Anapa: guest house, rest with children. Anapa, holidays with children: reviews

Rest in the Krasnodar Territory is perhaps the most popular destination in the summer. Here you can meet tourists from all over the country: old and young people come to enjoy therapeutic air, sea, sun ... On the embankments and beaches of the area, at least shoot photos for social advertising: completely smiling happy families, radiant faces. And it's so easy to believe that happiness is near! And to not be dissuaded in this until the end of the holiday, you need to take care of everything in advance.

Ah, Anapa ...

Anapa is a world famous resort, but they come here not only for the strength of the sea and mineral waters: landscapes alone cure any spiritual wounds. The proximity to the Caucasus and the abundance of balneological clinics will make you feel like a character from Lermontov's "Hero of Our Time". In the vicinity of the mountains there are blossoming valleys, which are especially pleasing to the eye. The day is quite hot, but in the evening, walking along the embankment, you can feel the whiff of a light breeze. The heroic past of the city will give food to the mind and make you look at a cozy bay in a different way.

Entertainment in the city

If you decide to go to Anapa, then for sure the main purpose of the visit is to visit the sea: sunbathing on the sand, sea walks, water and beach sports. It is a pity that not everyone can tell about the sights of the city. Well, still, if the magnet will be depicted the sea or the embankment, but if the gate is a Turkish fortress, where have you never gone?

In order not to burn during the searches, rather arm the map of Anapa and explore all the monuments! The blessing of historical "entertainment" in the city is many: in addition to the aforementioned gate of the fortress there is a lighthouse, an archaeological museum under the starry sky "Gorgippia", the reserve "Big Utrish", a monument to Suvorov and a magnificent dolphinarium.

Paradise in a hut

The optimal variant of accommodation for tourists, which has Anapa, is a guest house. Rest with children now will not turn into anguish due to lack of conditions. Guest houses are similar to mini-hotels, only much more comfortable, and for relatively little money you can get pretty good service. You can stay in the private sector, and in fashionable hotels. Remember that you can save on housing, because you did not come to admire the apartments and sit in the room. For those who are looking for guest houses, Anapa prices offers all kinds of. You can be arranged in a hotel for 200 rubles, and for 1500 rubles per day. Everything depends on the area and the amenities offered to holidaymakers.


This institution is located at ul. Shevchenko, d. 183, city of Anapa. The guest house (rest with children there is quite comfortable) has been popular for a year already. The three-storey building accommodates 15 double and triple rooms. The cost varies depending on the season: during periods of decline in attendance, the double room will cost you 1,000 rubles. By the way, meals are included in the price twice a day. Children under six years without extra bed and without meals live for 200 rubles. The rooms have all amenities, including wireless internet. Shared kitchen, coffee and tea are free for all guests. For children there is a playground, close to all kinds of entertainment. From the house you can easily reach the sandy beach, the city center, the amusement park.

"Golden Maple" will appreciate your children!

And here is another guest house, located near the city of Anapa. Rest with children here is the most comfortable. The village of Vityazevo is not far from the center, but it is an ideal option for a secluded vacation. The "Golden Maple" complex is recommended by almost all families with children. Spacious rooms (additional places are provided), amenities, free parking - this is what adults will appreciate. But a playground and a children's indoor pool will surely please your kids. To the sea about 20 minutes walk, which is not very like families with young children. As for the cost, it is quite democratic: a double room at the peak of the season will cost a little more than 2000 rubles. Address of the guest house: Krasnodar Region, Anapa, with. Vityazevo, Blagoveshchensky per., 12.

"Retro": guest house, Anapa, Vityazevo

A wonderful family option. What attracts Anapa is rest with children. Reviews rest house "Retro" receives only positive. It is located in a convenient area of Vityazevo. Two-, three-, four-bed rooms with private facilities can be rented for a moderate fee (from 1000 rubles). The smallest guests are offered chairs, cots, mattresses for free. Children under five without a place stay for free. It has its own children's playground, animators and fun contests, a blue swimming pool with a children's section. The beach is perfectly equipped for recreation, there is a lot of entertainment right on site. The address where you can find the guest house: Anapa, Vityazevo, Flower Pereulok, 2.

Rest houses in Gemet: "Katyusha"

What else has the beautiful city of Anapa prepared for us? Dzhemete guest houses offer no less beautiful than the main resort. One of the most popular institutions of this type in this small resort village is the house "Katyusha". In all the photos, the courtyard appears full of flowers and grapes curling on white walls, and in life, as the reviews say, it is even more beautiful! The house is located seven minutes walk from the sea. The territory is well equipped, the place is very quiet, so it is ideal for families with children. Nearby are all the benefits of civilization. The guest house has internet, in all rooms - necessary amenities. A kitchen is provided. Prices will pleasantly surprise anyone: from 300 to 900 rubles for a double room! Five star ratings invariably accompany the reviews of this paradise on earth. Address: пос. Dzhemete, Pioneer Ave, 117.

"The Oriole" in Gemete

As we can see, there are many housing options in the city of Anapa. Guest house (vacation with children you plan or without) will receive you with open arms. "Oriole" is a great option. In addition to the standard amenities in the rooms, there is absolutely everything you need for young children: from the playground to toys and riding school. The number for a family of three people will cost 850 rubles at the beginning of the season and 3000 rubles in the middle. Do not go to the sea for long, next to the sandy beach. Families with small children will especially like the shallow sea. You can find a guest house at: Dzhemete, Pioneer Avenue, 74.

Let the same luck smile you, and every traveler will find a paradise for himself!

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