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Ishmuratova Svetlana: career and biography

Svetlana Ishmuratova loves biathlon since childhood. She has a very interesting and unique life story. For many years she had high hopes. Ishmuratova Svetlana took prizes in international and domestic tournaments, but did not get to the main team of the team. The first full season in the world cup, she held only at the age of twenty-eight. Love for sports and perseverance are two forces that brought Svetlana Olympic gold, after which she was able to finish her career with dignity with dignity.

Childhood and the first workouts

Svetlana Ishmuratova, photo of whom can be seen in this article, was born on April 20, 1972 in the South Ural city of Zlatoust (Chelyabinsk region), in the Buryat-Tatar family. The girl grew rather weak and painful. For this reason, the father, in order to improve the health of the child and temper the body of his daughter, decided to put it on skis.

She, along with Irek Musalimovic, ran for hours on the track, rolled on the slides, gradually increasing physical exertion. The father tied his daughter to him with a rope so that she would not get stuck in the deep snow. Later, she recalled her childhood and always said that it was to her father that she was grateful for her champion career. Since then, the vital credo of the biathlete is not to fall at the finish line, with dignity accepting both victory and defeat. She tries never to get upset.

Toward the end of Ishmuratov's primary school Svetlana Irekovna got rid of her illnesses. In the fourth grade, she celebrated the first victory in children's competitions. The school teacher of physical culture RS Akhmetgarayeva trained her then.

Already in 1991 she won her first junior race of the championship of the Soviet Union and in the nineties she became one of the best skiers of Russia. She does not forget about her studies, after graduating from technical school, she goes to the Ural Academy of Physical Education and Sports.

The first big wins

The ascent of the biathlonist to the sports Olympus is not pleasant for everyone. In the ninety-sixth year she was accused of using dope. After that, disqualification must be for two years. However, after a while, all the accusations from the athlete are removed and the error is acknowledged publicly.

During the disqualification Ishmuratova Svetlana did not lose form and in 1997 she confidently won the sprint at the Russian championship, proving that it is too early to write off. Then she was included in the team formed for the trip to the Olympics in Nagano. And in 1998 she was able to win her first gold medal at the World Championships, which was held in Hochfilcin.

Further career

In the ninety-ninth year Svetlana took part in the World Summer Championship and won "gold" in the sprint cross and relay race. In addition, she got a silver medal in the race-pursuit. Svetlana Ishmuratova, whose biography is rich in various awards, in 2000 takes "silver" in the sprint at the Small World Cup. In 2001, she became the world champion in the relay race. And at the Olympic Games in Salt Lake City in 2002, the biathlete receives a bronze medal in the relay race.

In the world championship in 2003, the athlete takes the "gold" in the relay race and "silver" with "bronze" in other disciplines. In the same year at the European Championships, she receives another bronze medal.

In 2004 at the world championship Svetlana receives a silver medal in the relay race. And next year at the European Championships, she wins gold medals in individual and relay races, and also takes second place in the sprint. In the same year in the Small World Cup she is listed third in the individual standings.

The first Olympic "gold"

Its first "gold" in the Turin Olympics athlete was able to win thanks to an unbending character, sober calculation and great love for the Motherland. When the coaches reminded that the whole of Russia is ill for her, the girl was inspired and could make a big leap. She received a gold medal in the individual race and one more in the relay race. In 2006, after the Olympic Games, the biathlete finished her sports career.

Personal life and work

Ishmuratova Svetlana is a loving wife, caring mother and just a kind person. In April 2007, they had a son with their husband, who was named Misha. The biathlete is an active participant in the sports and social life of the Chelyabinsk region and her hometown of Zlatoust. In the winter of 2007 she was awarded the Order of Honor for her contribution to sporting achievements.

In the same year Svetlana was elected a member of the Legislative Assembly in her hometown of Zlatoust. And at the end of 2007 she became a member of the State Duma of our country from the party "United Russia". On February 5, 2016, she was appointed deputy head of the sports club of CSKA to work with the team. Ishmuratova Svetlana has the rank of lieutenant colonel of the Russian army.

He has the following awards: the Order of Honor (on February 22, 2007), the medal "For Services to the Fatherland" of the second degree (from May 5, 2003).

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