CROSS APPLICATIONS: Schemes, descriptions and uses

There are a lot of yarns of different colors, but one texture. Where should it be adapted? Why not do all kinds of appliques (crochet)?

Where can I use pictures from related applications?

Everything will depend on the chosen topic. Cars and animals will be useful for decorating faceless children's clothing. But the flowers or figures of girls in smart dresses will suit those who are older. Knitted applications (crochet) will look good on a handbag or blouse.

There is another option - to connect several identical elements, and then the appliqué will become a rectangular napkin. Those who have sufficient experience, will be able to combine them so that the circle turns out.


It consists of four parts: a body, two wheels and a headlight. Beginning knitting applications (crocheted) with the largest detail - the body. The size of the finished machine will depend on the initial chain. Let the air loops in it be 27.

The first row: two lifting loops, one column with a crochet in each loop of the chain chain.

In the second, the lifting loops will be three and the columns with the crochet in all the tops, except the second one.

The third row: three loops, two columns with a crochet from the second and fourth vertices. At the end of the row, do not bind a column from the penultimate loop, and make the last two with one vertex.

Fourth row: three loops, a column with a crochet in all the tops of the previous one.

The fifth: an air loop, 4 columns without a crochet, 15 air loops, connecting in the last loop of the row.

The last row of the hull (in the direction is the continuation of the previous one): an air loop, connecting posts along the trunk, bottom and hood of the future car; At the beginning of a long chain of stitches perform a column without a crochet, on the arch - 12 stitches with a crochet, then one more stool without a crochet.

The second part of the application (crochet) is the wheel. That is, there must be two. On the ring of three loops, connect the six connecting posts. The second circle consists of 12 such columns, that is, there must be two in each loop. In the last circle an alternation is performed: one column from one loop, two columns from one loop.

The third detail is the headlight. It is knit like a wheel, it only needs to stop after the first row.


This idea can be taken as a note if there is a girl in the family. It is possible to modify this application (crochet). Schemes of skirts can be any. To do this, it is enough to tie a piece of round napkin.

One of the examples of the girl is shown in the picture.


They can be made in different sizes and colors, and you get a real cat family. Such knitted applications (crochet) will be useful for decorating the clothes of a girl.

It starts with 26 loops - this will be the basis for the cat's belly and tummy. The first 9 loops are the hind leg: the connecting column is the second from the hook loop, the column is without the crochet, the connecting one, 6 without the crochet.

On the next loop there is a half-column with a crochet, then a column with a crochet. At its top, dial a chain of 14 loops. Tie them with connecting posts, they should be 12, and the latter must be connected in the first loop of the chain. This is a tail that will need to be sewn, bending the question mark.

Then the back of the cat will crochet. A column with a crochet - on the same base, where there was one that became the basis for the tail. In the next loop there are two bars with two crochets, then in one - two bars with three crochets. In the next two: one with two capes, the second - with one. Continue with a column with a crochet and a connecting string in one loop.

Continuation of the application (crochet) in knitting the head of a cat. On one loop to connect: 5 air, on it connecting to the second, a column without a crochet in the third chain; Two columns with a crochet; 2 air, on them a connecting column; A column with two crochets; 2 air and connecting in the loop of the base of the head.

It remains to bind the front foot. On the last 9 loops of the initial chain, connect: 6 posts without a crochet, connecting, without a crochet, connecting.


This is one of those patterns that you can use to create napkins. These are such applications (crochet), the schemes of which can be boldly modified. For example, make a larger or smaller bud, change the size of the leaves.

One of the variants of the flower scheme is shown in the figure.


Such applications (crochet) for boys and girls are suitable. In the first case, she can make a cap on her head, and she will turn into a military man or a policeman. For the girl, the appliqué can be adorned with a bunch of small flowers.

The entire caterpillar consists of seven circles. The biggest one is a body that goes smaller on its head. Four even smaller sizes will be required for the neck and tail. Another smallest is useful for the tip of the tail.

All circles are knitted according to a single principle: on the ring of 4 loops perform 10 connecting posts. In the second circle, add 4 loops evenly. At this point, you should stop when knitting circles for the tail and neck.

To make the torso knitting continue. In the third round, the number of columns should be evenly increased by 6. The fourth circle is still to be extended to 6-8 loops. The tip of the tail is similar to these circles, only you need to type 3 loops, the bars should be 7, and in the second row add 5 loops.

When knitting the head, small changes must be made to the second row. In the places where the cheeks will be located, it is necessary to make columns without a crochet.

All the details sew together. Then tie the antennae. They are the same circles as the tip of the tail, and are attached to the head by air chains of 5-6 loops.

Completion of the application (crochet) for children's clothing is to tie the body of the caterpillar and make her legs. Secure the yarn at the junction of the head and neck. Carry out three connecting posts, 5 columns with a crochet in two loops, 5 more stitches with a crochet in the first two loops of the body. Four connecting posts to the first leg. Leg: 7 air, close the last 3 rings, on them to bind 6 posts with a crochet, tie the foot with connecting posts. Two connecting posts - and one more foot. Six connecting - and a foot, so on all circles of the tail. The tip of the tail is simply tied with connecting posts.

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