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Icon style for teens - Stefania Malikova

The popularity of the daughter of the famous composer Dmitry Malikov long ago surpassed his own. To the advice of a girl with a beautiful name Stefania listen to thousands of teenagers, they become subscribers of her accounts in social networks and emotionally react to new photos. Despite the young age of the girl, she is called a real style icon, and glossy magazines that often invite a charming girl for commercials, consider her the personification of a new generation.

Versatile model

Charming Stefania Malikova is still studying at school, but already trying to realize herself in the work. She draws beautifully, is interested in fashion and its history, is engaged in vocal and dancing, sports, foreign languages. Despite the workload, she signed a contract for cooperation with one modeling agency. And, as the beauty admits, her childhood dream has now become a reality.

The feminine Stefania Malikova, whose biography, despite her young age, is full of events, recently appeared on the American cover of the youth version of the magazine Vogue. Accustomed to pose from an early age, the beautiful woman showed foreign readers her good taste, grafted into the family.

Education issues

Stesha, as her parents call it, absorbed the spirit of show business since childhood, so it's no wonder that she feels comfortable in different hypostases. However, the heiress of the musical dynasty admitted that he is not only interested in creativity, but would like to associate life with medicine. Stefania Malikova said that the fans from chemistry and after graduation would be happy to enter the medical faculty, because another of her dreams, while unrealizable, is the invention of the elixir of health. However, in recent interviews she already reported that she does not see her future in medicine, because cutting frogs and mice is not for her, but she does not exclude good journalistic or design education. On numerous questions about whether she wants to follow in the footsteps of her father, she frankly admits that she "poisoned" music since her childhood.

Family Idyll

Malikov's daughter Stephanie grew up in love and care from an early age. She calls herself an exemplary child who never fails to trust her parents and will not destroy the respectful relationship between them. The media believe that there is no more harmonious and beautiful family in Russian show business. Stefania sincerely admires her parents, considering her father as superpopa, and her mother as the best and exemplary in everything. On frequent questions about family conflicts Stefaniya Malikova answers that in such situations compromises help, they are sometimes difficult to find.

Popularity in networks

More than two hundred and fifty thousand subscribers have a feminine beauty with a radiant smile. Her father even expressed particular concern over the excessive popularity of her daughter, who admits she does not understand the reason for her fame. "I'm just uploading photos, not wanting to become a star of social networks," says Stefania Malikova. Photos from her in "Instagram" are incredibly popular, the public wants to follow the diverse life of their favorite.

Wisdom of a young beauty

However, not everyone reacts positively to such an exposure of their lives, except for compliments to its natural beauty and charm, many leave unpleasant comments about the security of its stellar family. It is necessary to pay tribute to the upbringing of a sociable girl who politely responds to all ill-wishers, that she tries to realize herself in life not only with the help of her parents, but also with the knowledge she has received. Stefania Malikova admits that she is only expanding her horizons and will surely achieve her goal.

"Since childhood I have not been deprived of attention - this is the fate of all famous people. If someone will forgive a mistake, then everyone will notice me. But the position obliges us to behave with dignity. With a child of stellar parents, to whom much is given, much will be asked. And if someone tries to dissolve rumors and look for shortcomings, then he does it only out of envy poisoning the heart, "Stefania Malikova reasonably thinks, whose photo is always closely watched by the fans.

By the way, the successful and motivated Stesha, who became popular due to the Internet, considers him the main disadvantage of his generation's life. She explains to peers that all the knowledge and encyclopedias of the world are collected in it, and we are lazy and sit in social networks and are engaged in various nonsense.

As you can see, the girl is smart enough and clearly refutes the theory about the rest of nature on the children of popular parents. We wish her only good luck in achieving her own goals with her own means!

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