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Lounge is not just a musical style: the lounge is a way of life

Lounge - a musical style, which has become very popular since the 2000s. What are the features of the sound of compositions in the lounge style, and what is the history of its occurrence?

Excursion to the history

The lounge takes its origins in such musical styles as jazz (in particular, acid-jazz), new age, embayent and chill-out. If we translate from English verbatim, it will sound like "idle pastime." And indeed, the lounge is music, the main purpose of which is to sound in cafes, fashionable restaurants, spa-, fitness centers and create an appropriate atmosphere.

The first splash in the popularity of the lounge was experienced in the 50-60-ies. XX century. Then for the execution of compositions in this style, as a rule, whole ensembles were created.

The second breath style found in the XXI century: in the 2000s. Jazz musicians began to turn to experiments with electronic music, and also to be interested in DJing. The lounge acquired a fashionable and modern sound, and then, in effect, replaced jazz, which used to sound in the most prestigious entertainment venues in the world.

Features of sound

Lounge - it's easy enough to sound music. It should create a background for a pleasant pastime, a background for enjoying not only food, but also beautiful views, such as nature or works of art.

The lounge is not just a musical style: it is the lifestyle of a modern self-sufficient person - an educated person who can enjoy the benefits achieved.

Soft sound, depth and the effect of "presence" - that's what is typical for lounge music. If you describe the nature of sound (general) - lounge compositions should carry an atmosphere of well-being, brilliance and fullness of life, aesthetic beauty, as well as a sense of pleasure.

Lounge-musicians freely use for their ideas the most diverse instruments and motifs, there are experiments even with folk songs and classical works. By and large, the details in the lounge are not so important: the main thing is to preserve the "atmospheric" music and its ability to enter into a state of relaxation and rest.

In the age of digital technologies, lounge compositions are almost not played live, as a rule, in institutions, there is a lounge radio or DJ playing.

The best representatives of the direction

In the 50-60's. There were popular lounge bands, for example, Paul Moriah or Bert Kempfert, James Last, and also Albert's coat of arms. Composers who worked on creating soundtracks for films also gravitated towards the style of the lounge: this applies in the first place to Henry Mancini and Bert Bacarac.

In the 90's interest in "relaxing" music is renewed with renewed vigor, and the classical traditions of the style are continued by the German collective De-Phazz, the Belgian Hooverphonic and the American Combustible Edison.

The electronic interpretation of the style was offered to listeners DJ Jaffa and Zimmer-G, and, of course, it is impossible not to mention the widely popular collections of Hotel Costes and Café del Mar.

CafeDel Mar - one of the most successful lounge projects

CaféDel Mar can be called one of the most successful lounge-projects, if only because officially for the entire period of its existence sold 12 million CDs. For performers in the lounge style, this is a pretty significant achievement.

Actually, Café Del Mar is not a group, but a cafe on the island of Ibiza, located on the beach. The main "feature" of the establishment is a charming sunset, which can be observed by its visitors, eating all kinds of dishes and dishes. All this happens, naturally, to the sounds of first-class lounge music, which is selected by DJs.

Owners of Café Del Mar periodically sponsor the release of collections with compositions that are very popular with visitors. There is nothing surprising in this: even Madonna in her interview mentioned Café Del Mar among his favorite music.

This is the lounge - it is beyond competition, beyond time and space. He is just a background for our life ... a better life.

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