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So, today we will talk with you about how to update "Yandex.Browser". Besides, let's try to understand in general what we have to deal with today. After all, the browser is an important element when working on the Internet. What is so good about this one? Is it worth it to install it on the computer? Let's try to understand all this.

What is it?

But before you update "Yandex.Browser", let's try to understand with what particular browser we will communicate today. The thing is that now the variety of these programs literally goes off scale. That's why you often have to think about the difference between two browsers with different names.

"Yandex.Browser" is a special program created for access to the Internet. More precisely, for Internet surfing. From its "colleagues" is different in that it collected everything that only a user who actively works with "Yandex" can demand. There is also a built-in function for checking e-mail, and the search engine "Yandex" in the standard settings, and a special toolbar that makes it easier to work with this site. In general, everything that only a modern user may need with preferences for using the search engine of the same name. And now let's try to get acquainted with what kind of feedback "Yandex" (browser) has collected in the World Wide Web.


Of course, we will start with the advantages of this program. After all, every application, even the most terrible, they are available. Before you update the "Yandex.Browser", you need to know them. Maybe you will give preference to some other similar application.

The first thing to pay attention to (and we've already talked about this) is that this browser was created specifically to make it easier to work with the search engine of the same name. Of course, this is very convenient. After all, if you are used to using "Yandex" to find information, then it will be enough just to enter a search query into the address line - you will automatically open the required search engine.

The second point is the light weight of the application. And this applies to the processes created during the start-up. That is, on the hard disk, "Yandex.Browser" does not take up much space, nor does it load the processor. That is why many choose this option. For clarity: try to launch the standard browser "Internet Explorer" and observe a little for the system load. You will see how the CPU will quickly and confidently boot. So let's get acquainted with the shortcomings of our today's utility, and then we'll figure out how to update "Yandex.Browser".


Well, here we are with you to the cons of the browser. After all, they are also for each application. Can not everything be so good, right?

Of course, if you have already worked for some time in our application today, while not being a supporter of the search engine "Yandex", you already noticed how uncomfortable it is to constantly enter the address of your favorite search engine into the address bar . Not critical, but still.

The second point that should be taken into account before you update "Yandex" (browser), and generally start using it - is that this application is most susceptible to virus attacks. It's fairly easy to "catch." But the "treat" browsers have always been difficult.

In addition, quite often after several months of work, our today's application can simply "refuse to work." System failure - and you will suffer for a long time over the issue of reinstallation. Let's try to update the browser now. In general, there are several rather interesting and simple approaches.


Let's start, perhaps, from the case when you are a supporter of the search system "Yandex". This means that you already have this browser installed. But sooner or later it will have to be updated. The first way that we now know is the automatic flow of the process.

The thing is that all modern applications when releasing new versions offer the user an automatic update. Honestly, it's very convenient. Especially if you really like to put yourself the latest versions of utilities. When the time comes, when you start the application you will have a window asking you to update the version of "Yandex.Browser" to the latest version. This version will be written in it.

To start the process, as a rule, just click on the appropriate button. Then wait a while. When the process comes to an end, the browser will restart. That's all. You will have a new version of the program installed. As you can see, so far nothing special or supernatural is here. The main thing is that at the time you start the process you have an Internet connection. Otherwise, you will have to restart the browser after connecting to the network, and then repeat all the actions. But this is not the only option that helps to answer how to update "Yandex.Browser". Let's get acquainted with other methods used by users.


Here you have another fairly simple and common method. It is used when you have not previously installed the required browser. Or if you do not really trust automatic processes. After all, they are so often failures and malfunctions.

The point is that if you decide to update "Yandex" to the latest version, then you can download it from the Internet. It is desirable from the official website of the program. To do this, go to "Yandex", and then go to the browser section. There you will see the latest version of the application. After that, select the platform on which you will install ("Mac", "Windows", "Android", "Windows"), and then click on the download button. Some waiting time - and the installer on your computer (or any other gadget).

Now it's a little thing. Simply start the process by double clicking on the installation file, select the installation path and wait a while. After the installation is completed, you can use the latest version of "Yandex.Browser". As you can see, nothing difficult. It's quite easy to update the browser.

Third-party sites

Let's find out now one suspicious method. This is nothing like downloading the latest version of the browser from a third-party site. Of course, you can install it yourself, but it's better to do it with automatic update or after downloading from the official site.

The thing is that often on third-party hosting you can simply run into the virus. Or on the infected version of the browser. You download it yourself, install, enter your personal data ... And, in the end, they will be stolen by intruders and scammers. Not a good result, is it?

So, if you decide to figure out how to update "Yandex.Browser", then it will be best, as has been repeatedly said, to use only the official website. This will protect your data.

Through Settings

Well, if you suddenly missed the automatic update, and the official site is not very eager to use, then you can use the browser settings to download and install the latest version of the program. Let's try to find out how it's done.

To begin with, of course, as already mentioned, we need to go to the browser settings. To do this, open the program, and then look at the upper right corner of the window. Click on the image gear - you will pop a long list with a variety of functions. Now select there, at the very bottom, "About the browser." Click on this inscription.

In the appeared window you will see all information about the browser. There's a version and a creator. Click on the "refresh" button, and then wait a while. You will start the process. A few minutes of waiting - and everything is ready. The program will restart. Here you have the latest version of "Yandex.Browser".


So, today we have learned with you what "Yandex.Browser" is, as well as its advantages and disadvantages. In addition, we learned how to update this application in several ways to the latest versions.

As you can see, even a novice user can handle this task. The main thing is to remember that you should not trust third-party hosting companies offering various versions of browsers, and also guaranteeing the extension of standard functions of programs. That's all.

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