next".
  6. Note "Transportation tax".
  7. Enter information about the taxpayer.
  8. Indicate the amount of payment. Sometimes this step is skipped, and the system itself shows how much money you need to make for the car.
  9. Check the details and confirm the operation.
  10. If you use a payment terminal, you need to deposit money into the bill acceptor and click on "Pay". In the case of non-cash payment, this item is skipped.

It only remains to pick up the check with the tax paid. It must be kept at home.

Internet banking

You will have to act somewhat differently if you want to pay taxes by using Internet banking. This is another popular direction that citizens enjoy.

It is not difficult to guess that the population most often uses the service of "Sberbank Online". To pay for the car, you will need:

  1. Log in to the site.
  2. Select "Payments and transfers".
  3. In the search box at the top of the page, dial the TIN-receiver's INN.
  4. Click on the desired body in the search results.
  5. Fill in the receipt for transport tax. Usually you need to specify the type of payment and information about the taxpayer.
  6. To insert the card from which the funds will be debited in a specially designated field.
  7. Indicate the amount to be paid.
  8. Finish the payment. To do this, enter the secret code in the special field. He will come to your mobile device.

But that's not all. How to pay the transportation tax without a receipt?

"Taxpayer's Personal Account"

This will help the "Personal account of the taxpayer." In it all information about taxes is kept. It is enough to register on the site of the Federal Tax Service.

If a citizen has a profile on, he can easily pay any tax. This will require:

  1. Log in to "My Account".
  2. Go to the "Accrued" section.
  3. Select "Transportation tax".
  4. Specify what needs to be done next - print out the payment or pay the bill.
  5. In the second case, you need to choose how you want to deposit funds. For example, click on the button with the bank that issued the card.
  6. Enter the details of the bank card or electronic wallet.
  7. Confirm the operation.

If desired, a citizen can print a check to confirm the fact of payment. Nothing difficult.

If you plan to use the "State Service", you will have to act approximately the same.

"Payment for services and electronic wallets"

How to pay the transportation tax without a receipt? You can use the site or the citizen's electronic purse.

In the first case, you will need:

  1. Go to the site "Payment of public services."
  2. Select "Payment of taxes" in the top menu.
  3. Select "Search by taxpayer identification number". Enter the taxpayer's tax ID in the field.
  4. To get acquainted with the results and to open a transport tax. It will be signed.
  5. Click on the button "Pay". Select the type of deposit.
  6. Specify the details of a bank card or electronic wallet.

And no receipt for payment of transport tax is needed!

If the taxpayer has decided to search through the electronic wallet, he will need to act as follows:

  1. Go to the electronic wallet.
  2. Click on "Services" - "Taxes".
  3. Enter the payer's tax ID.
  4. Select the transport tax.
  5. Check the details and, if necessary, enter the amount of the debt.
  6. Click on "Pay" and print a check about payment.

Thanks to this article, everyone now understands how to pay the transport tax without a receipt. If there is an appropriate document, it is recommended that you go to the bank with payment, money and ID for the implementation of the idea.

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