How to choose a microwave oven? Which firm is better: LG or Daewoo? Does the "grill" function and what plates are needed for the microwave oven?

Microwave ovens at present are by no means a rarity and not a deficit. These smart appliances are in many families. That is why the answer to the question of how to choose a microwave oven is of no particular complexity. In this case it is necessary only to decide what you want from this household appliance, what kind of money you have.

Perhaps, having acquired a microwave, you completely stop using the gas stove? After all, all the smells from cooking will not go beyond this kitchen assistant. In addition, foods that have been cooked in the microwave oven retain their vitamins more than when cooking or frying on a conventional stove. In this case, the dishes are prepared much faster.

It's quite another matter if you heat up, cook and defrost the food in both a microwave oven and a stove. In this case, you can buy a conventional microwave oven.

What are microwaves?

Modern household ovens are divided into three categories. The first of these includes devices in which only microwaves are used to heat the products. These include microwave ovens "solo". In the second kind of devices a grill is provided. Heating in them is also done by microwaves. In the third category there is a combination of the possibilities of grilling, microwaves, and convection. There is another special kind of kitchen appliances. These are inverter furnaces. They are developed by Panasonic. Before deciding which microwave oven to choose, you need to familiarize yourself with the existing types of kitchen helpers.

Microwave device

Microwave ovens "solo" are the simplest. That is why they are related to products of low price category. Such furnaces are equipped only with microwaves. This makes it possible to use them exclusively for heating and defrosting food. Dishes that you can cook using this appliance will prove to be an amateur. In fact, the products are cooked in this oven in their own juice. Bake them in such a device is impossible. If you only need a microwave oven for warming up, defrosting, and also for cooking the simplest dishes (for example, boiled potatoes), then the option "solo" will suit you. For additional features (grill and convection), it does not make sense to overpay if these functions are not used.

Microwave in combination with a grill

The second category includes devices equipped with additional functions. This is, for example, a microwave oven with a grill. Customer testimonials indicate the great possibilities of the device. In such a furnace, you can bake meat, as well as poultry, to make sandwiches-toasts and much more. The grill, which is an additional function in such devices, is produced in two types. To the first of them TENNY belongs, and to the second - quartz. Each species has its own advantages. Each of them has its drawbacks.

Many microwave microwave ovens are equipped with a TEN grill. It is a tube with an inside heating element. It is placed in the working chamber, more precisely, in its upper part. There are TEN grills mobile. They move easily. In this case, you can install them either obliquely or vertically. This is especially useful when cooking various dishes in grill mode. A chamber with a movable heating element is much easier to clean. Microwave models have been developed, where, in addition to the upper grill, there is also a lower one.

Reviews about microwave ovens equipped with a quartz lamp, speak of the compactness of the placement of the heating device.

Such a grill is located on the top wall of the device. This allows you to increase the useful space of the internal camera. A quartz grill is more economical and capable of quickly gaining power. In this case, the effect of preparing dishes in such a microwave resembles the action of an open fire.

Devices with convection, microwaves and grill

This technique for cooking, which is classified in the third category. A microwave oven with convection is chosen by those customers who want to receive from the device a wide range of possibilities. Such models are equipped with a grill and built-in fan. There is also a ring-type heating element in the appliances. When the microwave is turned on, the fan starts working. Its function includes uniform distribution of heated air inside the chamber. Thanks to this action, the products are roasted and roasted. If you do not know how to choose a microwave oven, then review the feedback of customers who have already purchased the model data. Consumers appreciated the wide opportunities that their use provides. In the device, which combines the modes of microwaves, convection and grilling, you can not only stew the meat and bake the chicken, but also fry the pies.

And this is not a complete list of those dishes that a microwave oven can cook. Manufacturers point out the possibility of these models becoming an equitable replacement for the oven.

Inverter furnaces

The company Panasonic uses advanced technologies, which have found their application in the creation of technology. One of them is inverter. The principle of this technology lies in the installation of a certain mechanism that allows a gradual increase or decrease in the output power of the furnace. In other types of microwaves, this process controls the pulse regime.

Preparing food in inverter furnaces takes less time. At the same time, the products warm up more naturally and preserve their texture as much as possible, as well as nutritional characteristics. This is made possible by the soft penetration of microwave energy. Inverter furnaces also have a large chamber volume, since they are equipped with compact parts.

Microwave control type

Models of microwave ovens that are currently produced can be equipped with mechanical or sensory systems. The type of control depends on the complexity of the model. How to choose a microwave oven? What type of management is preferable? Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. Thus, mechanical control implies the use of mechanics alone. The stove is equipped with only rotary knobs. With their help, you select a certain grill mode, power level, and also set the time on the timer. This system is more reliable in operation. In this case, its disadvantage is manual control and an independent choice of the necessary parameters.

The operating instructions for a microwave oven equipped with a touch screen indicates that there are more features and functions when preparing food. It is no accident that such models of kitchen appliances are very popular among consumers today. The microwave oven, equipped with a touch control panel, has a more attractive look. Its main advantage is the ability to accurately set the necessary time and parameters for cooking a variety of dishes. However, mechanical control is considered more reliable in operation.

Recently, the most modern microwave models have been produced. They are equipped not only with electronic control, but also with the possibility of dialogue with the owner. The main advantages of these developments are the minimum of buttons with a large number of modes of operation.

Microwave capacity

Before answering the question of how to choose a microwave oven, you need to determine the basic parameters of the device. One is the useful volume of the camera. There are various models on the market. Their volumes can range from thirteen to forty-two liters. There is a certain pattern between this parameter and the type of microwave oven. Microwaves of the category "solo" usually have small dimensions. Their volumes, as a rule, are not more than twenty-five liters. Microwave, equipped with convection and grill, have larger dimensions. Their volume usually exceeds twenty-eight liters.

How to choose a microwave oven? Reviews of Russian consumers indicate the greatest popularity of devices with a volume of twenty-seven liters. When buying a stove, you should pay attention to the diameter of the existing pallet. There are dishes on it. The larger the pallet size, the more products can be placed on it.

Microwave power consumption

Typically, all types of microwaves consume a very large amount of electricity. Leaders in this issue are models equipped with convection and grill. When all these functions are used, the power is summed at the same time. In this connection, when deciding the question of how to choose a household microwave oven, it is necessary to take into account its energy intensity. Check necessary and wiring in the house. A three-function device, it will need at least ten amperes.

Interior coating

A special material must be applied to the wall surface in the working chamber. Most often, enamel is used to cover microwave ovens. It is sturdy and smooth. It is convenient to clean such material.

At present, special coatings that are more resistant to heat and damage are being developed. They are more convenient to clean. So, LG has specially developed an anti-bacterial coating for microwave ovens. New technologies are presented in their models by Samsung. She developed a bioceramic coating.

In microwave ovens, belonging to the premium class, the chamber walls are made of stainless steel. This material is most resistant to damage and high temperatures. This is why this coating is more durable and reliable.

Additional functions and modes of operation

The choice of kitchen assistant model should be carried out on the basis of many parameters. Pay attention to the additional functions and operating modes of the device. Many models of microwaves are equipped with automatic heating programs. And they are developed for certain types of products. The same functions exist for automatic defrosting and cooking. They are designed for a set of products that are most common.

Some models of microwaves have the ability to compose their own programs. In the future, they can be added to the memory of the device. This is useful if the standard programs do not match your culinary needs.

An additional function of almost all microwave ovens is the sound signal. It indicates the end of the device. In some models, the signal is long. Separate types of furnaces are equipped with short repeating calls.

The choice of a microwave oven can also depend on the presence of an audio timer in it. It is not related to the operation of the device, but it helps the user to detect the time necessary for culinary actions.

Some companies (for example, LG) complete their furnaces with microwave steam cookers. This device with a stainless steel lid, which does not allow microwaves to penetrate into the products. The main function of the device is to heat the water in the lower compartment and turn it into steam. Models of devices from Samsung allow you to cook simultaneously on two levels. Microwave oven LG, equipped with the function of a steam dish, has a special specificity - it can even cook eggs.

The manufacturer can equip the device with a multi-level plate grating. This device will heat up more dishes. In this case, the plates will be placed one on top of the other.

Built-in Devices

Most people associate microwave ovens with appliances that take up a lot of space on the table. However, many manufacturers began to produce instruments in a different design. Built-in microwave oven does not reduce the working space of the kitchen. It is located, as a rule, in kitchen furniture. At the same time, a much-needed place is saved on the table. In addition, if the oven is positioned at eye level, it will greatly facilitate the loading and recovery of products from it.

The main thing that is necessary for built-in microwave ovens is to ensure a sufficient flow of air to remove heat. Otherwise, the device may overheat and fail.

A built-in microwave oven is always equipped with a cooling fan. And in order for the device to work as efficiently as possible, leave a gap between the microwave and the back wall. Such a space is necessary for unhindered flow of cold and outflow of heated air.

Placement of the microwave oven in the kitchen can be produced in various ways. Sometimes the device hangs over the desk, and sometimes forms a column with an oven. The microwave oven can be built into the kitchen furniture drawers. In any case, the location of the device is a matter of the owners' taste.

In the kitchen furniture can be built many models of free-standing microwave ovens. For this purpose, special frames are produced. They are produced in various colors for harmony with the design of the kitchen.

Microwave ovens Daewoo

Currently, the company "Daewoo" is an undoubted leader among manufacturers of household appliances. At the same time, the company's products have a number of distinctive features. So, Daewoo microwave ovens combine a low price and decent performance characteristics. Among models there are devices "solo", and also more universal technique.

All Daewoo microwave ovens have a stylish design. Consumers like the simplicity of their control and high power. The company has developed a wide range of devices. At the same time, all types of furnaces can be seen on sale - from "solo" to combined. Some buyers note a small number of additional functions. However, in this matter, one must rely on one's own needs. In this case, it is worth remembering that the microwave oven of this company is distinguished by the high quality of the assembly.

The company "Daewoo" offers its consumers interesting models. So, some types of microwaves are equipped with pizza cooking functions. There are models that allow you to bake pancakes.

To prepare homemade pizza or to warm up frozen food, a special compartment is provided in such furnaces. In this connection, several dishes can be placed in such devices. This saves considerable time and energy.

The firm "Daewoo" has developed a universal heating system. It's called "3D Power". Such furnaces are equipped not with two but with three heating elements. They are located at the top, bottom and sides of the working chamber.

Models are produced in which forced convection is carried out. This allows the air to circulate evenly in the cooking chamber. Food with a crispy crust will help to prepare models equipped with a grill. The company offers and solo furnaces. The choice of such devices is recommended for those consumers who see the main purpose of the technique in heating and defrosting products.

One of the most popular models is KOR-6L05. The device has a chamber volume of twenty liters. It's stand-alone, but it does not take much space. Such a microwave oven will serve as a wonderful helper for a young family. The power consumption of the device is small. It is 700 watts. In such furnaces there is no grilling and convection, but five recipes are stored in memory. In these models there is a lock from the children. The cooking process allows you to control the lighting of the camera.

LG Microwave Ovens

Household appliances of this company are represented by a wide range of models. It includes more than sixty different options. Among them are compact "solo" appliances and stoves with convection and grill. All models of LG are popular among modern housewives, as they are convenient, reliable and economical. At the same time they allow you to prepare quality and delicious dishes.

Microwave oven LG is a device truly universal. With its help, you can cook, defrost and fry foods, while receiving the most delicious food.

Some models of microwave ovens are equipped with programs that are called "Kitchens of the World". Their use allows the hostess to prepare dishes of any country. The popularity of LG ovens lies in their accessories to the average price category. This allows them to become a welcome purchase for many.

Furnaces with convection are a functional development. In them, heat is distributed uniformly over the entire surface of the working chamber. This creates the necessary conditions for the preparation of only high-quality dishes.

Worthy of attention and microwave ovens, in which all three functions are present - microwaves, convection and grill. Such devices are universal. They not only help to prepare a variety of dishes, but also to bake delicious confectionery.

Microwave devices "Supra"

Supra microwaves are manufactured in Japan. They come in the liking of our consumers, who appreciated the convenient management, high functionality and reasonable price of the device.

Furnaces "Supra" are equipped with touch buttons. In this case, all processes occurring in the working chamber are reflected on the display. In order to provide visual control of cooking, models are equipped with a backlight. About the end of the process the hostess notifies the sound signal. In the event that the possibility of controlling the cooking time is not available, care is given to the timer. It can be set for one hundred minutes. With the microwave oven children can indulge in. To prevent this, there is a special lock function. The advantage of the Supra microwave oven is its careful attitude to the aroma and appearance of the dish. In this case, the device allows you to quickly and qualitatively prepare even delicious treats.

Tableware for microwave devices

Stores of kitchen utensils offer a large selection of special containers that can be used for heating products. A plate for a microwave oven is made of glass, ceramics. It can be made of special plastic. If the house has plates of porcelain or faience, you can use them. The only dishes that can not be put in a microwave oven are metal. Important and some nuances. It is necessary that on the dishes there were no silver or gold patterns, since the colors they painted contain metal.

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