Ideas for inspiration: what can be made from shells

To memories of a pleasant vacation on the seashore preserved in your memory for a long time, fasten them in handicrafts from seashells. Many of you probably thought that we offer to buy a finished product in the place where you spent your vacation. And here not. Nasobiraite on the seashore of different seashells, and already at home make them original souvenirs. Believe, doing this thing, you will get a lot of fun! How to make crafts from seashells with your own hands, you can find out from the selection of information presented in the article. Read, watch and be inspired.

The most original ideas

Have you thought about what can be made from shells? In addition to souvenirs in the form of figurines of different little animals, nothing comes to mind? Then read the tips ...

  • Decorative vase. This is the simplest, but at the same time very beautiful hand-craft, which is based on shells. You just need to pour sand into the transparent high glass container and lay out beautiful shells of various shapes on top. Such a product will be a great addition to the interior of your house.
  • The candlestick is another original idea of what can be made from shells. For its manufacture, prepare a glass that is unnecessary in the household, a candle (half the size of a vessel in terms of height and diameter), sea sand, seashells. In the container, fill the sand with a third of the height, insert a candle into it. Next, lay the shells, pressing them to the wax surface. So zadekoriruyte the entire candle. This hand-made article can be used simply as a decorative element in the design of the room or as an invariable attribute of a romantic dinner. Naturally, it can be burned: the wax melts, and the shells and sand can then be easily discarded.
  • Panel. If the interior of the room is designed in a marine theme, then a good version of what can be made from shells is the wall decoration "Sea Network". It is a woven fabric with large cells. In each of them different shells of different size and shape are tied. For work you will need a rope or thick yarn, two wooden sticks with a diameter of 2-3 cm, shells, a drill with a thin drill. Drill holes along the entire length of the slats and in each shell. Between the sticks through the holes to stretch the rope along the vertical, and then horizontally, connecting the nodules of the place of interlacing. The result is a network. In each of its cells tie a shell. Everything, the panel in the sea style is ready.

Vegetable motifs in shellfish products

Any product that is made from shells can be decorated with flowers made from the same material. Having learned to do this element once, you can decorate their different creations. How to make a flower from seashells? This will require 6-10 semi-circular shells of different sizes. Connect them between each other with sharp edges to each other. Glue with a hot gun. First, the largest three largest shells are attached, then of medium size, and the 2 smallest ones are glued together completely along the entire perimeter, forming the central part of the flower. That's all, quite simply and easily.

To your attention, we have presented very few examples of what can be made from shells with their own hands. Having manifested a fantasy, with a little patience and diligence, you can make exclusive products that will decorate your home or become wonderful gifts for friends. Creative mood for you!

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