How to sew bed linens.

Although the stores have a large range of home textiles, each hostess wants to have a unique decoration of the bed. Therefore, it is not worth to go shopping in thoughtfulness. You just need to learn how to sew the bed linen with your own hands.

For starters, think over the color scheme and the decorative finish of the textile for the bed, which will be combined with the interior of the bedroom. Having decided with the model of the finished product, you can go to the fabric store for the necessary material. We will consider how to sew bed linen from calico. The kit for a double bed includes a sheet, a duvet cover and two pillowcases with a zipper.

We choose the material of a suitable color. We need 7.20 meters with a fabric width of 2.20 meters. In addition to fabric, you need to buy two zippers in length of 40-45 centimeters and a string of suitable tone.

Before sewing bed linen, you need to properly cut the material. We lay out a piece of cloth on the table. We measure 2.5 meters from it and cut it off. From it we will sew a sheet. To do this, we cut the cutting edges of the cut and sewn at a distance of 0.7-1 centimeter from the fold. Our sheet is ready. We put it aside.

The remaining piece of fabric is cut into two parts. One cut will be 70 centimeters, and the second - 4 meters. We will sew a duvet cover. We take a four-meter piece of cloth and fold it in half, face sides inside. We obtain a rectangle with three cutting edges and one fold. We plot the line on two sides, starting from the bend. The seams are processed using an overlock. Unshielded side of the quilt is sewn.

After that, we turn the quilt cover to the front side. We align the hemmed edge and stitch with needles, protecting against the displacement of the parts. We plot the line at a distance of 2-3 millimeters from the edge. We leave the distance of 40 centimeters for the blanket uncovered.

You can not sew sheets and forget about pillow cases. This is exactly what the rest of the fabric will be 2.2х0.70 meters. From this piece, you get two pillow cases with a lock. We cut the fabric into two identical parts. Each of the parts is folded in half with the front side inward. We get two rectangles with dimensions of 0.7x0.55 meters.

Sew the details of the pillowcase, starting from the fold, at a distance of 1 centimeter from the cut. Leave unshielded on one side 45 centimeters. We process the seam with the help of an overlock. We turn the pillowcase on the front side and sew the lock. Under the same scheme, we make the second pillowcase. Making a complete set will take only 1.5 hours of your time, and the result will be excellent.

After considering the option how to sew bed linens from coarse calico, you can now refine various decorative details, using this pattern as a basis.

The perfect option will be two-color linen. One side of the pillowcase and duvet cover, as well as the sheet, will be made of monophonic fabric. The second side is cut out from the material with the pattern. For this kit, you need 5 meters of plain material and 2.5 meters of colored fabric with a width of 2.20 meters.

Before sewing bed linen of this kind, you need to cut it correctly. The cut of the colored fabric is cut into two parts (2 meters and 50 centimeters). One of them will go to the duvet cover, and from a small piece we will cover sides of pillowcases in the size of 50x70 centimeters.

Now we are painting a monophonic piece of cloth. From 5 meters we cut off 2.5 meters and we sew on both sides. We get the finished sheet. The remaining piece of fabric is cut into two parts (200 and 50 centimeters). We put together two parts of the quilt cover and sew three sides. We process the seam with the help of an overlock. The fourth side is sewn. We turn the duvet cover on the front side. Align the edges and stitch the uncovered side at a distance of 2-3 millimeters from the edge. Do not forget to leave a hole for the blanket at least 40 centimeters.

Now we sew pillow cases. Fold the color and monophonic detail with the front sides inside and stitch along the entire perimeter, leaving an open area of 45 centimeters. We process the seam on the overlock. We turn the pillowcase on the front side and sew the lock. In the same way sew the second pillowcase and get the kit on the double bed.

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