Pathetics - what is it? Examples and meaning of a word

It is quite natural that people do not use all the words often. So do not be surprised when a person asks: "Pathetics - what is it?". Still would! Such a word does not come in handy for us every day. Yes, and people who can tastefully express themselves, every year there are less and less, but without any taste - this is how much you want.


And again: pathetics - what is it? It's very simple: this phenomenon, when a person says "high syllable", uses bright imaginative turns, though, as a rule, inappropriate in the context and situation - too exalted. In pathetics, there is almost always an element of deliberateness. Of course, this word is from the book of speech.

The easiest way to clarify the meaning of the example is the couple in love who parted. The girl throws the guy, and he says something like this: "If you leave, I'll cry all night long, praying for your health of God. If you leave, then I will love you forever! I'll never meet such a kind, intelligent, gentle, like you! ". Variations of love pathos are great. And imagine that the case is in the cafe, and when the girl does not react to this kind of movement, it also claps into a faint, and this happens with all the private people. And you still ask: "Pathetics, what is this?", Here it is in all its glory.

Pathos (this is synonymous with pathetics) of speech is sometimes appropriate when it comes to some literary or philosophical work. For the simple reason that the very matter under consideration is thin and elevated. Therefore, there is no dissonance. But, of course, interesting is not the norm, but deviations from it. We study why pathos and pathos are perceived in everyday speech more often in a negative way.

Falsehood is born from different attitudes of people

An example with a couple in love can not always be regarded as negative. If the lovers are on the same wavelength, that is, their relationship is alive and well, for them the question: "Pathotica - what is it?" Does not arise, because they are in it constantly. And it's not bad at all if the craziness is mutual. The tragedy arises where one loves, and the other does not. And then the second begins to seem that the whole sublimity of speeches is a complete deception, that love has never existed. In this case, even reality is distorted and distorted in consciousness, but such a process is natural, when a loved one strongly disappoints and eventually becomes a "former" type.

Humor is the best antidote for unnecessary, inappropriate pathetic

When people are well together, and they feel like the heroes of an ancient ballad, then to whom is it bad? Only to others, because they are terribly envious of the passions of two people. But we will not talk about this, but how to cope with excessive pathos. The only one means - humor. If a person knows the pathos of what it is, and understands that it is deceived - it is best to joke.

Imagine a dialogue. Man and woman.

"Our separation will break my heart!"

"I hope you will not suffer for too long."

The reader will find that the example is too cruel, but much depends on the situation. Perhaps, after such a sobering blow from the "actor" the mask will fly off, and he will show his true face.

We have considered the phenomenon of "pathetics". The meaning of the word should not be more difficult for the reader. Finally, only one remark: remember the appropriateness of any word-rotation and expression. Do not paint your speech unnecessarily.

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