We prepare gifts for our dads

If you have a question, what to give to my mother, then everything is simple: a bouquet of flowers - and almost every woman will be just happy. But what to give to fathers, when to guess their desires is much more difficult? Here an excellent option may be gifts to the dads, made with their own hands with love.

Daddy's Holidays

Cooking gifts to the popes with their own hands will not so often: by birthday, February 23 and, possibly, professional holidays. The list of holidays for fathers is small, because on such days you want to surprise your parent with something unusual and interesting.


The easiest way to please your father is by yourself making a postcard. There are a lot of ideas here, because it does not have to be classic - paper. You can show a little imagination and make it fabric, having thought up the original storyline on its cover. In the middle of the postcard, in addition to the text, you can also decorate. This can be an ordinary drawing, an application or a photo enclosed in the middle, which corresponds to the holiday, for example, an army photo of the pope for a gift on the day of February 23.


You can make gifts to your dads yourself from plasticine or clay, molding something into memory. Depending on the holiday, it can be any figure of a man, animal, technique, etc. Make such a gift is not difficult, because most children love to sculpt and are pleased to be so happy to please their parent.


A great gift for dad - collage. On the sheet A1 you can place a huge amount of different material - family photos, papa's photos with friends or co-workers. You can complement the gift with gay newspaper clippings, which draw or parody the photo itself. Such a gift will not only please any father, he will still please the whole family for a long time.

Paper for help

If the child wants to give a gift to the Pope on February 23 in the kindergarten, you can ask the tutor for a thematic lesson, let all the children at the same time make a gift to the fathers. The simplest option for solving this problem can be paper, because It is from her that it's simplest to make something. A good idea may be to create a paper tie for the pope. He can not wear it, of course, but he will be delighted with the gift - that's for sure. It is necessary to ask the children to choose the desired color of the cardboard, to make together the blanks, and then decorate the tie to your taste.

Bank as a gift

If all of the above ideas are tried, you can approach the issue on the other hand and make more practical gifts to the dads with your own hands. To do this, you need a half-liter or a liter pot and material for its decoration - a gift jar will be created for various lost trifles to the dad in the garage. Décor options are a huge amount. You can just paint the jar with colors, make an application from paper, or just paste the leaves, which will indicate what is in the bank. You can decorate the jar with a cloth or embroidery, braid with beads. You can also decorate the cover, which the bank will close. Such a gift looks nice not only in the garage, but also at home, besides it is quite practical and convenient to use.

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