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Korean beans: best recipes

In recent years, a variety of Korean snacks have appeared on the shelves of most supermarkets. They are characterized by a spicy sharp taste, and therefore very popular among our compatriots. At the same time, few people realize that all these meals can be easily done at home. After reading today's publication, you will understand how the Korean beans are prepared.

Classic Edition

The appetizer, cooked according to this simple recipe, is perfectly combined with meat and fish dishes. To pamper your relatives with spicy Korean beans, you must go to the nearest store in advance, purchase all the required components. In your kitchen must be:

  • A pound of green beans.
  • A couple tablespoons of vinegar.
  • A quarter of a glass of refined sunflower oil.
  • Five or six cloves of garlic.
  • Salt.

To cook the Korean beans that you cooked in a Korean style, they have a pleasant aroma, it is desirable to add a bunch of fresh dill to this list. As for vinegar, it can be replaced with fresh lemon juice.


The string bean is lowered into boiling salted water. Literally after a couple of minutes it is thrown back to the colander and left to drain excess liquid.

In a separate bowl, mix table vinegar, refined sunflower oil, chopped garlic and chopped dill. In the same dishes send salt and any spices. The resulting marinade is mixed with the chilled beans and transferred to a salad bowl. After that, it is sent to the refrigerator. After about two or three hours, the string beans in Korean, the recipe with the photo of which is presented in today's publication, will have time to soak up the aromas of spices.

Option with carrots

This recipe will be a real find of all lovers of savory snacks. The dish prepared on it can be served not only for a family dinner, but also for a festive table. Before starting the process, see if you have all the necessary vegetables and spices at hand. This time you will need:

  • A pound of green beans.
  • One carrot and a bulb.
  • One hundred grams of any vegetable oil.
  • A teaspoon of coriander.
  • Three cloves of garlic.
  • One full tablespoon of vinegar.
  • A pair of laurel leaves.

In order to have a sharp Korean string bean, the recipe of which is presented in this article, in the above list it is necessary to add half a teaspoon of burning red and black ground pepper.

Process description

Onions and carrots are washed under running water and peeled. The first is cut into half rings, the second one is straw. Then they are combined in one bowl with chopped garlic and put aside.

With the previously washed fresh beans, central veins are removed. After that, it is cut into small, approximately identical pieces, the length of which does not exceed three centimeters, and sent to a pan filled with slightly salted boiling water. There also put laurel leaves. To ensure that the future green beans do not fall in Korean style, it should be blanched for about three minutes. Then it is thrown into a colander and cooled.

In a small saucepan combine vinegar, vegetable oil and spices. All mixed well, put on a stove, brought to a boil and cleaned from the fire. The resulting marinade is poured into a bowl of vegetables and garlic. There also send the boiled string beans. All carefully mixed, spread in a clean glass container and placed in a refrigerator. After about twelve hours, the string beans in Korean are fully ready for use. It is served not only as a completely independent dish, but also as a juicy side dish to a bird or meat.

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