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How to remove advertising in "VC"? In "VC" there was an advertisement - what to do?

Most users of social networks without special enthusiasm meet annoying blocks with advertising, which constantly appear on the side of the pages of your favorite sites. Moreover, these blocks, as a rule, are oriented to frequent inquiries of visitors, so they are constantly repeated. Of course, for advertisers, social networks are a real "gold dwelling", because it is from here that a lot of potential buyers come, but recently many users dream to learn how to remove advertising in "VC".

So what to do with the blocks?

Social network "VKontakte" was opened in 2006 and quickly became popular among the Russian-speaking population. Several years ago in "VC" there was an advertisement, which immediately caused some share of discontent among users. Many over time have come to terms with annoying banners, which have already flooded the entire Internet. In this article you will learn how to remove advertising in "VC". In this case, each method is very simple and easy, which will help you in a few minutes to enjoy a social network without interference.

Method # 1: Change the interface language

Few of the new users of the social network know that there is the opportunity to change the language to any that you just like (or like it). Even those who have already registered a long time ago "VKontakte" prefer to leave Russian, which is by default. But if you want advertising in the "VC" is no longer displayed on the left side of the screen, you can experiment a little with the language settings. Recently, two new languages have appeared: Soviet and pre-revolutionary. Their use not only helps to relax a little and get a lot of positive emotions, but also to remove advertising in the "VC". It's unclear why, but so far, advertising posts are not displayed in these languages.

Method 2: Installing programs and plug-ins

If the reinstallation of the language did not help, and you are still racking your brains over how to remove advertising in the "VC", then you should look at the various plug-ins and programs offered to us by various popular browsers. But here it is worth to be very careful not to make it worse. First, never trust unproven programs that people, even if they are familiar, advise. Secondly, install only the official browser plug-ins.

Opera, Chrome and Firefox

The above browsers are considered to be the most popular today, so here you will learn how to disable advertising in "VC" using their plug-ins.

In the "Opera" there are many different extensions, many of which simply do not need a regular Internet user. Thoroughly review all those that are included with you. If you notice any suspicious, immediately disconnect and reboot the computer.

Did not help? Install a special plug-in Adblock Plus, which will block all ads not only on the social network, but on all sites.

Chrome on polls took the first place among your favorite browsers. Installing it, you automatically get all the necessary extensions, but if the advertisement does not turn off, you can go to the official Google Chrome site and look for a plug-in there to disable it. Typically, with their help you can completely remove even annoying pop-ups and banners.

Mozilla Firefox also has a special extension called Adblock Plus, which will save you from the blocks once and for all. After downloading it, do not forget to unpack and install it, and also to check if it is on. After installation, the computer needs to be rebooted. Be sure to check if the plug-in works by going to the social network "VKontakte". In most cases, the ad unit disappears.

Exceptions in Firefox

It often happens that by including the plug-in Adblock Plus in Mozilla, you can not remove pop-ups from various Internet scams. Agree that the constantly appearing messages like "I earn 500,000 rubles a year" are already bored. These windows are inherently viral. Unfortunately, the usual installation of various plug-ins in this case does not help much. What to do?

First, be sure to check if there are any viruses in your system. If the special programs did not find anything suspicious, then you have to abandon the services with which you can download images and video files from the site "VKontakte". As a rule, pop-ups and additional advertising appear precisely because of them. Nothing helped? Try to contact the experts who will help you to reinstall the operating system. After this, be sure to install a proven antivirus.

Method number 3: antivirus and "VKontakte"

If the problem is how to remove advertising in the "VC", still you are worried, then you can try to choose for yourself a program that would easily cope with any kind of viruses and ad units. Thus, you can, as they say, "kill two birds with one stone." First, you will protect your personal computer from malware. Secondly, the use of professional paid versions will help you get additional applications, the task of which is to scan all sites and view all the information that is placed on them.

For example, using the paid version of Avast you will get not only an antivirus, firewall and antispyware, but also a special blocker that will block ad units. This is done by a special function called Advisor. Having registered in a special line the path to the site you need (in this case it will be "VKontakte"), you can completely remove advertising from it.

As you can see, today there are a lot of very diverse ways that help to almost completely remove annoying ad units not only on the pages of popular social networks (for example, "VKontakte"), but also on the entire Internet. And this fact can not but please all those users who no longer want to see advertisements on their page. After all, one of these methods will definitely suit you and it will be an excellent opportunity to just have a good time in "VC" and get only positive emotions from it.

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