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"Nerves" - a group from Ukraine

Soloist of the group "Nerves" Yevgeny Milkovsky - a man thanks to which this group appeared. Although all the guys from Ukraine, they quickly fell in love and Russian listeners, which brought the group a rapid popularity. Modern series, such as "Closed School", "Univer", "Physics or Chemistry", "Champions", etc., used the group's songs as accompanying melodies.

There were "Nerves" as a result of an online poll in the social network "VKontakte", where Zhenya posted information about the casting. He started in March 2010. On the stage the band first came out in a year. The date of the debut is officially considered March 1, 2011, because it was on this day that everyone saw the first clip called "Batteries". The songs of the "Nerves" group quickly spread around the countries, thus adding more and more fans. For the successful release of the first album, the team was nominated for the "Breakthrough of the Year" award, and in 2012 a large-scale tour was announced that captured 90 cities. The same year was marked by a new nomination - "The Best Russian Group".

Detailed biography of the group

The composition of the group "Nerves" will be described in detail below (a brief biography is also available), but for now it is necessary to get acquainted with detailed information about the development of the team. A year after the release of the debut songs, the group begins to give major concerts in the cities of the Russian Federation. On October 20, fans organized a rally in the capital to ensure that the guys had a long-awaited performance in Moscow. The representatives of the group decided to hold an apartment not only there, but also in the cultural center of the country - St. Petersburg.

Active development of the team continues. Popularity does not decrease until a small scandal arises. As it turned out, the composition of the group "Nerves" is changing somewhat. The decision on the departure of Dmitry (bass player), said the leader of the group on the page in the social network. After a while it was announced that the collective was breaking the contract with the label, respectively, and "Nerves" cease to exist. There was a long enough period of calm, but the guys did not intend to disperse. On April 7 last year a new contract was signed. The activity of the collective is officially renewed.


The drummer of the group is called Anton Nizhenko, but in the circle of fans he is better known as Tosha. The guy was born in 1994 on May 17. He was never a diligent pupil - he did not carry out assignments, he did not do homework, he missed lessons. However, the certificate of completion of complete secondary education is still dominated by positive assessments.

Team "Nerves" - a group that gave the guy a chance to develop in the music field. Initially, when Anton decided to study in a special school, he went with a clear focus on guitar art. But life often changes its way - Tosha began to learn how to play the drums.

From his early childhood, the guy was attracted by an unusual style of appearance. Now he has a lot of tattoos, there are piercings and tunnels. Talking about himself, Tosha positions himself as a lazy, cynical, untidy, uncollected person who likes to listen to music and watch cartoons. In addition, he has a very kind heart, so it is difficult for him to refuse to help people. Anton entered the Glier Institute of Music, but six months later he was dismissed.


"Nerves" - a group that opened the world to such a talented and beautiful bass player. His real name is Dmitry Dudka. The boy was born on February 15, 1991. Since childhood, Mouse had the desire to do something, screw up someone, and so on to this day. It's too much energy, so he tried breakdancing. Fans are affectionately called a guy "space" or "emotion." He has a deep and thoughtful look that attracts many girls.

Music is the life of this person. He believes that this is how you can change the world. Maus emotional and emotional, strives to become better and overcome the limits of the possible.

Unfortunately, the guy leaves the group. And he is replaced by Roman Bulakhov.


Thanks to the group "Nerves" the guy moves from Kharkov to Moscow. He immediately liked this city for its greatness. At first glance, a guy may seem like a frivolous person and not serious about life, as his body is covered with tattoos, and in the earlobes tunnels are adorned. However, the guy is very fond of sports and every day gives him enough time.

According to Roma, the guys live together, and never quarrel, and this positively affects their creative process. From the beginning of work in the collective, Bulakhov practically stopped listening to other people's melodies, devoting more and more time to creating his own unique music. Date of birth of the guy - August 24, 1992.


A prospective specialist who had a chance to continue his studies in the Kiev National University. Economic University - solo guitarist of the collective "Nerves". The group was able to lure a guy and push him to serious music lessons. The guys quickly found a common language, because they are the same.

Vlad studied at school with a physical and mathematical profile. According to the stories of the guys, he even then decided to create his own band. And since he studied at the same school with Toshik and heard about his amazing drumming, he called in the team. After getting to know Eugene, their lives completely turned upside down, and a group of "Nerves" was formed. The boy was born on June 10, 1991.


Evgeny is the person who made the "Nerva" collective come about. The group lives thanks to his talent to write songs and music. For the first time the guy appeared in public at the age of 18, releasing a video for the song "Fog Station".

Zhenya was born in the Donetsk region, namely in Krasnoarmeysk. He announced himself to the whole of Ukraine with the help of participation in the project "Factory Zirok". His mother is a music teacher, so since childhood Milkovsky sang songs, participated in contests and won them. He studies at the Kiev University as a director.

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