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Bar on the guitar. Basics and techniques

The bar is a special way of playing the guitar, which means clamping several strings. The bar on the guitar is divided into several groups: full - all the strings are clamped, a half bar - four strings, and a small bar - three strings. This technique is used for any technique of the game and is a constituent of a huge number of chords and a minor and a major group. The bar is used in all musical styles and is the basic method of playing the guitar.

Problems with setting the bar

Many beginning guitarists are faced with the fact that they can not take a bar on the guitar. And since without this method, complex melodies can not be played in any way, often a person who has encountered difficulties using this element simply throws the instrument and does not return to the music. To prevent this, you need to know how to take the bar on the guitar correctly. After all, if everything is done as recommended by experts, there should not be any difficulties, and you will easily master such a necessary method.

How to take a bar?

In fact, it's quite simple to do this, just follow a few rules below.

So, let's find out how to tighten the bar on the guitar correctly.

First, relax your hand, shake it, hold it in the hanging position for a few seconds. Naturally, this procedure is only needed when you are still learning.

Try to press the index finger, which clamps several strings, as close as possible to the threshold of the fret on which you want to play the reception known to us. This not only makes it easier for you, but also makes the sound cleaner, without excessive rattling and other disturbances. If for a certain chord all four fingers of the left hand are not needed, you can put the middle finger on top of the index finger, but do not get used to doing so, because in this way you can limit yourself to using the bar.

Bend the left arm around the wrist so that its minimal tension is created. Find for yourself this comfortable position and remember it. First, put your hand into it yourself, and after a while it will be obtained from you automatically.

Also some musicians are advised to start learning this technique from setting up a small bar, then switching to a half bar and only then taking a full one on six strings. However, this method is not always justified: small is used mainly in classical melodies, which many beginning guitarists for some reason bypass. The chords in the majority contain a full bar on six strings.

Helpful Tips

When you are learning to put a bar, make sure that the ring finger and little finger do not go under the neck of the guitar. This sometimes happens involuntarily due to a strong voltage when trying to set a chord. Do not be too zealous, otherwise you can ruin all your efforts.

Also, gradually try to put a bar on the guitar along with the necessary chord, this will help you not only to work out the right technique, but also to improve your playing skills in general.

Practice, practice and practice again!

In fact, the only really effective way of teaching a bar is practice. Only a lot of training, you can easily master this technique. Practice, practice and practice once again - that's what will help you become a real guitar player.

Do not be discouraged, do not give up trying to put the bar on the guitar. Do not think that you physically can not take it, this in principle does not happen. Do not seek excuses for yourself, but take it and do it! It is much more useful not only to improve your guitar playing skills, but also for willpower and spirit. Always bring it to the end, however complex it may seem.

I hope you enjoyed this article, and you understood how to properly tighten the bar on the guitar. I wish you new creative successes!

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