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Recipe kyystyby - Tatar national dishes

Today, on our shelves, there is such abundance that our eyes run out. This is not only about grocery stores, but also culinary. In many of them, very unusual and exotic dishes are prepared , which many of us, having come home, try to cook themselves. But why should we be able to prepare German strudels and Italian pizza, and the dishes of the peoples of our country are not always of interest to us? They are very tasty, but they are not inferior to foreign ones by their exoticism. And their advantage is at least that for cooking from Russian national cuisine, the products are absolutely necessary for our stomach. And we guarantee you that none of you after trying kyystyby with potatoes will run to call an ambulance because of indigestion, although the word is not quite familiar for our hearing.

Kystyby is national patties of Tatars and Bashkirs. I must say that these two people living side by side have much in common in everything, not only in the culinary field. But the recipe kyystyb and Tatar, and Bashkir completely identical to each other. They are in shape a little like the well-known chebureks, but they are prepared in a completely different way.

How to cook kystyby? Yes, it's very simple and you will not feel any special material consequences. The fact is that for such delicacies, you need only the minimum of ingredients. The dough is kneaded fresh. It takes 300 grams of flour, half a glass of water, a tablespoon of sugar, 50 grams of butter, 1 egg and salt to taste. The dough turns out to be quite steep, and therefore it will not be difficult to knead it to the state of non-adhesion to hands.

Now remove it to the side, and while it "rests", we prepare the filling. So, first prepare the contents for kystybyy with potatoes. And for him you need only puree, cooked from 500 grams of boiled potatoes, flavored with butter and a little diluted with milk. For taste, let's pass the onion until golden brown and add it in mashed potatoes.

Our dough has disappeared during this time. We will cut it into pieces and roll out of them a thin lozenge. Now the most important feature: bake these tortillas in a well-heated dry frying pan. On both sides a beautiful golden crust is formed and the circles turn out ruddy and appetizing. On one half of the finished dough strips, notice, in a hot state, not letting them cool down (otherwise they will lose their flexibility), smear evenly the stuffing and cover with the second half. The skill of the cook is that it does not let the lozenge break on the bend.

It remains only to lubricate the surface of the creamy melted butter and invite household members to the table.

If you liked the recipe kytybyby liked, then we are happy to inform you that this dish can be prepared and used for future use. Due to the fact that it contains a minimum of fat, it is well stored in the refrigerator and the hostess bakes flat cakes once, but use them periodically. To do this, they need to be warmed up a little in the microwave and they become flexible again, like freshly baked ones.

And even those who are interested in how to cook kystyby, we can say that the filling can be done not only from potatoes. Very delicious recipe kystyby, cooked with a filling of any porridge. By the way, in Tatar villages, these pies are often stuffed with millet porridge. By its consistency, it is very similar to mashed potatoes, and everyone chooses the taste qualities according to their claims. You can cook salty or sweetened porridge. And it turns out a dish "two in one", when the original form helps parents nourishing and cunningly feed fastidious children.

Diversify the recipe kystyby can be fried them from two sides in oil. Then they will turn out even softer and tastier.

Fantasize and eat!

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