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Kim Lawrence: A Short Biography

Kim Lawrence is the author who writes in the romantic genre. If such a concept as "women's prose" has the right to exist, then the writer is certainly a representative of this literary trend. The article briefly outlines the life and creative path of Kim Lawrence.

North Wales

The writer is of Anglo-Irish origin. She lived in North Wales until she married. When Kim Lawrence met her narrowed, she decided to leave her homeland. Was fond of writing the author of romantic prose in childhood and adolescence, it is not known. But after she got married, for many years she worked exclusively at home and children. About any creativity and speech did not go.

Isle of Anglesey

Kim Lawrence and her new husband settled near the county of Isle of Anglesey. Here the husband of the future writer has a small farm. This area pleased Kim. After all, Dublin is nearby - its favorite city. The language in which most of the population of Anglesey speaks is Welsh. Kim in communication with the local population is not limited to native speech. She also mastered the Welsh. The sons who were born and grew up on the island, speak two languages from childhood.

Kim's life proceeded smoothly. Why did she suddenly decide to take up creative work? When was the literary debut of Lawrence Kim?


Home chores and work on the farm seemed at one point extremely monotonous. And Kim Lawrence, who loved reading from childhood, especially works of a romantic genre, decided to write herself suddenly. My husband did not mind the unexpected decision. Housewives, after all, often devote evenings to creativity. But Kim was not interested in needlework or gardening. She was attracted by the fascinating world of prose. And she, without thinking twice, started to write the book.

The first novel Kim gave a name, eloquently indicating the content. The book was called "Passionate retribution." It dealt with spouses, whose relationships were based on intrigues, intrigues, blackmail. Probably over the long years of farm life Kim yearned for the passion and retribution that follows him. In the novel, both a light style and an unexpected plot were noted. Missing British ladies rushed to the bookshops and began to buy copies of the first edition. Consequently, it was worth translating the book into other languages, which was soon done.

Success was inspired by Kim Lawrence. "What hides the night," "inexorable seduction" - the name of the books that she created in later years. In addition, Kim acted as a co-author in the writing of books, which invariably included twisted stories and characters, overcome by passion. The heroine of this article worked on creating romantic stories with Emma Darcy, Michelle Reid, Helen Brooks. And since 2014, the books of the series with the majestic title "Royal and Ruthless" began to appear in the light. It is not difficult to guess that in these romantic works royalty were often met, which, like ordinary mortals, is also not alien to passion. One of the books tells of the love of a prince of an unseen country and a secular beauty, a resident of a megacity.

Today, Kim Lawrence, as before, resides on the island. In addition to literary creativity, she nevertheless was carried away by housekeeping. In his spare time, the author of romance novels strolls along the seacoast, accompanied by a faithful dog, and ponders the plot of the new book. And in the next composition there will certainly be a place for both passion and retribution, and eternal love.

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