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Proper nutrition for men for weight loss

According to the Ministry of Health, the number of obese men in our country has doubled in the past two decades. The abundance of high-calorie food and its availability, the reduction in physical activity are factors that led to the catastrophic spread of this disease, bringing the figures of Russian and American statistics closer. Physicians are sounding the alarm, claiming that being in excellent physical form today is not only fashionable, but also necessary. Most successful people, regardless of gender, follow this modern trend, adhering to the principles of a healthy lifestyle. Scientists argue that proper nutrition for men for weight loss plays an even greater role than for women. Overweight often delivers emotional discomfort to members of the stronger sex, is the reason for low self-esteem. It can also become a source of problems associated with cardiovascular and other serious diseases. But how to change your habitual diet? It is known that there should be no harmful and heavy food in the men's thinning menu, daily caloric intake of consumed food can not exceed 1600-1800 kcal, at the same time it is necessary to eat at least 4-5 times a day in small portions.

Whether it is necessary to choose a strong sex for a diet and how to lose weight without fasting

Men, unlike ladies, thanks to the peculiarities of the structure of the body, it is much easier to lose weight and more difficult to gain weight. Processes of thermolipolysis (fat burning) occur at them fast enough, and the transformation of carbohydrates into adipose tissue proceeds very slowly. This helps to achieve significant results by choosing the right diet for losing weight. At home, it is enough for men to reduce the calorific value of the daily ration by 10-20 percent, so that the body uses its own fat reserves to generate energy. But many of the stronger sex are skeptical about diets, considering the addiction to losing weight as a purely feminine occupation. Men prefer sports training, as the main factor in weight loss. However, they do not take into account the importance of providing the body with adequate calories. Healthy diet for men for weight loss stimulates a high level of metabolism in the body, which helps to effectively break down fats, helps to maintain and strengthen muscles. Frequent meals in small portions allow you not to experience agonizing hunger and noticeably lose weight. The most acceptable dietary system for men is a gradual decrease in calorie intake with a simultaneous build-up of muscle mass due to regular physical exertion. The most effective diet for representatives of the stronger sex, many experts consider protein.

The daily norm of proteins, fats and carbohydrates for slimming men

The total caloric content of the diet for a person who most of the day sits in the office or at home at the computer is about 1500-1600 calories, and for men engaged in active physical work or sports, this parameter can increase to 1800-2000 kcal. Protein-rich dietary schemes (the amount of protein in which is 25-30 percent of the caloric intake) can accelerate metabolism and reduce the energy value of the diet by 90-100 kcal per day. Sufficient intake of animal and vegetable proteins helps not only to lose weight, but also to prevent its rapid recruitment in the event of a diet failure. Proper nutrition for losing weight to a man who wants to get rid of extra pounds and maintain the result, includes 25% of proteins, 15% of fat and 60% of slow, hard-to-digest carbohydrates. The daily intake of proteins (for ordinary people - 1-1.5 g per kg of body weight, and for athletes and those wishing to improve the relief of muscles - 2-2.5 g) promotes an increase in metabolic rate, a decrease in appetite and strengthening of the musculature. In addition, the build-up of muscle mass helps to burn fat more effectively and successfully adjust weight.

What products should I choose from?

Protein food for weight loss should be high quality, with a minimum amount of fat: meat (beef, poultry meat - chicken or turkey), fish and sea inhabitants, dairy products, eggs and nuts. Of the fats, only unsaturated fatty acids (fatty acids) benefit. Preferred dietary foods are high in omega-3 LC: marine fish (salmon, tuna, sea bass, sardines and others). In addition, the sources of vital fats are legumes, nuts, dairy and other products. The number of carbohydrates during weight loss experts are advised to reduce, but an important nutrient can not be ruled out. These compounds serve as a source of energy, so complex carbohydrates must be included in the daily diet: various flakes, porridges (buckwheat and oatmeal), rye bread, brown rice, honey. Use them better in the first half of the day. Carbohydrates, which must be avoided when losing weight, are called simple: white bread and pastries, sweets, lemonade and sweet fizzy drinks. Experts refer to the same "fast" carbohydrates as alcohol. A balanced diet for men for weight loss should not contain strong spirits, sweet fortified wines and beer from cans. For lovers to sit with friends over a glass of "live" foam, you can occasionally indulge yourself with such a party, but not more often 1-2 times a week.

Fiber, maximum of vitamins and minerals

Vegetable fibers, normalizing the digestive processes in the body, must necessarily enter the diet of a man who throws off excess weight. They are non-nutritive, but they provide a lasting sense of satiety, stimulate the processes of cleansing the body. In nutrition for men for weight loss, on the recommendation of the WHO, it is necessary to include 38-40 grams of fiber daily. It is rich in raw cereals (buckwheat, brown rice and wheat), legumes (peas, chickpeas, lentils and beans), vegetables and fruits (the skin of which consists of dietary fiber), seeds (flax, pumpkin, sunflower) and nuts. The leaders in the content of plant fiber per 100 g of product are: bran (rye, oat and wheat) - 44 g; Beans - from 7 to 15 g; Whole grain bread - from 7 to 9 grams, as well as cereals - from 8 to 10 g. The emphasis on non-starchy "nature gifts": spinach, cabbage, broccoli, cucumbers, green apples, as well as citrus, watermelons, plums and other sources of vitamins and Minerals will help saturate the body with these essential components, will give strength and strengthen immunity.

The size of portions and the amount of water

To remove the extra pounds, you need to reduce the amount of food you eat. At one time, men are allowed to eat not more than 250 ml of the first dish, 150 g of salad or porridge, 100 g of fish or meat. Caloric content of their snack should not exceed 150-200 kcal. In the top five healthy foods for quick hunger fastening do not include chips, fast food and biscuits, and bananas, bitter chocolate, nuts, cottage cheese with berries, a rye bread sandwich with a piece of boiled chicken breast and a slice of cucumber or a lettuce leaf. By volume, snack (except vegetables and fruits) averages 100-200 grams. In a balanced diet of men seeking to lose weight, an important role is played by the amount of water drunk per day. Clean water without gas should be drunk as often as possible, at least 1.5-2 liters daily. It helps to accelerate metabolism, stimulates digestion, increases the volume of cellulose, improves the process of lipolysis (fat splitting). At the same time, water does not contain calories and neutralizes the feeling of false hunger when a person is actually thirsty. Drinking 150-200 ml of water before meals, men reduce appetite and, as a rule, eat less.

Ways to prepare

Healthy diet for weight loss (for men) at home can be arranged by boiling the foods, cooking them steamed, baked or stewed. Of the gifts of nature, it is better to make fresh salads or smoothies-cocktails. The amount of salt during the process of creating a culinary masterpiece must be limited, adding it a few crystals or replacing with lime juice (lemon), spices, dried herbs.

Running with losing weight

By reducing the calorie content of the diet and adjusting the diet for men for weight loss, it is difficult to solve the problem of overweight without sport. It is an integrated approach to the process of reducing body volume with an emphasis on optimal physical activity is the most effective way to lose excess pounds. When doing exercises, muscles tend to strain, which leads to an increase in the expenditure of calories and the burning of more fat. With a high BMI or body weight greater than 90 kg, and also the age of a person older than 45-50 years, walking on a treadmill or walking outdoors is indicated, and running is prohibited, as it can cause damage to the joints and knees. A rational, healthy diet for men, running with a gradually increasing load: from slow jogging to medium and intense speed, accustom the body to receive and spend calories, successfully burning fat. Regular exercises will have a beneficial effect on the parameters of the body, the condition of the muscles and the body as a whole.

Treasured "cubes" of the press

In order for a complete person to achieve a strong and embossed torso, you must first organize a regular, balanced diet for weight loss. For men, the press swings, most often, by lifting the torso from a prone position. Such movements help burn the most common type of fat among men - abdominal. With the help of 20 such actions, you can burn about 7 calories. Muscles press coaches recommend loading no more than three times a week, giving them a rest every other day. After 15-20 repetitions become easy for you, the complex of exercises should be complicated by adding weighting agents (dumbbells or an expander).

Tips from experienced

It is very important that the diet for men for weight loss is full. It should saturate the person, not allowing it to overeat. By eating healthy foods, a man needs to maintain a sufficient level of energy without getting an excess of calories. Forbidden fried and spicy dishes, pickles and smoked products, pork, sausages, ham and sausages, mayonnaise and canned food. It is necessary to reduce the amount of sugar consumed or to exclude it from the diet. During losing weight, it is better to forget about baking and confectionery, fast food and high-calorie desserts. To eat it is necessary variously, that process of growing thin did not create diskomforta. The body will very quickly get used to a balanced diet that will not only help you lose weight effectively, but also keep the result achieved for a long time.

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