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Look through the dream book: fire. What does it mean, what does it dream about? Put out the fire: the meaning and interpretation of the dream

In general, fire is considered a good sign for many dream books. It symbolizes passion, energy and vitality. All the visions in which he appears are considered very significant. Therefore, it is worthwhile to look into a couple of interpreters to find out what the fire is dreaming about. Did you have to extinguish it? This vision is even more interesting, and in the dream books about him a lot is said. And the interpretations, for the most part, are not the most optimistic. But first things first.

Miller's Interpreter

It is worth to address it first, if you want to know what it's like to put out the fire. The flame is generally considered the harbinger of a dizzying success that awaits man in all matters. But if he extinguishes it, not letting flare up, then this prediction does not come true. On the contrary, this turn of events promises restless and difficult work.

Also, fire extinguishing is considered the embodiment of the excessive emotionality of the dreamer. If it is really peculiar to him to take spontaneous decisions under the influence of this or that situation, then it would not hurt to become less eccentric and quick-tempered. Otherwise, you will have to suffer further from troubles arranged by yourself.

But there is another version that can help to understand what is dreaming about. To extinguish the fire and feel at the same time satisfaction or even some relief is to realize your shortcomings and to successfully fight them.

According to Freud

According to the interpreter of the great psychoanalyst, the fire dreams of falling in love and passion. But if a person flooded it with water or extinguished it in other ways, then most likely, in fact, it is expected by problems related to personal life. And perhaps, even with her intimate side.

If a person, trying to put out a fire, was in great fear, then in reality he is afraid to enter into sexual contact or go on rapprochement with his "second half."

Interpreter Medea

He also helps to understand the question of what the fire is dreaming about. Extinguish it with water, not allowing damage to property and global consequences, this is to prevent an emerging conflict. If such a dream is imminent to a person suffering from a disease, then he can rejoice, because he promises him a speedy recovery.

If it was not possible to extinguish the fire, in spite of the intensified struggle with it, then in reality a person will fail, connected with the case, to which he spent a lot of energy. Perhaps, we will have to abandon the forthcoming plans without realizing them completely.

The main thing is that in the process of extinguishing a person is not burned with fire. Because it portends the onset of the "black band" in life. On the head of a dreamer, a storm of troubles will be brought about, connected with all spheres of his life.

But if he tried to extinguish some thing that is flaming with a flame, it is worth remembering what kind of thing it was. If it was something of value, then the dreamer will soon have to struggle with his attachments.

Sonny Hasse

He, too, is able to tell what he dreams of putting out the fire. It is good to do it with your feet. It is believed that this dream indicates to a person the correctness of the life path chosen by him. He extinguished the flame with his bare hands? This is also a good sign, foreshadowing the receipt of gifts or gifts.

If a person fearlessly extinguishes all that was at hand, then in reality he will, in spite of everything, cope with all the competitors, rivals, enemies and wicked.

Had to extinguish the fire? This is promising problems. They will prove to be temporary, but they will bring a lot of hassle and bustle to the person connected with their decision. Yet often this same vision indicates that the case, on which he had placed many hopes, will prove to be a failure.

The main thing is that the person does not have to put out the fire in the house. What is the reason for such a turn of events? Usually it's a great misfortune. In fact, a person can lose what he values most. And in parallel to this, a lot of troubles, problems and urgent matters will fall on him. Such a load can lead to depression. Therefore, it is very important to collect all will into a fist, to cope with this period and at its end to finally rest.

The interpreter of the XXI century

In this book, you can also read about what it's like to put out the fire. If it was a fire, it means that the disturbances that a person wakes up in some way will grow into a real panic, which will be very difficult to handle. And the moment it happens, it's very important not to lose your mind.

Did the man flood the fire with water from buckets or watering cans? So, he will try to reconcile the quarreled friends or relatives, but this will not lead to success. If the fire extinguishers were engaged in fire, knocking it out of the hose, you can rejoice. This vision promises family happiness and heralds a joy that touches a close circle.

And why dream of putting out a fire (fire) together with rescuers, to help them? It is believed to be a radical change of opinion about something that will arise because of the dramatically changed circumstances.

If a person just stood by and watched how to eliminate fire, then he has some kind of incontinence and a habit of conflict with others, which makes him hurt his relatives and relatives. Do not you want to lose their location? So, it's time to change. A little tolerance, care and caution to plant yourself will not hurt.

The esoteric dream book

It will not be superfluous to look through this source, if you are interested in what you dream about putting out a fire in a dream. According to him, this vision foreshadows a person's struggle with himself, as well as with personal experiences and emotions. But if he used a fire hose to eliminate fire, then a fun time in a pleasant company.

Did the man just have to fill the flames with a lot of water? They say this is a loss of valuable property. Even after such a vision, it is recommended to forget emotions for a while, not resorting to anything, except for a cold calculation. If he extinguished the flames, falling asleep with sand, then in the near future he will become a party to the conflict with relatives or friends.

It is also important to consider where the fire broke out, which the person began to extinguish. Fire-fighting in the car, for example, embodies the struggle of the dreamer with his bad habits.

Dream Interpretation from A to Z

It also does not hurt to look at a person who is interested in what fire means. If he ignited it, then in real life there will be one to whom he will experience a crazy passion. Gasil, trying to put out all his might? This is to change plans on the go.

The fire was weak, fading before our eyes? This vision promises short-lived happiness. But a brightly flaming flame foreshadows a strip of luck and luck in everything. Unless there was smoke, and the fire did not smoke. Otherwise, the dreamer may find himself in an awkward situation, and because of his own headlessness.

But if he ran all the way to the fire, in real life he will have a chance to help friends and relatives, for which they will be most grateful to him.

Interpreter of the seasons

This dream book assures - if a person managed to put out the fire and not get burned, then, in reality, he is perfectly guided in everyday adversity, and easily emerges from unforeseen situations. A good vision, in contrast to the one in which the sleeper simply hid from the raging flame. After all, it points not to his courage and courage, but to cowardice and infantilism.

Finally I would like to say that if a person fought with fire in a vision in cold blood, without fear of getting injured, this indicates his imminent spiritual revival.

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