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Port forwarding Zyxel Keenetic: Detailed description and recommendations

Many users who actively use tracker and oslo networks come to the fact that they need a real "white" IP. If you can download without such an address, the distribution creates big problems. All the addresses allocated to the user at the time of connection to the network, as a rule, are "gray". So, for certain reasons, the provider's equipment is configured, and the user, getting a gray address, is behind NAT. And, if the user uses his router, NAT will be double, from the provider, and from the user's router. And if everything is clear with the provider - the "white" IP is being purchased - then the user using the router, for example, ZyXEL Keenetic Lite, port forwarding can cause certain difficulties.

Is automatic tuning realistic?

Above we have already determined what this function might need. Now let's take a closer look at how the ZyXEL Keenetic ports of the full version are ported.

In ZyXEL routers, this function is called easier - "port forwarding". For the user of the full version of the router, which is not particularly versed in the settings of networks, protocols and ports, there is the possibility of simple configuration. This inclusion of a tick.

Go to the Home network tab. In the opened list select "UpnP" and get into the window with only one tick. The window is named this way: "Automatic port forwarding". We turn on the checkmark, then click "Apply", and go to the program for which we wanted to open the port. We check in the program - the port will be opened.

Port forwarding to ZyXEL Keenetic (full version)

Automatic tuning is good, but sooner or later it is worthwhile to figure out how to do it without it. Therefore, we will further configure the port in manual mode. It takes a little longer, but these settings may come in handy in the future.

For example, configure the transmission of one port. First, go to the Servers tab. In the "Service" field, you can choose a fairly large set of variations, but if our is not, choose "Other". In the field "IP-address of the server" we enter IP machines in the home network (it is assumed that you have fixed machine addresses on the "Networking" tab.) If not done, it's time to do it. We choose ports, protocols, description. In the lowest field we put "Permitted to all". Then click "Add". If everything is correct, an entry will be added at the bottom of the window (as in the picture above).

Also note the moment that if the user of such a modification has an external hard disk and uses only torrents, then it is possible for him and not to configure the port forwarding. ZyXEL Keenetic has a built-in client for trackers, and once configured the client, further actions are minimized. Router himself will download files, but all the service information, as well as the downloaded files, will be stored on this external drive. Naturally, for the duration of the client's work, the disk must be connected to the router. For many users, the routers are almost constantly connected to the network and, having correctly configured the client, one can not worry about setting up the program on the local machine.

Port forwarding in ZyXEL Keenetic Lite

As it is sometimes said on the Internet, Lite is the base version. It has one antenna, fewer Lan sockets, less cost, fewer configuration options (for example, there is no automatic redirection setting), and the main difference is that it does not have a USB port. Accordingly, all the functions relating to USB, which are just Keenetic, or Keenetic4G, are not available here. Therefore, there is no special reason to dwell on the settings of this router. They do not differ from the above, with the correction for the lack of USB, and the port forwarding ZyXEL Keenetic Lite does not differ from the above, except that the blocks that are not normally needed by the average user have changed their location.

ZyXEL Keenetic 4G

Version 4G is designed to configure and use the new generation of modems without any special reconfigurations of the home network. The router has one antenna, 2 sockets for LAN connection and a USB socket. However, unlike other models, USB here can be used only in one version - the connection of additional modems (despite the fact that we have a Wan socket). Web-interface is also slightly circumcised, but for the average user the set of functions is quite enough. Port forwarding ZyXEL Keenetic 4g in general is no different from other routers of the line Keenetic. As already written in the full version, we need to fix the address of your computer on the "Networking" tab. Having fixed, we overload the router and go to the tab "Servers".

The arrows indicate the necessary sequence of actions. After clicking the bottom button "Add" our setting will be finished. You can return to setting up the program scan on the computer.

ZyXEL Keenetic 2: Port Forwarding

It remains for us to consider the second version of Keenetic, the port forwarding in which looks somewhat different. So, the second version of the router was christened ZyXEL Keenetic II. Port forwarding in it will look like this: also, as before, we need to fix the address of the computer for which we will do a port forwarding. This is done on the page that is opened by clicking the "Home network" button by clicking on the line of the desired computer (here it is assumed that the computer that we are setting up is on and the router sees it), in the window that opens, select the "Permanent IP address" check box. Close the window and click on the "Security" button.

Here we set up the rules for opening the port. Unlike version VI, described above, we can not select two protocols at once. In other words, if we need a UDP port, it will have one rule. TCP port will have to create an additional rule.

And a couple of words about fixing the address

The user who just installed the router usually does not think about the address fixation. The router itself assigns addresses and with a minimum of settings you can already work. But, besides the case described in the application of the fixation, there is another plus. If you have several devices at home that have access to the Internet - desktop and laptop, smartphone and tablet - you are also recommended to fix the addresses here.

First, it's saving time when using shared folders. On a fixed address, you can even create a shortcut on another machine on your home network, and this will work correctly.

Secondly, it's some time saving in normal work. Having and knowing the fixed addresses of the home network, the router does not have to check each time in the route table, where to send the response to the request.


So, we reviewed the entire Keenetic line of the famous brand ZyXEL. Unlike other manufacturers, where the settings are scattered across screens, the ZyXEL Keenetic ports are configured from a single window, consisting of just a few steps, and a minimum of the necessary time. Even a novice computer user can cope with it. On average, the transmission of one port will take no more than 10 minutes.

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