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Who is the Victharion Greyjoy? Will the hero appear in the series "Game of Thrones"

The saga "The Song of Ice and Flame", written by George Martin, presented dozens of vivid characters to readers. One of them is the fearless warrior Victarion Greiggio, who grew up on the Iron Islands. What is known about this hero, when to wait for his appearance in the series "Game of Thrones", based on the book?

Victarion Greyjoy: who is he

To begin with it is necessary to understand who he is. Victharion is a brother to King Bailon Greiggio, with whom the audience took leave in the sixth season of the "Game of Thrones."

He is the uncle of Theon and Ashi, and Euron, illegally seizing power on the Iron Islands and proclaiming himself a ruler, is another of his older brothers.

Appearance, personality

What is known about the appearance of such a vivid character as the Victharion Greyjoy? The author draws the readers' attention to the high growth of the hero, his powerful physique. The captain's hair is already touched by gray hair, but the stomach remains flat, like a young man's. Other information about its appearance yet.

Victarion is one of the most dangerous warriors on the Iron Islands. First of all, this is due to his incredible physical strength. Ambition and cunning are qualities that the character clearly lacks. Theon Greiggio claims that his uncle resembles a buffalo, submissive and strong.


Victarion Greyjoy is a character that appears on the pages of the book after the death of Bailon. However, the author tells about his past a lot. It is known that the mighty warrior was a participant in the march of his father Quellon, from which the lord no longer returned.

After the death of his father, Victharion swore allegiance to his elder brother, Bailon. As a reward for his devotion, he became the lord-captain of the Iron Fleet. It was to him that the self-proclaimed king, during his uprising, entrusted the attack on Lannisport. Victarion destroyed the Lannister fleet, personally flanked the enemy flagship. However, in the battle with Stannis Baratean at the Bright Island, he suffered a crushing defeat, and the rebellion of Bylon Greyjoy was suppressed by Robert Baratean and his allies. After the war, Victarion started reviving the Iron Fleet.

Personal life

Victarion Greyjoy is a person who does not manage to find happiness in his personal life. His first wife died, trying to bring the heir into the world, the second brought into the grave of smallpox. The only woman in whom he was in love, betrayed him with his brother Euron. Learning about this, he personally killed her according to tradition, but he could not forget. This incident led to his deaf hatred for Euron, whom he dreams of destroying.


The viktarion appears on the pages of the saga after the death of Beylon. Niece Asha offers him an alliance, according to which she will support him as the future king. The girl is not going to help her uncle unselfishly, she demands that in case of his victory he declare her his right hand. The Vicctor refuses, because he does not want to become a fool king, who listens to the advice of a woman. He declares his own claims to the Sea throne, but is defeated. The crown goes to his hated brother Euron, before whom the Lord Captain is forced to bend along with the others. However, Victarion continues to dream of his death, to make plans for revenge.

The newly-made ruler gives the relative a very unusual task. He must go to the end of the world and lead from there the girl, which put the eye of Euron. Victarion Greyjoy and Deyeneris Targarien have not yet met in the pages of the saga. The fleet, led by the lord-captain, is just swam to Mierin. Fans assume that the meeting will take place in the sixth book, which will be released under the title "Wind of Winter".

The Vicctor does not at all intend to keep his promise to his brother. He decided that he should marry Deeneris for the sake of revenge on Euron.

TV series

When will Wiktarion Greyjoy appear on the show? Unfortunately, it is already obvious that in the "Game of Thrones" this bright character will not be. Part of his line was transferred to Theon and Ashe. It was the children of the late King Beylon who went to Mierin, having previously stolen ships from his uncle Eiron. They made an alliance with the Dyeneris, who accepted their help and promised Asha that she would make her Queen of the Sea throne.

The line of Eureon Greyjoy also underwent significant modifications. Promotional materials for the seventh season of "Game of Thrones" indicate that he intends to conclude the union is not Deeneris, but with Cersei.

The creators of the series did not include in their narrative many heroes of "The Song of Ice and Flame", this group included the Victarion Greyjoy. "The Game of Thrones" is a series that follows its own path, which the producers do not tire of stressing. It is likely that the line of the fearless lord-captain seemed to the creators of the television project not too important for the development of the plot.

From all of the above, it follows that this role will not play a single actor. Victarion Greyjoy is a character who will not be on the show.

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