Error codes washing machines Indesit. Service codes (error codes) of washing machines Indesit

Modern washing machines are quite complex devices. With them, there may be problems that are very problematic to solve. In this case, a self-diagnostic system is installed to help people, which is installed in washing machines. Thanks to her, it is possible to quickly determine the error code.

Proceeding from it, it is already possible to take certain measures. In some cases, the problem is the possibility to solve absolutely independently without any outside assistance.

Errors of washing machines "Indesit" AVD series

Washing machines of this series are today a little outdated. However, they are not able to display Indesit error codes immediately. In this case, they can be determined based on the glow of the indicators. As a rule, on the standard panel there are bulbs of the timer, super-mode, fast washing, and also additional rinsing.

In fact, each indicator is a special code signal that can be calculated. He works on the binary system of calculus. In this case, the owner must know the Indesit error codes specifically for the AVD series.

What codes are there?

The main code for the AVD series is F01. Indesit errors (washing machines) are related to the triac of the device. In this case, there are certain problems with the motor. In this case, you should immediately turn off the washing machine and wait for the master. It is almost impossible to eliminate this problem on your own. Identify the error data on the washing machine (Indesit Wisl 103, for example) by lighting the last indicator on the control panel. In this case, the other bulbs will not burn.

Code F02 tells the owner about problems with the tachogenerator. This error is also quite serious. In this case, the rotation of the drive device in the washing machine is stopped. This error is usually associated with a short circuit in the wiring. As a result, it must be checked for integrity. You can recognize the code F02 from the fourth indicator. Burning together the fourth and fifth light bulbs report problems with the temperature sensor. This error in the instruction is denoted F03.


Many errors can be shown erroneously. In this case, the system crashes, and the washing immediately stops. First of all, you should look at the model and make sure that there is no leakage in it. Next, check the connector. In some cases, water falls into it. In this situation, it should be dried.

Problems with the motor of the washing machine are most often associated with chemical corrosion. In this case, the pads of the device are damaged, and you can replace them yourself. However, you first need to know the exact labeling for purchase. A more complex operation is the installation of an electronic module.

Error codes related to the breakage of drying

With the breakage of the drying in the washing machine errors F13 - F15 are connected. Code F13 indicates that the drying sensor went out. At the same time, it is impossible to determine the normal temperature. In this case, the device must be completely replaced. You can recognize this error from the control panel. At the same time, the second, third and fifth indicators should be on it.

Code F14 is associated with a broken tubular electric heater. In this case, the second, third and fourth indicator lights up on the panel. This item is quite expensive. Additionally, it can not be replaced at home without certain skills.

Finally, the last error associated with the dryer of the washing machine is called F15. This code tells the owner that the tubular electric heater relay has failed. With this error, the second to fifth indicators are active on the control panel.

Errors of the Zanusi machines of the Low-End series

Washing machines "Zanusi Low End" are quite similar to the previous series. However, they are also unable to immediately display the error code on the display. They have to be read based on the indicators. The problem is that the light bulbs do not light up in the wrong order. In this case, the owner will again have to seek help from the instructions.

Error codes for the Low End models

The flashing first light on the control panel of the washing machine Zanusi talks about problems with the triac. This error is indicated in the instruction as F01. In this case, the code F02 is also associated with the breakdown of the motor, and its nominal drive. Notifies the owner of the above problem flashing second bulb. If immediately the first two indicators are triggered, then the error is related to the temperature sensor. It is indicated in instruction F03.

In addition, the common code among washing machines "Zanusi" series "Low End", it is considered to be F04. It is connected with the incorrect operation of the level sensor. The third indicator flashes continuously on the control panel.

How to determine the breakdown of drying in the car?

On the breakage of the owner of the models of the Low-End series, the error codes of washing machines Indesit F13-F15 say. When the temperature drops in them, the third indicator flashes at once. If it concerns a tubular electric heater, then the fourth bulb is triggered on the panel. In this case, washing automatically stops immediately. To resolve this problem, contact the service center.

Finally, the last error is the failure of the relay of the tubular electric heater drying the washing machine. This problem is classified under the code F15. You can see it again on the control panel of the washing machine. The above code corresponds to the fifth indicator. If it flashes, then the relay of the tubular electric heater is definitely faulty.

Errors washing machines AVL generation

For AVL generation models, Indesit washing machine error codes can identify any. This is due to the fact that they are immediately displayed on the display and do not disappear anywhere. In this case, the owner has the opportunity to immediately learn about the malfunction and take any measures.

What errors can occur?

The most common problems are with the motor, which is installed in the washing machine. If it does not receive electricity, F01 appears on the display. In most cases, these error codes of washing machines Indesit are related to the integrity of the winding. However, the designation F02 indicates that the motor drive has failed. In turn, codes F03 - F05 are connected to the drain pump of the washing machine. In this case, the level sensor also fails.

Problems F06 - F09 are purely software problems. Their main reason is the violation of the integrity of the wiring. In particular, error F 08 (Indesit) indicates a violation of the internal memory of the device. Codes F10 - F15 are primarily problems with a tubular electric heater. This problem is typical for early models with drying. Finally, for Indesit washing machines, the H20 error tells the owner about the drum failure.

Errors related to the motor

Error F 05 (Indesit) is the main, if we talk about problems with the motor of the washing machine. In order to solve it, it is necessary to remove the back cover from the device. Next, carefully inspect the motor for foreign objects. In some cases, the mechanism can be mechanically blocked using a small screw that accidentally hits it. In this case, the object should be removed and the motor must be reinstalled.

If the situation is not this, then the error F 05 (Indesit) can be hidden in the contacts. In this case, the connectors are checked for integrity. In addition, the problem may be in the motor drive. To check it, a specialist measures the resistance. This indicator should be within 100 ohms. The treadmill breaks most often when foam gets on it. This ends, as a rule, deplorable. In this case, for the normal operation of the washing machine will have to replace the motor completely.

Errors associated with the drain pump

The error codes of Indesit washing machines with drain pumps deserve special attention. First of all, they can lead to the fact that there will be a leakage of water, and the apartment can flood. It should also be understood that such problems are very common, and every owner should know what to do in this case.

As experts advise, immediately it is necessary to cut off the water. Next, you should take a look at the drain pump itself. It is located under the drum near the motor of the washing machine. In order to get to it, you need to detach the rear cover of the washing machine, which is attached to the usual screws. Next, remove the motor and set it aside.

After this, it is possible to check the connection of the drain pump to the electronic module. If the connection is not broken, you need to go to the resistance measurement on the winding of the drain pump. This parameter must be within 170 ohms. If the resistance is below or above normal, the drain pump must be replaced. Unfortunately, it is not subject to repair, and this should be taken into account. It may also be necessary to reinstall the electronic module in the washing machine.

Service error F12

In Indesit washing machines, the fault F12 is associated with the locking of the hatch door. To solve this problem, first check the connection of the device. In addition, the specialist must inspect the feedback microswitch. As a rule, all connectors of the electronic module are checked.

Among other things, for Indesit washing machines, F12 error may occur due to a wiring failure. In some cases, the contacts are disconnected and the door is locked automatically. If the electronic module is working and working properly, the specialist replaces the lock completely. In this case, flashing the non-volatile memory absolutely does not help.


Considering all the above, it can be noted that the self-diagnosis system is certainly an important function. In this case, the owner has the opportunity to take self-management measures to troubleshoot.

Thus, you can save a lot on repairs, having spent a minimum of time. However, it is very important to observe safety rules and not to risk your health. Quality repair of washing machines can be carried out only in service centers that have a license.

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