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Day of the chief - what is this triumph?

Among the world professional holidays there is also such as the Day of the Chief, or boss, or chief. Everyone calls it differently, to whom as it is more pleasant, or at whom as it is accepted in the company. This holiday, although quite young, still has its own history.

Origin of the celebration

Its founder is rightly considered the secretary of the company State Farm Insurance Company Patricia Haroski. In 1958 she, working under the guidance of her father, proposed annually to celebrate a new holiday - National Day of the Chief (National Boss Day). With her light hand in 1962, it was officially approved. This was done by the Governor of Illinois, a very respected man, innovator Otto Carner. Initially, the idea of this holiday was that the entire staff congratulated their boss and thanked him for being caring, kind, fair and honest throughout the year. The tradition to celebrate the Day of the Chief was supported by many countries.

From the United States of America, the holiday spread worldwide with supersonic speed. Today it is celebrated in countries such as Great Britain, South Africa and Australia. On this festive day, everyone should remember that the boss is not just a professional in his business and a good leader. This is a calling, a talent. As a rule, such people from childhood in the limelight, the rest are gathered around them. They are leaders in the yard, organizers of events in the school and the institute.


Managing a team is a work without days off, a huge responsibility for every perfect step, for any spoken word, for the welfare of the people entrusted to it. And on the Day of the Chief you should think about the fact that the chief is primarily an ordinary person.

He is just as tired as everyone else, he has the same problems and, of course, needs. But this person puts the well-being of the collective above its own. However, just remembering your boss is not enough on the Day of the Chief. Postcards, flowers and other pleasant little things will be a wonderful surprise for your boss, and also fully express your respect and appreciation.


Many are worried about the question of what you can give on that day. Everything depends on the collective, if you have only formal relations at work, then the gift should be the same. A pen, a diary, a business card or something else, required for work. If you have friendly relations, you always joke with each other, you know the desires, then you can give something personal: fishing pole - a fisherman, a cigar - a smoker or something else.

Learning about this holiday, for sure, many will want to know when they celebrate the Day of the Chief in Russia? Then, when in other states, as it is international. You can congratulate your boss on the sixteenth of October, and you can also arrange a festive event, give a postcard, both electronic and paper, flowers, souvenirs and many smiles from all members of the team.

It is worth recalling that in Russia there is another celebration, when you can congratulate your big bosses. Every year on the twenty-eighth of September the Day of the General Director is celebrated .

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