Hotel "Victoria", Chelyabinsk: address, photo and reviews

Chelyabinsk is one of the most interesting and large cities of the Russian Federation. It is located on the geological boundary of Siberia and the Urals. Here constantly lives more than 1 million people, the number of which is constantly increasing. The infrastructure of the city is developed well enough, because of what many people want to move to Chelyabinsk from the region. So, when you come to another city or go there on business, you should immediately decide where to stay for the duration of your stay. One of the best options is to rent a hotel room.

In this short article we will discuss in detail the hotel "Victoria" (Chelyabinsk), reviews about it, project numbers and prices for them, we learn the exact address, contact details, advantages of the complex, as well as its shortcomings. Let's start!


"Victoria" - a modern business hotel with an interesting interior, high level of service, as well as a truly home-like atmosphere. Here, work is perfectly combined with rest, which seems simply impossible. This hotel complex is one of the most famous brands in Chelyabinsk and has an impeccable reputation in the field of customer service.

Many customers love the Victoria Hotel (Chelyabinsk), whose photos are presented in this material, for modern service standards, traditional European hospitality, and a convenient location. The establishment is located just 20 kilometers from the international airport, 6 kilometers from the railway station, and very close to the city's largest shopping and entertainment centers (up to 10 minutes walk).

In addition, the number of rooms of the restaurant and hotel complex "Victoria" is quite large - 138 rooms, each of which is equipped with everything necessary. Also in the hotel there are 3 huge banquet halls, where you can hold any celebration or similar event, and the same number of conference rooms that are ideal for business meetings, any training and so on.

Basic rules of accommodation

The hotel "Victoria" (Chelyabinsk) can be accommodated only if there is a document proving the identity (passport or any other document). Children under the age of 14 must have a birth certificate with them. It should be noted that it is possible to rent a room only in case of full payment for the first day of your stay.

Guests in the hotel room can stay between 8 am and 11 pm. If you decide to stay with your friend at the hotel, you will need a passport, as well as 800 rubles.

Wet cleaning is done at the hotel every day from 9 am to 5 pm. Bed linen is changed every 3 days, and towels are changed every day.

During the stay at the hotel, clients are required to:

  • Pay bills on time;
  • Comply with fire safety regulations;
  • Register their visitors to the receptionist at the reception;
  • Follow the silence in the room;
  • Do not disturb other persons (neighbors, etc.);
  • Register a personal vehicle, if any;
  • Leaving the room, close the windows, turn off the working electrical appliances and light, and water;
  • Take care of the hotel property, and in case of damage to something or loss, compensate Victoria for damage.

In turn, hotel guests are prohibited from:

  • Violate the peace of other residents;
  • Smoking in the room (a fine of 3 thousand rubles);
  • To carry weapons, radioactive and chemical substances, as well as flammable and unsafe materials;
  • Transfer the key card from the room to unauthorized persons;
  • Keep in the room any animals.


As you remember, the Victoria Hotel (Chelyabinsk), which is accessible online (about this in the next section), has 138 cozy rooms, as well as 3 conference rooms, where modern equipment for presentations is installed and the Internet is always available, and so many The same banquet halls, suitable for holding various celebrations. The rental price directly depends on the chosen category, however we will discuss this a little later.

In addition, any guest of the project has the opportunity to visit the following facilities located on site:

  • A modern gym with lots of new equipment;
  • Swimming pool with Jacuzzi;
  • Finnish sauna, which will help to improve the body and really relax;
  • Beauty studio, where there is a massage, cosmetology, as well as a hairdressing salon.

By the way, it turns out, the hotel "Victoria" in Chelyabinsk offers a visit to all infrastructure facilities not only for guests, but for other people.

How to book a room?

First you need to go to the official website of the project with the same name. Then find the section "Reservation of rooms" and select two dates (check-in and check-out), using a special calendar. Then click the "Find Number" button.

Within the next 30 seconds, the site will give you a list of the numbers that are available to the order for the period you selected. Examine the received offers from the hotel with 4 stars, then choose the most suitable option for the cost and level of comfort and click on "Book".

The next step will be to enter data about yourself, and then pay for room rental by bank transfer. So you reserved a reservation, so you do not have to worry about the lack of places in the hotel!


At this stage of the existence of the hotel "Victoria" (Chelyabinsk), the description of which is presented in this article, offers visitors rooms of different categories:

  • Standards of 18-32 square meters, which have everything you need: a comfortable bed, a comfortable soft area, a cocktail table, a closet for clothes, a TV, a functional work area, a minibar and cable TV.

  • Suites (2 or 3 rooms) with an area of 50-53 square meters, having all the amenities for living: large beds, a separate study room, a closet for clothes, a safe, a minibar, a TV with cable and so on.
  • Apartments - spacious rooms with 2 rooms and a kitchen, the area of which varies between 44-53.5 square meters. Equipped with everything necessary, including a refrigerator, stove and other amenities.

And now we will discuss the cost of rent in more detail.

Room prices

For 2 thousand 800 rubles, anyone can rent for a day a 1-2-room number of the category "economy-standard", which includes breakfast in the restaurant, as well as a visit to the swimming pool, gym and sauna. For 1 thousand rubles is more expensive rent single standard (the price includes all the same). But for 4 thousand 200 rubles. You can rent a room with a standard of comfort.

In turn, there are only 2 types of luxury rooms: a single for 4 thousand 500 rubles. And a double for 4 thousand 800 rubles. per day. The cost of each option includes not only visits to the sports hall, sauna and pool, but also breakfast in the chic restaurant "Victoria".

For a day spent in a single room category apartments, you will spend 4 thousand 500 rubles, and the double option will cost 300 rubles. expensive. In addition, the hotel "Victoria" has a more expensive and modern room, with only one - a VIP-apartment. You can rent it for 12 thousand rubles a day.

basic information

Coming to Chelyabinsk, the Victoria Hotel, whose address Molodogvardeitsev Street (34th house), visit first, because it works around the clock. Ask any questions or clarify any information you can by phone +7 (351) 220-00-01.

Do you want to visit the hotel "Victoria" (Chelyabinsk)? How to get to, you do not know? Then remember that the nearest stop is the street on which the complex is located. To get to the hotel, you can take a taxi (22, 10, 41, 58, 48, 68, 49, 75, 96 and 79), trolleybuses (14, 10 and 17) or buses (59 and 16).

Special project proposals

For businessmen in the hotel "Victoria" the administration came up with three profitable offers:

1. Action "Irrevocable tariff", which implies a small discount, if you are already certain about the timing of the trip to Chelyabinsk. The minimum cost of renting a room will be only 2 thousand 432 rubles per day, however in this case it will be necessary to pay the full amount for the entire planned period of residence. This offer includes a visit to the Wellness Center (gym, sauna and swimming pool), room service, secure parking, permanent access to the Wi-Fi network, and a complimentary daily buffet breakfast in the restaurant.

2. The offer "Free rental of the conference hall on Monday", which includes the services of a personal manager, all the necessary equipment for presentations, training sessions, forums, negotiations and so on. You can receive this offer only when ordering a business lunch or coffee break.

3. Action "Live longer, but pay less." This offer is suitable for those who plan to stay at the Victoria Hotel for 20 days or more, choosing a standard room with increased comfort, a suite or an apartment. In this case, the client will receive a 50% discount if the payment for the entire period of residence will be made immediately.

Wellness-center "Victoria"

This hotel infrastructure is open every day from 8 am to 22 pm. Here, anyone can restore their strength, have a good rest and have an unforgettable time visiting the Finnish sauna, gym, swimming pool or any spa programs, as well as using the services of a professional masseur. By the way, for your convenience, the hotel complex provides bathrobes and towels.

In the relaxation zone, drinks such as water, freshly squeezed juices, non-alcoholic cocktails and herbal teas are available to order. You can buy a subscription here for 4, 8, 16 or 24 visits. In addition, it is also possible to buy an unlimited pass for 1 month.

Subscription fee

So, in the sports complex the following options are available:

  • Monthly unlimited subscription to visit the center at any time - 8 thousand rubles;
  • 4 visits for 2 hours (daily in the period from 08.00 to 16.00 - 1900 rubles., 16.00-22.00 - 2800 rubles.);
  • 8 visits for 2 hours (08.00-16.00 - 3600 rubles, 16.00-22.00 - 5200 rubles);
  • 16 visits for 2 hours (08.00-16.00 - 6 thousand 400 rubles, 16.00-22.00 - 9 thousand 600 rubles);
  • 24 visits for 2 hours (08.00-16.00 - 8400 rubles, 16.00-22.00 - 13 thousand 200 rubles.);
  • One-time visit for 1 hour at any time (swimming pool and Finnish sauna - 400 rubles, gym - 250 rubles).


This hotel complex is one of the best in the city, because he has been working hard for more than 18 years. By the way, recently there was a very large-scale event in honor of such an event as the birthday of the Victoria Hotel (Chelyabinsk), which is celebrated on September 19 every year. About this celebration in RuNet was a huge amount of comments, evidencing an unforgettable holiday.

As for the reviews about the hotel itself, they are also quite positive. The guests of the complex claim that Victoria is an excellent hotel, where friendly staff works, whose representatives always respond quickly to any requests of customers. The rooms here are large and clean, and also cozy, but sometimes there is a smell of dampness in the bathrooms.

Constant visitors of the hotel write that in different rooms of one category there are slightly different conditions: somewhere there are excellent dressing gowns and quality slippers, and somewhere robes resemble something one-time, and slippers do not. Also note other inconsistencies: sometimes there are 3 or 4 towels per person in the room, but there are also situations when there are only 2. Of the advantages of the complex, people allocate a swimming pool, a sauna and a gym, as well as a high level of service.

Finally, we note that often there are testimonials testifying to monotonous breakfasts and very high prices for drinks in the mini-bar, but this can also be attributed to trifles.

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