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Milk cocktails. A treat available at home

Ideal way to quench your thirst in the summer heat, enrich the body with vitamins and get a lot of pleasant sensations are such drinks as milk cocktails. They are perfect for light breakfasts and snacks. Easily digested and do not harm the figure (unless, of course, the milk is not very fat).

Milk cocktails can be refreshing and warming, nutritious and dietary, wellness and just delicious. They are used by athletes and children. They are without and low-alcohol. In the preparation of cocktails use milk, cream, fresh juices, sweet syrups, ice cream, liqueurs, yoghurts. The abundance and variety of fruit and berry fillers increases the chances of making original beverages. Milk cocktails are decorated with chocolate chips, mint, nuts and other sweets. For children, there are special types of jewelry in the form of colorful umbrellas.

Preparing milkshakes at home is not time consuming. The cost of such drinks, as a rule, is also minimal. Of the relatively small number of components, you can prepare beautiful contents for several beautiful wine glasses.

A milkshake with ice cream in the blender is very easy to prepare. Always want to bring joy to your loved ones such a delicious drink. To prepare one of the varieties of a milk-based beverage, we will need:

  • 0.25 kg of fresh strawberries, raspberries (if it is from your bed, the taste will be more fragrant and pronounced);
  • 2 tbsp. Chilled milk;
  • 150 g of ice cream (cream, vanilla, fillings).

We put all the ingredients in a blender and start whipping. Turnovers should be used the highest (on the blender is usually a cocktail pointer). Beat for 30-40 seconds. We pour out into tall glasses, decorate with mint leaves. Enjoyment is guaranteed! If you are afraid of unpleasant small bones, you can rub raspberries through a sieve.

Milk cocktails are good for their variety. The original recipe is usually taken as a basis, and the options will depend on your taste. As a basis, there may be creams, yoghurts, and lovers of "abandon" use sour-milk products.

Milk cocktail with ice cream in the blender is also good because after its whipping on the surface an airless weightless foam forms, which is very pleasant to taste. Therefore, we whisk the drink at high speed. And in order to foam did not have time to fall down, you should use a cocktail immediately after cooking.

Currently, the billets for cocktails are produced - these are mixtures based on dry milk, which do not contain harmful substances. However, they are usually absent in stores. They will have to be ordered at special retail outlets or on the Internet. Such mixtures significantly accelerate the preparation of milkshakes at home. You can use frozen berries and fruits if there are no fresh berries .

I would like to offer you one more recipe for this miracle drink. You can use a blender, but if it is not, then the mixer will replace it completely. For its preparation the following products are required:

  • 0.3 liters of cream (choose fat by yourself);
  • 1.3 liters of milk (chilled);
  • 150 g of ice cream;
  • Bananas and / or peaches;
  • 2.5 tbsp. Orange syrup - will be a wonderful addition.

Mix, beat with a mixer or blender. The edges of tall glasses are dipped in lemon juice, then placed in granulated sugar. In the glass pour the crushed ice and pour a cocktail. It should be used immediately!

Use low-alcoholic liquors instead of syrups and you will immediately feel the invigorating effect of cocktails!

Do not miss the opportunity to make yourself happy in the summer by this great drink, good for your health. Using imagination, you will be rewarded with excellent taste!

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