How to remove old paint from metal quickly? The better to remove the old paint from the metal?

When there is a need to paint a metal object, it is first necessary to remove the rust and the old coating. Doing over the existing paint does not make any sense, otherwise the fresh layer will begin to peel off. In this regard, the natural question arises: how to remove the old paint from the metal? On it you will find the answer in this article.

This process is quite long, as removing old paint from metal will quickly be difficult. For this there are several different options: professional and amateur. The following materials will be required for removal:

  • Special liquid;
  • putty knife;
  • Thermo-gun;
  • Grinding machine;
  • kerosene.

Options for removing the old layer from a metal product

If you need to update the metal coating on which there are several layers of paint, you do not need to expect the process to be easy, since removing the old paint from the metal is not easy, because the manufacturers try to keep their goods durable and kept in normal condition for a long time.

Ways to remove an unnecessary layer:

  • mechanical;
  • thermal;
  • chemical.

How and what is better to remove the old paint from metal? It is most practical to make it a special liquid. In order to understand this, it is worth exploring each of the options listed below for the removal of paintwork.

Mechanical method

If you have a manual or electric tool, you can take it off with it. Wire brushes or ordinary nazhdachka - not the best option, but still effective. It is more expedient to use a Bulgarian for this purpose, it uses a wire brush as a nozzle. Or a drill with a metal brush installed in the chuck will do. But this is not a very convenient method. Its advantages - in the accessibility and ease of processing a small area, as removing old paint from metal at home on a large plot - a job that requires tremendous effort.

Thermal method

With this method, the coating is heated until the paint begins to peel off. After that, it is removed with a spatula. Unfortunately, not all products made of metal are sufficiently well suited to this treatment option. This method is not suitable for sheet iron, cast iron, galvanized sheets.

The advantage of this option is the saving of time, since it is more difficult and longer to remove very old paint from the metal with other improvised tools and materials. Its drawback is fire danger. On the surface there is scale, which requires grinding. This rather rough removal does not always give the desired result. It is more preferable for these purposes to use other methods for removing the paint.

Chemical method

How can I remove the old paint from the metal yet? Washings and solvents. Buy a special liquid is not difficult, because they produce a lot of enterprises. Therefore, different means can be seen on the market.

Each liquid has a certain specificity, so you must first read the manufacturer's instructions. By the consistency of the liquid may differ - it can be:

  • Gel and liquid;
  • Dry powder;
  • aerosol.

But in practice it is more difficult to choose not the kind of washing, but its manufacturer, because the level of quality does not always correspond to expectations.

The undeniable advantage of this option is its simplicity, since it is possible to remove the old paint from the metal with little effort after the completion of the chemical process. But there is also a negative side to this method - toxicity.

Washout technology

The process of applying liquid is elementary. To remove paint from the metal product, you need to apply the substance and leave it for a specific period of time. The validity period should be registered on the package. Time is important to observe, as removing the old paint from the metal does not work, if the washing has not yet worked properly. Preference should be given to qualitative compositions, since with cheap analogs, removal will be more difficult. Some argue that it is more practical to use the gel, because it is easier to apply it evenly.

To use the paint remover, you need to prepare:

  1. Flushing.
  2. Protective gloves.
  3. A respirator is required to protect the respiratory tract from toxins.
  4. Certain kinds of sandpaper.
  5. Convenient trowel.

Do not forget that when there are several layers of old paint, you will need another surface treatment.

When the chemical reaction is completed, the enamel is swollen and flakes. To remove this, you need to gently walk through the grinder, sandpaper or spatula and remove the paint. All actions are not carried out in a hurry, otherwise you can damage the foundation. After cleaning, the product should be covered with an anti-rust agent. After that, you can go to the choice of a new paint to refresh the surface of the metal product.

Errors in painting the product

Often, people who are not aware of this issue make a gross mistake and choose a simple solution: they perform painting without first cleaning the surface. However, they assume that this is the best option. However, they later realize that the decision was erroneous. And such an undertaking will take only time and effort. A positive result will not be observed for long, after some time the applied fresh paint will swell, peel off and fall off in large pieces.

Therefore, before painting it is important to follow a certain sequence of actions:

  • First you need to remove completely all the old cover;
  • Degrease the surface;
  • Treat with a primer.

When the preparatory work is completed, you can apply a fresh coat of paint.

Now you know how to remove the old paint from the metal. Obviously, this is a very laborious work. After all, you do not just remove the old paint, but do not damage the product itself, and this will take time, certain skills and, of course, patience!

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