Implantation of teeth in Moscow: rating of clinics (responses)

Everyone is burning with a desire to have a Hollywood smile. Nevertheless, today you can get lost in a variety of services and offers from various dental hospitals. In which of them do reliable professionals work? How much does dental implantation cost in Moscow? The rating of the clinics, based on the patients' feedback, will help us to understand these issues.

Rating of clinics in Moscow

What is the reputation of dentistry? As a rule, it is developed from the quality of the services provided, their volume, the courtesy and courtesy of the staff, and even the interior of the premises. But in the next ranking are the best dental clinics in Moscow, selected only for the only sign - the quality of implantation in 2015. These include:

  1. Hospital MVK Beauty Line , located at: ul. Nikolskaya, No. 10. Here the implantation costs from 405 dollars.
  2. German Center for Implantology , located on the quay of T. Shevchenko, No. ½. Here prosthetics costs from 610 dollars.
  3. Dentistry "Doctor Liman" , located on the street. 3rd Tverskaya-Yamskaya, No. 58/5. Here you can make an operation for $ 400 or more.
  4. Hospital Esthetic Classic Dent, located at: st. Sadovo-Chernogryazskaya, etc. No. 36. In this clinic the same service costs from 880 dollars.
  5. Boston Institute of Aesthetic Treatment, located on Michurinsky Avenue, No. 7, building 1. Here, implantation can be performed for $ 750.
  6. Clinic Baby Smile, located on the street. Novoslobodskaya, d. 67/69. Here prosthetics costs from 675 dollars.
  7. Hospital Dentblanc, located on Michurinsky Avenue, No. 5. The same service here costs from $ 520.
  8. Dentistry Potyaev Orthodontics, located on the street. Palih, No. 10/9. This operation can be performed here for 710 dollars.
  9. The clinic "Orthodont-Elite" , located on the street. Usacheva, etc. No. 19-a, k.2. The same operation here costs from 390 dollars
  10. Dentistry ZUBR , located at: ul. Lipetsk, etc. No. 36/20. Here prosthetics of teeth costs from 410 dollars and above.


Implantation of teeth in Moscow, clinic rating - these nuances are of interest to many patients. What do they pay attention to when they go to the dentist? As a rule, these are the following parameters:

  • cost of services;
  • Convenient location of the clinic;
  • Quality of the material;
  • The popularity of the hospital;
  • Reputation of doctors working in it.

These moments are important when performing a complex operation - implantation, which requires skill and experience.


And now we will find out what is implantation of teeth in Moscow (rating of materials). The cost of the implant is made up of the cost of the gingiva and abutment shaper. Today every dental clinic is able to offer its clients several types of dentures at different prices: Israeli, German, Japanese, South Korean, American and Swiss. How not to make a mistake in the choice and can you save on such things? Let us consider this unique product in more detail.

The very first in the rating of prostheses are ultramodern premium implants, the cost of which is quite high. These are Staumann (Switzerland), Nobel Biocare (Israel) and Astra Tech (Sweden), whose prices range from 470 to 750 dollars.

In the next category, cheaper but at the same time high-quality implantable materials of young foreign manufacturers are placed. These are Bio Horizons (USA), Biomet and Bicon, which cost varies from 340 to 470 dollars.

Next come the budget items presented by foreign masters who strive to make first-class dentistry affordable for everyone. They are Implantium (South Korea), Alpha Bio, MIS (Israel), Ards, which cost from 165 to 340 dollars.

The cheapest are Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian implants, the price of which ranges from 110 to 200 dollars.

Clinic "Ladent"

Many people wonder how the implantation of teeth in Moscow. The clinic rating is studied by a small number of patients. Therefore, we will talk about the hospital "Ladent", which is known to many.

Doctors of this dental clinic use the Nobel Guide technology, thanks to which denture prosthetics are almost imperceptible. Such express-implantation of materials is sometimes called one-stage.

Practically all the best clinics in Moscow for implantation of teeth apply this progressive technology. Patients say that with the help of an unusual computer program doctors plan the entire scenario of the forthcoming operation in advance. Clients claim that the information is sent to the Swedish corporation Nobel Biocare, where the specialists make a personal surgical template, and in a couple of days the sample is delivered to the dental center. Then the doctor appoints the day for the installation of new teeth. In fact, everything happens in accordance with real mathematical calculations and a proven scheme.

Patients like that this system relieves them of a tiring finding in the dental chair. They say that in the Ladent clinic ten dentures are installed in just forty minutes.

Inspection Cost

The rating of dental clinics in Moscow is great. How much is the first visit to a doctor in these institutions? We will clarify this with the example of the already known hospital Ladent. Patients say that the initial examination consists of the following procedures:

  • Research of the state of the oral cavity.
  • An in-depth consultation of any specialist (or a group of doctors).
  • Planning treatment.
  • Determination of the amount of financial expenses.

Clients say that a primary examination in this hospital costs 2200 rubles, which is an acceptable price for them.

Preparation and rules

What is good for implantation of teeth in Moscow? The rating of the clinics of this city speaks volumes. Patients who used the services of the best dental centers in the capital of Russia say that for the successful procedure they had to undergo a comprehensive examination to detect contraindications and take a blood test.

Indeed, one of the most important aspects of success is clear compliance with technology. All clinics for dental implants in Moscow adhere to international regulations in the process of work. In addition, they have various certificates and licenses.

Many patients are concerned about the survival of implants. Modern methods of treatment and diagnostics allow even in the most difficult cases to ensure 100% success of the operation and the absence of negative consequences for the client.


So, we have studied the rating of dental clinics in Moscow. And how is the examination carried out in these hospitals? When it comes to examining a defect in the dentoalveolar system, complicated removal or implant treatment, simple panoramic shots do not help to obtain all the necessary diagnostic information. That's why the doctors of leading Moscow dental hospitals use a computer tomograph.

As a result of the examination with the help of this apparatus they receive a digital three-dimensional drawing with the possibility of a layer-by-layer detailed study.

By ranking the best clinics in Moscow for dental implants, we found that most of these establishments use a computer 64-layer tomograph created by General Electric Healthcare Corporation (USA). The latest advances in medical equipment guarantee the minimal effect of X-rays on the human body with the most accurate testing.

the confirmation

Indications for computer testing:

  • Making a plan for a simple deletion. Description of the location of the retinas.
  • Study of the severity and nature of periodontal diseases.
  • Detection of defects in the dentoalveolar system.
  • Planning of implantology. Analysis of bone tissue.

Nobel Biocare

At present, many people need implantation of teeth. In Moscow, clinics are rated by a selection of only a few patients. Most of them pay attention to the products of the famous Nobel Biocare company, which provides its customers with an official guarantee. This company produces metal-free crowns Procera, implants and so on. Patients claim that after the treatment the doctor gave them a special personal guarantee card Nobel Biocare with a unique code and protective hologram.

This enterprise is an international holding company headquartered in Zurich (Switzerland). Its products are known in 94 countries, factories are located in the US, Japan and Europe. The originality of each implant is certified by a unique product number and a special certificate.

Swedish scientist

The founder of the famous Nobel Biocare Corporation is the Swedish professor Per-Ingvar Branemark. He discovered in 1953 the effect of osseointegration, which allows the titanium, from which the implants are made, to fuse with bone tissue. His creation has the longest history in the world, has been established for almost 50 years and is characterized by the highest quality.

MVK Beauty Line

Agree, it is very convenient to choose a dental hospital if there is a rating of clinics in Moscow for implantation of teeth. Reviews of what they write, for example, about the MVK Beauty Line? The patients tell us that it is very convenient to get to this hospital from any part of the city, since it is located in the very center of Moscow - on Nikolskaya. They say that the reception here is a real recreation area with a large TV, comfortable chairs and interesting magazines. They argue that they were treated individually, not only in treatment, but also in the payment process, as well as in the schedule of specialist visits. And they also say that this clinic guarantees complete safety, that they trust their health.

Customers are satisfied with the attentive and friendly staff of this hospital. They sincerely thank the doctors working in it.

German Center for Implantology

And what other clinics for dental implants in Moscow receive positive reviews? Patients really like the German Center for Implantology. They say that only the most advanced technologies are used in this hospital. They say that they were previously afraid to treat their teeth, but once they visited this center, they changed their attitude to dentistry forever.

Clients say that this hospital uses progressive equipment: digital equipment of the German company Sirona - radiovisiograph and orthopantomograph, with the help of which doctors receive clear panoramic shots. Patients say that thanks to cutting-edge 3D computer technologies doctors plan treatment and model its outcome in the most difficult cases, eliminating the likelihood of any complications.

A lot of people have been treated in this center for more than two years: they carry out preventive cleaning of teeth, prosthetics and get rid of caries. They argue that there is incredible cleanliness, and the staff is doing a great job. Many say that only after they acquired new teeth in this institution, they felt themselves healthy and happy people. Clients thank the staff of this clinic for their excellent work, correct attitude and individual approach.


Of course, before the treatment you need to study the rating of dental clinics in Moscow. According to the patients, the Orthodont-Elite clinic is on this list in the ninth place. Those who used the services of this institution, say that the specialists working in it, provide first-rate assistance in a variety of situations. Here all kinds of dental treatment, prosthetics, implants are installed, bite is corrected not only for adults, but also for children.

Many clients claim that it was in this clinic that they were met by competent service and friendly attitude. They invite other people here for treatment. Some patients are delighted with the highly professional work of the doctors of this hospital. They liked cleanliness and order in the rooms, attentive staff. They cordially thank the doctors, who gave them a bright white smile.

We hope that with the help of our article, you will be able to select the best clinic for implantation.

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