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What to bring from Japan: interesting ideas, souvenirs and recommendations

Once in the Land of the Rising Sun, it is impossible to return from there without souvenirs. What to bring from Japan, what gifts to please friends and relatives? The choice is difficult to make, because it is in this state that it is easy to understand the true meaning of the phrase "eyes run up." To simplify this task, the recommendations of experienced travelers, given in the article, will help the guests of Japan.

What to bring from Japan: original souvenirs

A samurai sword is a souvenir that a tourist can present to a friend or relative of a male or to keep to himself as a souvenir. Of course, we are not talking about the acquisition of real copies of cold steel. Their purchase will require significant costs, and export from the country is prohibited. Guests of Japan have the opportunity to buy affordable copies of samurai katans - miniature or full-size.

What can you bring from Japan besides this? Japanese calligraphy is famous throughout the world for its impeccability. Therefore, an excellent gift can be a panel decorated with a hieroglyph. The main thing - do not forget to clarify the meaning of the hieroglyph before buying a product that can become a "highlight" of the interior. A puzzle is an excellent gift for those who like to solve complex problems and do not stop in the face of difficulties. Unraveling a Japanese puzzle is beyond everyone's power.

Most popular gifts

What to bring from Japan, so that the souvenir would evoke pleasant memories of the journey? Everyone who has visited the Land of the Rising Sun, is familiar with such a popular talisman as maneki-neko. The product is a figure of a cat, whose foot is raised up. The Japanese are convinced that this souvenir has magical properties that allow it to attract good luck. Not surprisingly, the cat figurine is found not only in homes, but also in shops, restaurants, offices. Dimensions are different, there are even large interior sculptures on sale.

What to bring from Japan, if it is necessary to choose souvenirs for colleagues? It is worth paying attention to such a budget option as paper lanterns. They are made of paper vasa, also used bamboo pine. Traditionally, this product has the shape of a cylinder, the construction is supported by a bamboo frame, which is shaped into a spiral. Lanterns seem fragile, however they can easily be taken to the house intact. They will become a valuable acquisition for the interior in the spirit of ethno.

Clothes and footwear

What to bring from Japan out of clothes? Of course, it is impossible to leave this state without taking the traditional dress of local residents - a kimono. There are products designed for different seasons. The guests of the country enjoy the most popular summer kimonos, this light clothing is called yukata, made of cotton or linen. You can buy a Japanese outfit in any hotel, however a wide assortment is waiting for buyers in specialized shops.

Becoming the owner of the traditional Japanese vestments, one can not help taking care of the appropriate footwear. Many tourists prefer to buy Geta, but wooden sandals on the platform are extremely difficult to wear without a long workout. Therefore, it is worthwhile to dwell on a more convenient variant, which also perfectly combines with a kimono, - zori.


What to bring from Japan as a gift to friends or relatives? Residents of the Land of the Rising Sun are literally obsessed with fans. These stylish accessories are found everywhere, the Japanese use them for dinner in a restaurant, strolling down the street, relaxing at home. To the services of tourists both flat and folding models, the choice of design options is impressive. The owner of a plastic fan Japan guest can be completely free, as souvenirs often spread on the streets during promotions.

Vagasa is a classic Japanese umbrella, also capable of becoming an excellent souvenir. The products are made from Japanese paper and bamboo. Residents of the country consider umbrellas not only as a tool for protection from bad weather. These accessories are involved in tea ceremonies, they are used in the Kabuki Theater.


What kind of cosmetics to bring from Japan? The answer to this question is difficult to find, since a wide range of beauty products can drive everyone into a stupor. It's not mistaken that those who pay attention to the products of such brands as Utena, Puresa, Shiseido, they have proven themselves. Any woman will be grateful if you give her a gift high-quality collagen facial masks, which are produced by the above brands. Also it is worth buying shampoos, created on the basis of cherry blossoms and algae.

In search of gifts related to the beauty industry, do not forget about the wonderful beauty gadgets, the production of which Japan is famous for. For example, you can please the fair sex representatives with such gifts as massagers, mini-saunas, lifting systems.

Food, drinks

What to bring from Japan? Cosmetics is wonderful, but do not forget about other interesting souvenirs. For connoisseurs of Japanese cuisine must use traditional sticks, which are made of lacquered wood. Products can have different sizes, there are options for women, men, children. The sticks presented in the gift sets are mesmerized with beautiful ornaments.

Lacquered wood serves as material for another traditional Japanese souvenir - bento. This is the name of the food box, where it is customary to put fish, rice, vegetables. The products are made in the country from the beginning of the 17th century. They can be used according to the purpose or keep in the house as an element of the interior.

It is impossible to go to Japan and not bring a bottle of sake from there. This national drink is fascinating with the richness of the taste bouquet. For tourists it is offered in souvenir shops, it is also easy to purchase sake at the airport. Besides this, Japanese green tea deserves attention of the guests of the country, endowed with a soft, unobtrusive taste, which is easy to fall in love with.


Furin is a bell, the sound of which has been heard in the country for many centuries. As a rule, this product is made of glass or metal. The purpose of the souvenir is the decoration of window, doorways. Gusts of wind will make the furin fill the room with a melodic sound. The best place to buy a souvenir is the fair.

Gifts for children

If a guest of the country wishes to bring Japan's goods to children, he might like a national toy called a coma. Visually it looks like a top, made of wood, decorated with intricate ornament. Curiously, the choice of design options for toys is so huge that it is difficult to find two identical products. Coma will like even the smallest children.

Kendama - a souvenir, oriented, rather, to adolescents, is capable of capturing and adult people. Exercises with this toy, if you believe the words of the inhabitants of the country, develop in a person such qualities as inflexibility, perseverance, patience. Visually the product is a hammer with a ball attached with a rope, made of wood.

The kite is considered to be the invention of Buddhist monks, clergymen used it during solemn ceremonies. However, gradually the snakes ceased to be the prerogative of the church, children played with them. Traditions of the country are ordered to give such souvenirs to the child before the New Year. As a pattern used images of famous national heroes, gods.

Other souvenirs

What else can you choose souvenirs from Japan, what to bring besides the above? For connoisseurs of painting, Japanese prints, known as "pictures of a floating world", will certainly be liked. They traditionally portray celebrities, famous places, breathtaking landscapes.

A wonderful souvenir - traditional Japanese dolls, which are made of wood. For example, Daruma is a doll that resembles a Russian Matryoshka doll. Products are dressed in national clothes, they can portray brave samurai, beautiful geisha.

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