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"Caspian cargo": biography and creativity

In this material the group "Caspian cargo" will be presented. The biography of this collective, as well as the features of creativity are discussed below. This group came to Russia from the East, and to put it more precisely, its homeland is Azerbaijan.


So, before us is the duet "Caspian cargo". The biography of Anar Zeynalov will be considered further. This is the first of two participants. Weight is a scenic pseudonym of this musician. He was born in the capital of Azerbaijan. It happened in 1983, on October 5. Art attracted a young man from a young age. He contacted the youth underground at an early age. It was at this time began to manifest his talent. He studied the works of modern musicians. Soon I began to read rap myself.


There is also a second participant in the group "Caspian cargo". His biography is no less interesting. The musician's name is Timur Odilbekov. Scenic pseudonym - Gross. He was born in Baku, in 1984. The guy also became interested in music at an early age. From listening to someone else's work, he came to perform his own compositions.

"Caspian cargo": biography of the group

Above we have already talked about how the members of the collective started their creative activity, but they managed to gain wide popularity only after uniting into one team. The band followed the path of many young music projects. Performers first began to actively announce themselves in 2000. Today they call this period the early unprofessional attempts to gain success.

Professional rap school or a similar institution was not in our hometown of our heroes. Therefore, they independently studied this art. The first records were created in the conditions of home studios. However, even these experiments can be considered luck. Soon the duo received a proposal for the performance of the song and the recording of the clip from a representative of this direction - rapper Guf. He heard the composition of the band by accident. This particular clip with Guf allowed Russian viewers and listeners to get acquainted with Azerbaijani guys. From this work it can be judged that our heroes have their own ideas about life, they have some knowledge, in particular they know a part of Russian classical literature. In particular, in the song "All for one dollar" rappers used excerpts from Alexander Solzhenitsyn's book.

Now you know more about the group "Caspian cargo". Biography of participants, as well as features of creativity were considered above.

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