Metal: sheet size and types of coatings

The erection of the building's box ends with a roof covering. At this stage, the developer has a question of choosing the material for the future roof. One of the most popular, beautiful and reliable roofing in Russia is metal roofing. The size of the sheet from different manufacturers differs from each other, as well as the color and thickness. But the practicality of this material does not cause such damage.

Metal tile: coating types

Any roof covering is laid to protect the dwelling from the effects of climatic and atmospheric factors. But then the question arises as to why the types of such a product as metal tile differ so much. Sheet size, price - these values for the products of different manufacturers will differ. Let's try to answer this question.

What is a metal tile? This is a sheet of galvanized steel with a coating applied to it, protecting the metal from moisture. The form is given to it in aesthetic purposes by manufacturers similar to ceramic tiles. The last fact, most likely, influenced the popularity of the roofing material. And modern composites have made it more durable. There are four types of coating: polyester and matte, plastisol, pural. The roofing material treated with such composites has a different thickness. This, of course, can not but affect the cost of such a product as metal roofing. The size of the sheet, however, does not depend on the type of coating used.

In addition to the natural demand (roof), this material is used for erecting fences, fences, covering canopies. This is explained quite simply: high performance, democratic price. But not only that is good metal. The size of its sheet, as already mentioned, is not always standard, while the weight of one square meter is approximately 5 kg. If you compare with ceramic tiles, you can see obvious advantages. The weight of the "great-grandmother" of modern material is from 40 to 70 kg (square meter). It can be concluded that this characteristic also influenced the final cost of the roof, since transportation is cheaper. As a plus, you can consider the availability of parts. These are drains, and skirting boards, and much more.

In the simplicity and speed of installation, metal tile is also leading. Sheet size, light weight, a variety of screws allow you to mount a roof covering up to 100 square meters per day. The service life determines the resistance to corrosion of the material itself, the quality of the composite coating, as well as the durability of the dyes to the ultraviolet. Most manufacturers sell metal roofing with a guarantee. On average, it is about 12 years. But the service life of steel sheet is about fifty years.

What else is good metal? The size of its sheet depends on the manufacturer, in which quality both Russian firms and foreign ones act. Both those and others on the market represent more and more products of different colors and shades. Develop the newest composite materials, which not only extend the service life, but also in structure more resemble the natural analogue. But the standard size sheet of metal tile found in stores will not succeed. Because of the absence of such. If there is a need to calculate the amount, then forcibly you will first have to decide with the manufacturer.

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