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Nikita Simonyan (Mkrtich Pogosovich Simonyan), Soviet football player: biography, sports career

Simonyan Nikita Pavlovich is a famous Soviet football player, who later became a coach and a functionary. He is the first vice-president of the RFU. During his lifetime he managed to receive many awards, among which the Order of Merit for the Fatherland is particularly distinguished. Nikita Simonyan is the best scorer in the history of Moscow's Spartak.

A family

Born on October 12, 1926. The birthplace is the city of Armavir. Nikita Simonyan had a small family: besides him, there was a mother, a father and a sister. The athlete's dad was born in western Armenia. In his fate there were many upheavals, the man survived the horrors of genocide. In the 30 years of the last century he moved to Sukhumi. Here the father of the future football player began to sew inexpensive, comfortable shoes, for which he had a small salary. Nevertheless, Nikita Simonyan was always well dressed and shod, and also often received from his parents pocket money, which he spent on visiting the cinema. The favorite picture of the boy was the movie "Goalkeeper."


In general, the real name of the player is Mkrtich, which he received in honor of his grandfather. However, friends in the yard often called him Mikita or Mikishka, because during the games it was difficult to pronounce such an exotic name. Often Nikita Simonyan asked his father why he was awarded such a complex name, to which the pope replied that the name is beautiful and denotes the word "baptizer". However, the nickname received in childhood, for a long time attached to the famous striker and glorified him to the whole world.

A huge amount of time Simonyan Nikita Pavlovich devoted to playing football. Often with a friend, they went to the cinema, where they watched the movie "The Goalkeeper" several times already. At that time, it was the only film about football. Although the picture was sometimes filled with absurd moments, the boys each empathized with the heroes, and became more and more imbued with this wonderful game.

The first steps in sports

Since childhood, Nikita Simonyan, a footballer, who received the title of master of sports, was fond of this game. Together with his comrades he was the organizer of football fights. Often arranged battles between streets or districts. The guys found an excellent field, which was perfect for playing. True, it was located twelve kilometers from the home of the future coach of the Ararat team (Yerevan). To the site had to get on freight trains. The boys played to the point of exhaustion and returned home on foot. Often my father chastised Nikita for the fact that he constantly disappears on the court. Nevertheless, his attitude changed when several people on the street picked up the man in his arms and began to toss with screams: "Here goes Simonyan the elder - Nikita's dad." At that moment, Nikita Simonyan, whose biography is very full, earned real courtyard authority.

War and love of music

The Great Patriotic War and Nikita did not ignore: strong bombing, dead friends and relatives, long time in bomb shelters. One day my father was wounded - Pogos Mkrtichevich, who was often called Pavel Nikitich. However, even the war could not discourage Nikita's desire for a favorite occupation. In addition to football, Nikita Simonyan, whose family always supported him, began to get involved in music and even joined the brass band. Together with the group, he participated in various demonstrations and spoke at school evenings. Often had to play at a funeral. Be that as it may, the music could not completely captivate Nikita, and the guy still preferred football.

Serious workouts

Once, Shota Lominadze came to the playground where the boys chased the ball, who was a famous player and played in the local Dynamo. Soon Lominadze became the main coach of Nikita and he started regular classes. Gradually the fascination was transformed into a profession. However, the training was not tough, every football player could show himself. Mkrtich Pogosovich Simonyan (real name) showed himself to be a good striker and spent hours practicing strikes. Very soon he began to perform together as a youth club. Each game, the Soviet football player was focused on how to score the ball. Sometimes he managed to play nine goals for playing the game. In 1944, Nikita and his comrades had the honor to see the famous Soviet football players, as Dynamo (Moscow), the club "CDKA" and so on began to come to Sukhumi.

First achievements

With each passing day Nikita improved his skills: coming out on the field, he laid out completely and showed an amazing game. Looking at famous players, a novice football player remembered every movement, and then repeated in training. Very soon, the junior team, for which Nikita spoke, was able to win the championship of Abkhazia, and then Georgia. In the same period, Nikita Simonyan was able to play against Dynamo from Moscow.

"Wings of Soviets"

The end of 1945 was marked for Simonyan by the fact that Sukhumi visited the Moscow "Wings of the Soviets". It was this team that managed to become the champion of Moscow that year. "Dynamo" twice defeated the Muscovites, and all the goals were scored by Nikita. The leadership of the "Wings" immediately suggested that Simonyan move to the capital. However, the father of the football player was against the transfer of his son, he believed that he must receive education first. Nevertheless, the love of football won and in 1946 the young man went to Moscow. The first three years he had to huddle in the closet on the trunk. At that time, "Wings of the Soviets" were considered not so popular team, as, for example, "Spartacus" (Moscow).

Pressure on the player

The first game Nikita was to be held in Sukhumi against the Minsk "Dynamo". At the same time in the family of Simonyan there were events that almost ended tragically. Arriving in Sukhumi, he found that in the apartment where the guy used to live, there was a search. In addition, the father of the football player was taken into custody. The reason for the arrest is quite simple: the authorities wanted to see a talented striker in Dynamo (Tbilisi). Moreover, blackmail was organized at a very high level.

Nevertheless, the football player did not succumb to the pressure of the authorities and spent three seasons in the "Wings", during which he managed to distinguish nine times. However, in 1949 the team could not hold on to the top of the standings and, having finished last, was disbanded. Coaches and players went to various Soviet clubs, and Simonyan had to go to the "Torpedo". By the way, personally Ivan Likhachev invited him personally. At the same time, the player became interested in "Spartacus" (Moscow), and Nikita himself has long dreamed of showing himself in such a well-known club.

"Spartak Moscow)

In 1949, Simonyan, one might say, associated his whole life with the capital's team. Together with him, the club included many talented players who dreamed of winning. Already in the next season, the striker managed to establish a new record for goals scored (35), which lasted until 1985.

At the same time, information appeared that Vasily Stalin, who was in charge of the VVS MVD command, became interested in the talented young man. The players who entered the club were given apartments, prizes and so on. However, Simonyan did not accept the flattering offer and stayed in Spartacus.

Gold of the Olympics

All the players attacking "Spartacus" vividly performed in the USSR team. It was these players who helped the team win gold medals at the 1956 Olympics, which was held in Melbourne. With the final match is a famous story. According to the rules of the time, those players who play in the last match get gold medals. All four matches before that Eduard Streltsov participated, but Simonyan was declared to the final. After graduation, Nikita Pavlovich wished to give his medal to a young striker, but Streltsov refused.

As captain Simonyan brought the USSR team to the world championship match of 1958, which became for the national team a new stage in history. The national team showed itself well in the tournament, beating England and Austria. To stop the Soviet players was able only the national team of Brazil.

Speeches in "Spartacus"

Playing for the metropolitan team, Simonyan was able to achieve amazing results. Together with the team, he achieved the following results:

  • Won four league titles;
  • Twice helped win the USSR Cup;
  • Repeatedly received silver and bronze medals;
  • Twice played in the Cup final of the country.

Several times with "Spartacus" Simonyan traveled to other countries. For the time spent in the Moscow club, the forward participated in 233 games and scored 133 goals, becoming, thus, the best scorer in the history of the club. Three times Simonyan managed to become an outstanding scorer of the USSR. In "Spartacus" he was remembered as a quick striker who could choose a position perfectly and work with any leg. Nikita Pavlovich became a model for many young players, showing respect in each game to their opponents.

In 1959, "Spartacus" went to compete with the teams of Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela and Uruguay. Here the metropolitan team showed an excellent game, and was particularly distinguished in the composition of Simonyan, who by that time was already in adulthood. Despite the enthusiastic exclamations of the media, Nikita Pavlovich has already decided to end his career as a football player.

Coach career

In the autumn of the same year, the leadership of "Spartacus" offered Simonyan take the place of head coach. The first season was not asked - Nikita Pavlovich could not keep the team, even in the first six. Immediately he was attacked by fans who were unhappy with the results. In 1961 Muscovites took bronze medals, and a year later Simonyan achieved the first serious award in the status of a coach, having won the USSR championship.

Soon young talented players began to replace veteran footballers, who were later raised by Simonyan. With a break, Nikita Pavlovich worked in Spartacus for eleven years. He twice managed to take the title of the champion of the USSR, three times Muscovites raised the Cup of the country over their heads, and once they reached the final. In addition, twice, "Spartacus" received silver and bronze medals of the championship.

"Ararat" (Yerevan)

In 1972, Simonyan accepted an offer from the best Armenian team. Hopes were high on him. By that time, Ararat was able to gather the best Armenian players in its ranks.

Already in 1973, under the leadership of Nikita Pavlovich, "Ararat" reached the final of the USSR Cup, where his opponent was "Dynamo" from Kiev. The game was very tense, but the victory was won by the Yerevan team, having won this title for the first time in history.

In addition to the cup, "Ararat" was set up for the national championship. The results of the team were observed all over Armenia. For the tour before the end of the season the Yerevan club managed to take the champion title.

However, the next season Simonyan did not ask: "Ararat" stopped on the fifth line, and from the fans immediately began to pressure. At that time, Nikita Simonyan received an offer from the Sports Committee of the USSR and adopted it.

Sports Committee of the USSR

The next 16 years, Simonyan held the position of state coach. It was with Simonyan that the USSR team was able in 1988 to win silver medals at the European Championships. Six years later he became vice-president of the Russian Football Union. This post was until May 2015.

Simonyan Nikita Pavlovich is still fond of music, often attends symphony orchestra performances. He reads a lot of historical and fiction literature, and in 1989 he published his own book. He enjoys watching high-quality domestic and foreign films, he loves theater. Currently, the famous football player and coach lives in Moscow.

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