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Hockey player and coach Vladimir Krikunov

Vladimir Krikunov at the moment is the head coach of the hockey club "Motorist". He is also known as a professional hockey player and an excellent coach.


In the city of Kirovo-Chepetsk on April 23, 1950, a famous Soviet hockey player was born. Since childhood, Vladimir was fond of hockey and was a pupil of the local club "Olympia", in which he began his playing career. For all the time he repeatedly spoke for various hockey clubs and participated in the Higher Hockey League of the USSR. At his first major league championship, the USSR played for the Saratov team. In total, he has more than 380 matches and almost 80 points. In 1976 he appeared in the experimental team at the Cup of Canada.

His playing career, Vladimir Krikunov decided to complete in 1984. After that he wanted to try himself as a coach. It is worth noting that in this role he has made significant achievements. As a coach, Vladimir Krikunov has been working for more than 30 years and is not going to stop his career at the moment. He was a coach not only from Russian clubs, but also from clubs in Slovenia and Belarus. His main coaching achievements are such events as the victories of his teams at the World Championships and participation in the Olympics in 2002 and 2006.

Interesting facts from life and career

  • From 1982 to 1984 he was a playing coach of the Minsk hockey club "Minsk". But then I decided to devote myself entirely to coaching, because it was difficult to combine.
  • Vladimir Krikunov is a coach, and he is also a master of sports and a well-deserved trainer of Belarus.
  • Under his leadership, the national team of Russia won bronze medals.
  • Vladimir with all responsibility comes to his work and to every athlete from the team is looking for an individual approach.
  • Vladimir Krikunov has the most important thing in life - he has a wonderful family and two sons. But it is worth noting that he does not like to spread information about his family and keeps everything secret.
  • Hockey players around the world are known for strength training from Vladimir. After all, during sports activities, he requires athletes to work on a maximum and with a head immersed in the game process.


Vladimir Krikunov achieved a lot for his playing and coaching career. He was an excellent player, and now he remains a professional in his business and trains various teams. It is not often that the hobby of childhood becomes the meaning of all life. In this regard, Vladimir unequivocally and unspeakably lucky.

As already mentioned above, Vladimir's achievements include the fact that he is a master of sports and a well-deserved trainer of Belarus and the Russian Federation, but that's not all. The teams he coached repeatedly took prizes.

Vladimir Krikunov - a great coach, and even now many teams make him work offers, and he does not mind, because he is not going to retire. And, despite the fact that Vladimir has achieved such results, we wish him further development in his career and even greater successes and victories.

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