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Henderson Jordan: interesting facts from the biography of a young and promising football player

Henderson Jordan was born in 1990 on June 17th. For his 25 full years, he has already won glory, the recognition of fans and some awards. Plus, he earned a good statistics. And it's no wonder - this midfielder is really a worthy athlete, who for today is the captain of one of the best English clubs. His biography is very curious, so it's worth briefing about the most interesting facts.

Young years

Henderson Jordan was born in Tyne and Wear, in a city called Sunderland. Football at a professional level for him started relatively late: at the age of 16. Then he began to train with the youth team of FC Sunderland. And before that I learned the art of controlling the ball myself.

The first professional contract was signed two years later. To be more precise, June 1, 2008. Naturally, it was a contract with Sunderland. Four months later (November 1), Henderson Jordan played his debut match. Naturally, on the field he came out not from the very beginning, but to replace. Unfortunately, then the "black cats" lost the meeting. And the match, by the way, was serious. "Sunderland" played against the London "Chelsea". The score was 0: 5.

The first game in the starting lineup was held by Jordan in the near future - it was a match against FC Blackburn Rovers (League Cup).

Coventry City

In this club, and went to Henderson Jordan in 2009. And it was not that he did not like the head coach of his club. Not at all, just a player was given a month rent to the team "Coventry City", where he successfully debuted in a match with "Derby County". However, in January it was given, and in February it was already announced that the player should be returned. But this happened, of course, not immediately, but in April, the eighth. Before that, on February 28, the player still managed to score his first goal. This happened in the match against FC "Norwich City".

True, the athlete returned to Sunderland, not because the time has come. The occasion was more sad. He suffered a serious injury - a fracture of the fifth metatarsal bone.

And again, "Sunderland"

Henderson Jordan, whose biography is very interesting and saturated, recovered after the injury quickly. And immediately became a basic player. Totally went on the field 33 times and even scored one goal. But this is only in the first season! And in the second, he already demonstrated even more worthy results. He played 37 games. Considering that there were only 38! And it is significant that when in the second half of the season the team started a "band of failures" (which basically consisted in the fact that the players began to get numerous fractures and injuries), he did something fantastic: in 10 minutes realized a double, striking the gate "Wigan "! Thus, the club finally got a victory with the score 4: 2. And she broke off a series of nine games played without a single victory.

And then there were rumors that, perhaps, the player will take "Liverpool". In 2011, on June 9, the transaction took place. The rumor was confirmed. 16 million pounds - that's what they paid for a prospective player. But it was worth it. After all, now Henderson Jordan - a footballer who not only has a good ball, but also is the captain of "Liverpool". By the way, he scored his first goal for the new team quickly. In the same summer, on August 27, in a match against FC Bolton.

National team and achievements

We must give credit, Jordan is not only a good club player, but also a great footballer, defending the colors of the national team of England. In general, he played 47 matches for the teams of his country (youth, adults). The debut took place in 2009. Then England played against the Czech Republic. And he scored his first goal in the gates of the Romanian rivals. Since 2010, Jordan Henderson is in the main England team. The first game was companionable against Finland. Then Jordan was declared as a player of the starting lineup, and that day he played well in the center of the field with his future team-mate - Steven Gerrard. And in 2012, and did go to speak at Euro 2012 (he was called in to replace Frank Lampard, who received a serious injury).

This young, but very promising football player already has some achievements behind him. He is the owner of the Football League Cup (in the season 2011/12), as well as the best young player of the England team to 21 years. Plus, he was recognized as the best young football player of "Liverpool" and "Sunderland" (in the latter case twice).

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