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Rabies of the uterus - a disease of the forest nymphs

Many people have heard that there is rabies of the uterus. About the women with mysterious deviations whispering teenagers and men dream. A lot of legends surround it with something resembling a halo. But few people know that neither the disease, nor any other deviation with this name official medicine does not recognize.

This concept appeared even in the time of Herodotus, who described the nymphs living in the forest, attracting men to them, and then killing them with an endless number of sexual acts.

Nymphomania is the name of the disease under which the rabies of the uterus are known in the people. Symptoms can manifest it in different ways. In most cases, female nymphomaniacs, experiencing during sex a huge number of orgasms, still can not get satisfaction. Seeking to get it, women are ready to have sex again and again. Their aggressiveness and dissatisfaction are so high that one partner can not cope with the growing lust of the chosen one. Seeking satisfaction at any cost, nymphomaniacs begin to rapidly change partners or increase the number of sexual acts.

For another category of nymphomaniacs, orgasm is not important, they tend to simply increase the number of partners. Such women can not think of anything else. There are cases when nymphomaniacs per day participated in 17 sexual acts.

This behavior is really similar to rabies of the uterus. But what actually happens with a nymphomaniac?

Nymphomania is a mental illness, a kind of hysteria. It is very different from increased libido. People who suffer from such a rejection are uncritical of their sexual needs. As they pursue satisfaction, they stop thinking about their own safety.

If you do not treat the disease, then gradually the nymphomaniac can sink to the social bottom. In medical practice, there are cases when well-off, quite intelligent women in search of new partners started visiting dens for drug addicts and homeless people, without thinking about the terrible consequences of such adventures.

Like any disease, rabies of the uterus has reasons.

Often the disease develops against a background of hysteria or low self-esteem. Sometimes a deviation provokes a tumor of the ovaries or brain, a violation of the hormonal balance, endocrine disorders. There are cases when the disease developed against a background of pregnancy.

Interestingly, such uncontrolled hypersexuality affects men, but they have this deviation called satyriasis.

Random sex often leads to concomitant diseases, not the heaviest of which is inflammation of the uterus. Treatment for nymphomania exists, but only a doctor can provide proper help.

Usually, they appoint a complex treatment combining lifestyle changes, diet, taking medications, consulting a psychiatrist and a sexologist. Rabies of the uterus is curable.

Inflammation of the uterus arises from a variety of other causes. The most popular of them, apart from promiscuous connections, are the common cold, the consequences of abortion, contamination with unclean tools, hormonal failures, etc.

It is only the gynecologist who can determine what kind of inflammation the patient is worried about. After determining the diagnosis, he prescribes treatment. It can be antibiotics, douching, physiotherapy.

Folk healers recommend as an auxiliary means for inflammation take the root of the althea with melted fat, syringe decoction of tannin or St. John's wort. Such methods of treatment take place, however only the gynecologist can tell, what exactly national recipe will approach to a concrete case.

Untimely treatment of inflammation of the uterus can lead to surgical intervention or the development of cancer. This is why it is recommended that women regularly visit a gynecologist.

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