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Recipe for yoghurt cake: several options

Yogurt in baking can not be called a traditional ingredient, but as it turned out, it can be used instead of many more common ingredients. Milk, kefir or sour cream can be replaced in whole or in part. Most often, the speech in the recipes is about natural yoghurt - that is, without the presence of flavoring and coloring supplements. Ideally, if it is cooked at home, especially since now it is not difficult to buy a yogurt. But the purchase is quite suitable, in the absence of dyes. It is assumed that the recipe for yoghurt cake involves the addition of yogurt in the dough. If it should be added to the cream, then you can try and version with different fillers.

Yoghurt crust

A delicious cake does not have to be difficult to prepare. As a basis, you can bake some cake that rises well. For example, yoghurt or on a thick fermented baked milk. It will require about 350 ml, as well as the same amount of sugar, three glasses of flour and three eggs. Since the dough is not the easiest, you need a baking powder, which is added immediately to the loose products. Then, in a dry mixture, break the eggs and mix the yoghurt (ryazhenka), as well as vanilla or other flavors. The dough, put in a hot oven, will be baked for about an hour. If you do not come up with some more complicated recipe for a yoghurt cake based on this cake, you can simply cut it batchwise and serve it for tea. If you grease with jam or cream, you get a simple pie. And if there is yogurt, you can add sugar and serve as gravy. Ryazhenka will give the test a light taste of melted milk.

"Broken glass" and pie, as in the picture

Sour cream jelly, poured into shape with pieces of fruit and biscuit, can become an excellent light summer cake. Sometimes it is called "broken glass". Sour cream can be tried substitute yogurt - adjusting the amount of sugar. If excessive sweetness is not desired, you can add more acidic fruit. The classic recipe of yoghurt cake assumes a thin biscuit cake, which is poured in a separable form with a layer of jelly. This process is quite difficult for beginners, so "broken glass" will be an excellent substitute for those who want to avoid unnecessary manipulation. The recipe for yoghurt cake most often involves the use of gelatin, but now it is possible to buy agar. With it, the jelly will be more tender and will get better. By the way, you can buy a sponge cake ready and then you will only have to mix the soaked gelatin (agar) with whipped yoghurt, sugar and fruits. Then the mixture is poured into a mold. At this stage, you should take care of the aesthetics of the dish - nicely laid fruit and neatly filled jelly can give the pie a chic look, which is much harder to achieve with products for which baking is required. Cakes with photographs are abundant in culinary books, but one must understand that often there are food stylists working on their images. So do not be too demanding of yourself. Especially when it's your first yoghurt cake.

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