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Ice cream "Exo": types, composition, useful properties and reviews

Throughout its existence, ice cream has always been a favorite delicacy of millions. The exact date of its occurrence, no one knows, but we can say that it was already known in ancient Rome. Of course, then the ice cream was not in the form in which we used to use it now: it represented a mixture of ice and juices. In the XVIII century. For the first time a cafe was opened where you could treat yourself to this dessert, and since then it has spread everywhere.

Ice cream "Exo" belongs to the company "Inmarko", which is the No. 1 producer in its market segment, based on the data of production volume and wholesale and retail sales. The manufacturer started its activity in 1993, and the brand itself appeared in 2006. Later in the article we will tell more about the famous ice cream "Exo", which has a lot of admirers in our country.

A bit of history

At the beginning of its activity the company was exclusively a distributor of Novosibirsk refrigerating plants, and for its already 24-year history it has become the largest ice cream producer. In the list of its products there are 18 trade marks. The most popular of them, along with "Exo", are "Magnate", "San Creamo" and "Russian scope". Since 2008, Inmarko is part of Unilever.

Ice cream is produced on modern equipment in accordance with international production standards. The company was the first to start not making customary cups and briquettes, but more complex kinds of sweet products, for example with chocolate-nut filling.


First of all, it should be noted that the difference of the brand "Exo" from other products in the line "Inmarko" - the presence of frozen fruit in real pieces and a bright rich taste. Ice cream "Exo" is produced in three types:

  • Eskimo (on a stick):
  • Home option - in a bucket (it was released in 2008);
  • In a plastic cup.

Ice cream "Exo": composition

If you consider the ingredients in Exo Watermelon + melon, you can see that the content of chemicals in the product is minimized. Vanilla ice cream, including vegetable fat, contains:

  • Water;
  • Dry whole and skim milk ;
  • sugar;
  • Glucose syrup;
  • Coconut oil ;
  • Melon filler (melon, sugar, pectin, citric acid, flavor);
  • Citric acid;
  • Watermelon juice;
  • Food flavoring "watermelon";
  • Stabilizer-emulsifier;
  • Natural dyes.

Ice cream "Exo Arbuz-Melon" has pieces of melon and frozen icing from watermelon juice.

Reviews of the ice cream "Exo"

Opinions about the product are mostly positive: buyers notice a rich natural taste, the presence of pieces of fruit and berries, which makes ice cream even more attractive. In addition, Exo is a low-calorie. If you consider the product in terms of its external design, it attracts a beautiful and thoughtful design - this is what the brand's fans celebrate.

Let's talk about the delicious vanilla ice cream with pieces of melon in the frozen glaze made of watermelon juice. Reviews of him claim that the ice cream of this species has been successful combination of two berries. It is moderately sweet and not sugary. Consumers also note the positive fact that the name of ice cream always corresponds to its taste, that is, if "Watermelon-Melon" is written on the package, then in reality you will experience these two tastes.

The glaze has a pronounced and natural taste, besides it has an ideal consistency - and not very stiff, but not soft. These two layers can be eaten individually or together - in this case an unusual taste combination is obtained. By the way, "Exo" is the first ice cream, which began to produce with the addition of watermelon and melon.

"Strawberry Mojito", as the reviews show, is characterized by a juicy glaze with mint and lime, which is the outer layer, and inside the product is represented by a gentle filling, of course with the addition of fruit. After all, the main emphasis is made by the brand on their use in its product. It should also be noted that in this form of ice cream due to the presence of lime, there is a light and refreshing taste.

Some reviews indicate that the product is not enough jam, while others, on the contrary, talk about the balance of taste and ingredients in the product. In general, everything depends on the taste preferences of each. This also touched the glaze: some compare it with frozen juice, which not everyone likes, for others, on the contrary, the presence of such a shell makes ice cream even more attractive.

Exo: Blueberries and Blackberries

Now let's look at the vanilla ice cream in the frozen glaze of puree and blueberry juice and blackberry. The product consists of the following ingredients:

  • water;
  • Dry whole and skim milk;
  • Sahara;
  • Glucose syrup;
  • Coconut oil;
  • Blueberry filler, which includes, in addition to blueberries, sugar, citric acid, pectin, identical to natural flavors ;
  • Besides this, there is strawberry and blueberry puree;
  • lemon acid;
  • Concentrated juice of two berries;
  • Stabilizer-emulsifier.

Energy value: 166 kcal. The content of basic substances: proteins - 1.9 g, fats - 3.9 g, carbohydrates - 28.7 g.

A variety of tastes

The choice of tastes of a wonderful ice cream is great: "Blueberry + Blackberry", "Watermelon + Melon", "Tropic", "Forest Strawberry", "Forest Berry", "Mango Malina", "Pear Orange", "Mojito Strawberry", "Gooseberries + Kiwi "," Milk Shake Banana "," Milk Shake Strawberry "and others. And it continues to expand.

The buyer will always be able to choose something special for himself. The brand provides a sufficient range of frozen, juicy fruit and berries and a daring combination. The product is also presented in a format such as "Milk Shake", made according to a special milk formula, with the inclusion of pieces of fruit.

Reviews about Milk Shake: Banana say that this ice cream has a pleasant creamy-banana flavor, the same smell and delicate texture. Inside, there are foundable candied fruits. They taste sweeter than ice cream and bring a zest to the product. However, as some consumers point out, the price is somewhat expensive.

Ice cream "Exo" in a bucket

We now analyze the composition of ice cream in a bucket. Note that there are more ingredients here, but the main components are practically the same:

  • water;
  • Dry whole and skim milk;
  • Sugar, glucose syrup;
  • Melon filler;
  • butter;
  • A substitute for milk fat;
  • Pumpkin puree;
  • lemon acid;
  • Dry whey;
  • Concentrated watermelon juice;
  • Stabilizer-emulsifier;
  • Flavoring "watermelon" and "vanilla";
  • Natural dyes.

The glaze here is something in between fruit ice and jelly, which is very much to the liking of lovers of this delicacy.

There is an opinion that there are a lot of chemical additives in ice cream, but based on the composition, it can be concluded that the manufacturer still tries to use natural ingredients in the product. Although consumers complain that the ice cream of this brand contains vegetable fats, despite not the cheapest cost. On the ice cream "Exo" in the bucket the price is set at 280 rubles. With a weight of just over 500 g. The cost of an eskimo is about 55 rubles.

Beneficial features

You can say that the "Exo" ice cream is beneficial for the body, thanks to natural ingredients, and in addition it affects the production of the hormone of joy - serotonin. In addition, its reasonable use contributes to the fact that the body is hardened and better resists the diseases of the throat. Ice cream can be useful for anemia.

This product has contraindications, for example, it should not be eaten with ischemic heart disease, diabetes, obesity and arteriosclerosis of blood vessels. But a healthy person should not abuse ice cream, because everything needs a measure.

Ice cream in a glass

It is a cream ice cream with the taste of two berries, covered with a layer of jam or mashed potatoes. Very impressive looks a combination of blueberries and blackberries. Based on feedback from consumers, it can be concluded that some seem too sweet to some, they note a slightly inflated price. Many people like the bright design of the packaging. In ice cream, as the manufacturer claims, in fact there are pieces of berries. Both taste and smell are very similar to yogurt. Outwardly everything looks very bright and appetizing. In addition, ice cream is not just sweet, but there is also some sourness, which gives the product a peculiar note.

Advertising company

Once in the advertising of this product the famous singer Anna Semenovich appeared. She wanted at that time to become the heroine of a merry summer movie, which she managed to do. Filming advertising took place in Israel. The plot is built on the fact that the main character - a blonde in a bright red bikini sunbathing on the beach and eating ice cream, and young people walk around her in circles, but not because of attracting her attention, but with the goal of trying an exotic delicacy. The manufacturer is known for making bright and unusual videos, the main characters of which are often not people, but energetic and explosive fruits and berries, and the slogan of the campaign is known to many - "Say Fruit Hello!"

Ice cream "Exo" won great popularity among the population, thanks to its unusual solutions, original combinations of flavors, as well as bright and stylish packaging that not only attracts attention, but also helps to preserve all the qualities of the product.

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