Kia Soul: owner feedback on a new Korean car

The first series of legendary crossovers Kia Soul was put up for sale in Korea in the autumn of 2008. The jeep's sales in the domestic market were quite successful, and in February 2009 the Korean manufacturer announced the production of export versions of Kia Soul. The responses of the owners from Europe and Russia highlighted the high quality of assembly and low fuel consumption of the novelty, for which the car was widely recognized in many countries of the world. But, in addition, in the reviews there were great disputes about which class belongs to this Korean miracle. Some said that it was a station wagon, others referred it to crossovers and hatchbacks, and some even considered it a real minivan. Today, we will leave these disputes aside and look more closely at the car itself, especially since it has elements to look out for.

"Kia Soul": reviews of owners about the appearance of the machine

The design of the new car can not be called revolutionary or impressive. No, this does not mean that the car looks ugly, but it is made, as they say, an amateur. Distinctive rectangular lines of the body Korean designers led by Peter Schreyer dashingly smoothed oval details, while complicating the contours of the side windows. In general, the novelty can be compared with a street armored car, as it was nicknamed by domestic car owners.

Kia Soul: owner feedback on the interior

The interior of the car, fortunately, is much more attractive than the exterior. When decorating the salon, Korean designers decided to go on an experiment, creating new, rather unusual forms of details. It is worth noting that this experiment was successful, since such forms give the subcompact a certain individuality. As for free space, it is quite enough for our car owners. In general, "Kia Soul" 2013 release can take up to five passengers, and all of them will be located quite comfortable. True, for the sake of such spaciousness, engineers had to sacrifice the dimensions of the trunk, which now can accommodate loads of up to 222 liters. But to increase this figure to 818 liters, you can still, having completely folded the rear row of seats.

Technical characteristics of Kia Soul

The car will be supplied to the Russian market in two engine variants. The first gasoline unit has a capacity of 129 horsepower and a displacement of 1.6 liters. The motor is equipped with two gearboxes, 6-speed "mechanics" and a 6-speed "automatic". The second engine works on diesel fuel and has similar technical characteristics to petrol: capacity of 128 horsepower and a working volume of 1.6 liters. He works in pairs only with an automatic transmission for 6 speeds. The average fuel consumption is 7.3 (with a gasoline engine) and 5.9 liters (with diesel) per 100 kilometers.

Kia Soul: owner feedback on the cost

The price for a new Korean car in the basic configuration is 639 thousand 900 rubles. The "Lux" kit will cost 829 thousand rubles to customers.

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