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Kim Protasov Diet Enjoys The Most Huge Pop In The World

According to the well-known nutritionist Kim Protasov, one can not make a cult out of food. In his next article Protasov shared his basic principles of a new diet. Already after its publication, it managed to gain immense popularity and a huge number of supporters. And you know what the success of this diet? That's right, it consists in its simple, harmless to health and highly effective way of getting rid of excess weight.

But, do not forget. Kim's advice is also a dietary art, so before using it, consult a doctor. After all, each diet has its own contraindications and limitations.

Kim Protasov diet and its essence

This diet consists of five weeks. The first 2 weeks you can click on dairy products with a 5% fat content (this is a granular home cheese, kefir and cottage cheese), as well as fresh vegetables, only without starch. If you thought about the curd cheese and yogurt - throw them from the head and the fridge. They contain sugar and starch, which is completely excluded by Protasov's diet. As you can see, the diet of the Kim protasov's description is quite simple and can be fully followed.

Replenish the diet of your daily menu with a boiled egg, three green apples and at least 2 liters of water every day. The liquid can be replaced with coffee or tea, only without sugar.

Remember the main rule: watch for the amount of fat that should not be above 40 grams in your body daily.

How does the kim protas diet allow us to become slim?

According to this diet, you get a fairly balanced food, while the amount of fat is simply kept to a minimum. Thanks to vegetables, the body is supplied with the necessary macroelements, mineral salts, other useful substances, which together have a favorable effect on the functioning of the intestine.

From the third week in the diet are introduced fish and meat, which endow the body with a sufficient number of proteins and fats. Kim Protasov diet does not allow your body to remain hungry.

Helpful Tips

The first 2 weeks is not recommended to use only dairy products. In this case, you overload the esophagus with protein and fat, while there is a clear shortage of carbohydrates. The daily diet should consist of vegetables. Do not try to abuse brynza or cheese. Such products contain salt, which helps to retain fluid in the body. And this leads to puffiness.

Reduce the amount of dairy products at the end of the third week of the diet. You should replace them with fish, lean chicken and lean meat. The daily volume of meat should not exceed 300 gr. For the remaining three weeks, you eat apples, eggs, meats, cheeses and vegetables.

From the diet should go with the mind

After a diet, in no case should you pounce on food at once. You should gradually switch to a familiar diet. Animal fats must be replaced with vegetable fats. In the morning, eat porridge. To the porridge you can serve vegetable salad or low-fat cottage cheese. Apples should be replaced with other berries and fruits. Just do not eat bananas, mangoes or dates. They contain starch.

Kim's diet protasovyh results are striking. You lose weight in front of your eyes. It does not limit you in the amount of food, but limits the amount of starch and fat. Stick to this diet is much easier than other diets. Thanks to such a diet, metabolism begins to function in the most optimal way. You consume dairy products that contain a lot of lactose, protein and calcium.

Contra-diet Protasova

  • If someone is allergic to the intolerance of prescribed foods and sour-milk products, it is absolutely impossible to follow such a diet.
  • In the presence of hypertension and cardiovascular insufficiency, this diet should be avoided.

Do not forget, the kim protas diet requires responsibility and full compliance with the rules.

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