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Lifestyle and diet with hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are a rather unpleasant disease that covers almost 60% of the world's population. Under this problem is understood the formation of hemorrhoids in the rectum. When a person has this disease, then due to his shyness and inconvenience, he does not want to share his problem with doctors, seeking ways through the people's means. But not always these very methods of traditional medicine can help to cope with hemorrhoids.

This disease in some cases does not cause any inconvenience, but to a greater extent still torments the person, does not allow him to lead a normal life. Hemorrhoids can bleed, ache and become inflamed. If the treatment is delayed, then surgical intervention can not be avoided. Therefore, it is recommended not only prevention and visit to the doctor, but also a diet for hemorrhoids.

So, the cause of this problem can serve different factors, the main of which is the stagnation of blood in the rectum and in the veins of the small pelvis. People who are overweight prefer a sedentary lifestyle and sedentary work, as well as smoke, have chronic fatigue, frequent constipation and constantly elevate weights, are in a zone of increased risk of developing this disease.

The diet for hemorrhoids can be different, depending on the condition of the disease. In case of acute illness it is necessary to observe bed rest and proper nutrition. In this case, it is necessary to refuse sharp, salty and spicy food. You can and should use with hemorrhoids the following dishes:

- albumen omelet;

- meat broth ;

- rice porridge with oil, boiled on water;

- white crackers;

- boiled meat;

- a plentiful drink, which consists of a little sweet tea, water and hay infusion overnight.

Diet for hemorrhoids of a chronic type consists in careful use of meat, fish, cottage cheese and eggs, in some cases this food is completely excluded from the diet for the duration of treatment. You do not need to eat salty and spicy food. Appoint a specific diet can only the attending physician, based on the individual characteristics of the person and his body. It is necessary to drink more liquid, eat enough fresh fruit, berries and vegetables. Exclude from the daily diet - rye bread and muffins, spirits, beans and peas.

A diet with hemorrhoids should always be supplemented by competent treatment, which is why consultation of a proctologist or surgeon is necessary. But before you start to fill your body with the right food, you need to clean the pre-food path. For this purpose, a mild laxative, which should be recommended by the attending physician, is suitable. A few days you can just sit on a fruit diet.

Many people are interested in the question - what can not be eaten with hemorrhoids, in this case there is a whole list of prohibited products:

- semolina and milk;

- mashed potatoes and kissel;

- strong tea and coffee;

- spicy seasonings and spices;

- chocolate, legumes, unripe fruits, turnips, cabbage and radish.

The menu for hemorrhoids should be complex, but at the same time contain all the minerals and vitamins necessary for the body, otherwise the sense of the diet will not be enough. It is worth eating more raw vegetables, fruits and dried fruits. As buckwheat, buckwheat, pearl barley and oatmeal, natural honey also works well for this disease.

Over-salted food contributes to irritation of hemorrhoids and digestive tract, so it is better not to dosalivat food. Bread is better to eat with bran or whole-grain. A balanced diet with hemorrhoids can be the most effective in order to avoid surgical intervention.

After the disease is treated, you can gradually introduce into the menu low-fat varieties of meat and fish. It is necessary to adhere to a diet until full recovery, and then again return to the normal diet to regain strength.

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