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Izmail State University for the Humanities (IGGU, Izmail): faculties, forms of training

In Ismail, one of the popular educational institutions is the Izmail State Humanitarian University (IGGU). Interest of the entrants to it is caused by the presence of several different faculties of training, offering modern specialties. Let's get a better acquaintance with this educational organization, because many people would like to know more information about the said university.

Beginning of work and the years of war

The foundation date of the modern University of Humanities is August 13, 1940. On this day the Government of Ukraine decided to open a teacher's institute in Akkerman. It was planned to create three faculties: historical, physics and mathematics, language and literature.

The educational institution began functioning on October 1. The doors of the university opened for 250 students. However, they were not destined to finish the school year. In connection with the Great Patriotic War, the institute ceased its work. For several years it did not function. They resumed the activity of the university only in 1944. The teaching staff had to work in difficult conditions, because there was a hospital in the building, the students lacked paper and textbooks. The first graduation of teachers was carried out only in 1945 - 11 specialists left the walls of the university.

Translation of the Institute

In the following years, pedagogical education was reformed in Ukraine. It led to the fact that the university was transferred to another city - Izmail. This event occurred in early 1951. A few years later the university lost 2 faculties. The structural division of language and literature was transferred to Odessa State University. The Faculty of Physics and Mathematics joined the Odessa Pedagogical Institute.

Approximately at the same time in the Izmail Pedagogical Institute (former teacher's institute) opened the faculty of training of primary school teachers. A little later in the structure of the university there was a division of foreign languages. From this moment the period of stable development of the educational organization began. Additional faculties began to appear, laboratories, educational methodological and language laboratories were created.

Modern University

In 2002, an important event took place in the history of the educational organization. The Izmail State Pedagogical Institute has become the Izmail State Humanitarian University. This change was the highest achievement in the work of the teaching staff. The activity of the university was marked by various awards, because over the years of its existence, he made a great contribution to the training and education of pedagogical workers.

To date, the faculties in IGU Izmail have the following:

  • pedagogical;
  • Ukrainian philology and social sciences;
  • Foreign languages;
  • Administration, management and information activities.

Each of these faculties offers 2 forms of education - full-time and part-time. The first is suitable for school graduates, since it allows you to learn the specifics of studying at a university. The second form is created for responsible people who are ready to study the study material independently, perform student work.

Acquaintance with the Faculty of Education

One of the oldest faculties in IGU Izmail is a pedagogic. In 2016 he turned 60 years old. The given structural division carries out training of students on internal and correspondence branches on directions of the bachelor degree, the specialty. On the baccalaureate, applicants are offered "Preschool education", "Primary education", "Special education", "Social work", "Secondary education" (profiles - physical education, music, fine arts).

The specialty offers several similar directions. These include "Social pedagogy", "Musical art and choreography". For those who plan to deepen their knowledge, there is a magistracy at the university. There are only 2 directions. We are talking about "Social Pedagogy" and "Primary Education".

Information about the Faculty of Philology and Social Sciences

This structural unit can be called very young. It appeared in 2015 in the Izmail State Humanitarian University on the basis of the historical and philological faculties. At first the division was called the Faculty of History and Ukrainian Philology. Now he has a slightly different name. This is the Faculty of Philology and Social Sciences.

Very many applicants entering this faculty are interested in the bachelor's degree. At this stage of higher education 3 areas of training:

  • "Philology (Ukrainian)" with the assignment of a teacher of the Ukrainian language and literature.
  • "History" with the appropriation of the history teacher's qualification.
  • "Practical psychology" with the assignment of the qualification of a practical psychologist in educational institutions.

Faculty of Foreign Languages

This structural unit at IGU Izmail offers interesting training directions. People who come here dream of working in the future as teachers of Romanian, French, English, German and foreign literature. The full-time education lasts 4 years at the first stage of higher education (bachelor's degree).

There are also master's programs at the faculty. Training in all available areas is organized by several departments:

  • Germanic languages and translation;
  • Romance languages and translation;
  • English and translation;
  • General linguistics, Slavic languages and world literature.

Faculty of Administration, Management and Information Activities

The work of this faculty in the city of Izmail began in 1993. The structural division was called the engineering and pedagogical department. It invited the entrants to study at the university on the specialty "Labor training and the basics of computer science". The modern name of the structural unit was found in 2015. It became the faculty of administration, management and information activities.

The structural subdivision offers several directions at the bachelor's degree:

  • "Secondary education" (specialization - computer science, labor training and technology).
  • "Information, Library and Archives" (specialization - document management and information activities).
  • "Enterprise, trade and exchange activities" (specialization - economics and enterprise management).
  • "Tourism".

About the cost of training

The cost of training in the Izmail State Humanitarian University depends on the chosen specialties. Every year it changes. For example, in 2017-2018 the cheapest courses of preparation were at the Faculty of Foreign Languages. The year of study in such specialties as "French Language and Literature", "Romanian Language and Literature", "Bulgarian Language and Literature", "Russian Language and Literature", cost 8300 UAH (today it is approximately 20-22 thousand. . rub.). The highest price of training was at the same faculty in the specialty "English Language and Literature" - 12 250 UAH (about 30 thousand rubles.).

In principle, the average cost of training is quite affordable. But also it is worth remembering that in addition to paid places in the university there are budget places. Any applicant can enter free education if he shows sufficient knowledge in passing the entrance exams.

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