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Koku Philip - the builder of "Barcelona"

Koku Philippe is a Dutch footballer, who at one time was one of the most famous in the world. Defensive midfielder became a legend not only of his national team, but also one of the strongest clubs in the world - "Barcelona". His biography is full of various events and bright successes, so you need to concentrate on it. Koku Philippe - this one, a player who allowed to set the form of modern football in the form in which it is known today.

Carier start

Koku Philippe began his career as a footballer in the country of his birth - Holland. There he went to the football academy of the club "AZ", with which he signed in 1988 his first professional contract. There he spent only two seasons - in the first he was just starting to open, and in the second he already became a strong base player. In total, he spent 52 games for the club, scoring nine goals. But the number of goals does not make sense, because Koku's position does not have to block them - he has completely different tasks. He must destroy enemy attacks in the center of the field, and he coped with this task perfectly. This is noticed by another Dutch club "Vitesse", in which a twenty-year-old football player and moved in 1990. Koku Philip took the first step towards the serious achievements that awaited him in the future.

Career in "Vitesse"

As everyone knows, "Vitesse" was never one of the first forces in Holland, but Koku played great for his club, regardless of his level. He demonstrated an excellent game for five seasons - at first he was not entrusted with a place in the base, so in the first season the player spent just eight matches. But then he became an integral part of the team, and in total he played 153 matches, scoring 28 goals. Naturally, this game did not go unnoticed, and 25-year-old defensive midfielder was acquired by the Dutch top club PSV. More precisely, he signed a contract with him - for his entire career, Koku did not leave any club, not having fulfilled his contract to the end. So, Philip Koku is a football player, whose devotion to his obligations causes only respect.

First trophies

In 1995, it became clear that Philip Koku is a footballer whose photos will be on the front pages of football magazines. And it happened - the supporting midfielder immediately became a key player in the club, for which he played 126 games in three seasons, scoring 42 goals. But the most important thing is that during his three years in the club he collected a lot of trophies - once "PSV" became the champion of the country, once - the Holland Cup winner, and also twice won the Cup named after Johan Cruyff. However, the Dutch championship was never one of the most prestigious in Europe, so three years later the 28-year-old Dutchman went on promotion and moved to the Spanish "Barcelona", where he also immediately became one of the leaders.

The Spanish Adventure

In "Barcelona" Philip Cock, whose biography is described in this article, spent most of his time - for six whole years. During this time he played 292 games, scored 37 goals, and most importantly - in 1999 he won the championship of Spain together with the club, which in those days had not yet won the recognition that he has now. Koku became one of those who started the era of the current "Barcelona".

Return to "PSV"

When Koku fulfilled his contract in Barcelona and became a club not needed, as he was replaced by new stars, Philip decided to return to his homeland. There, he signed a three-year contract with "PSV", for which he had already spoken a lot - and, as usual, completely worked it out. During these three years, the veteran played 133 matches and scored 31 goals - incredible figures for a player of the age in which most players are already finishing their careers.

Completion of a career in the UAE

But Koku did not stop, and on this - having won three more league titles with PSV, as well as one cup, Philip moved to the Al Jazeera club from the UAE for a year, where he earned himself some more money for a happy old age before declaring On the termination of his career at the age of 38 years.

Coach career

Naturally, it was clear that such a person can not live without football, so immediately after the completion of a career player, Koku began to develop a coaching career. At first he was an assistant coach in the Dutch national team, in the youth team "PSV", then became an assistant coach in "PSV", after which he already received the post of head coach. At the moment he is the current coach of this club.

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