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How to make wine from chopsticks at home

It's no secret that, how many people, so many taste preferences. This statement is true, not only when it comes to food and entertainment, but also alcohol. Some prefer expensive cognac, others - "live" beer, the third - the usual 40-degree vodka, the fourth - a variety of cocktails. A lot of admirers and at home wine, and no wonder. Tinctures, liqueurs prepared independently, differ rich, rich taste, they contain only natural berries and fruits and there are no chemical dyes and flavors.

What is most often made of homemade wine? From the black cherry (aronia), from the usual red ashberry, from the viburnum, apples, cherry, a variety of jam and the usual grapes. Each family has its own, traditional recipe for making this wonderful drink.

For sure, many will have to taste the wine from the black cherry with cherry leaves on the following recipe.

It is necessary to take a glass of sugar, a large handful of cherry leaves (at least 35-40 pieces) and 200 grams. Alcohol. Washed and peeled berries and leaves are rubbed through a sieve or ground on a blender, then poured with a liter of boiling water and put on fire. After the decoction has left a couple of minutes, it is removed from the plate, cooled at room temperature, filtered and poured with alcohol. Wine from the blackberry poured into bottles and left for a week to insist. It turns out it is saturated, a little bit tart and strong enough.

Lovers of sweet tinctures and liquors can try to make wine from black-cherry with the following recipe.

For preparation it will be required: 100 fresh cherry leaves, 60 berries of chokeberry, 600 gr. Sugar, a glass of vodka and a bag of citric acid. Berries and leaves are thoroughly washed, black ashberry pressed in puree and piled in a saucepan, pour a liter of water, add sugar and boil for a quarter of an hour. Turn off the fire, add a bag of citric acid and cool. Add the vodka and bottled. The wine turns out fragrant, sweet and not strong, similar to a fragrant liqueur.

Strong wine from berries of chokeberry without cooking

Before you make homemade wine on this recipe, you need to take: a kilo of berries, a half-liter bottle of vodka, lemon and vanillin. Rowan is washed in a colander and allowed to drain water. Dump the berries in a basin or pan and knead them with a pestle or hands. Pour the resulting mashed potatoes with vodka, cover with a lid and leave for a day for fermentation. The next day squeeze a quarter of lemon into a tincture, put a pinch of vanillin and strain the berries through a fine sieve or hands. The resulting wine is poured into a half-liter bottle. It turns out to be dry, very strong and full. This wine is best suited as an aperitif for meat dishes.

The taste of wine from the chokeberry can be improved if you add apples to it.

Prepares berry-apple wine for this recipe for about 2 months. It will require: a pound of apples and a kilogram of rowan berries, 1.5 kg of granulated sugar and water. Seeds are removed from apples, washed and rubbed on a coarse grater. The berries of the blackberry are also washed and kneaded with a pestle or crushed on a blender. Apples and berry puree are put in a three-liter jar and poured with water so that it turns out 1.75 liters. Of wine. Put the jar in a warm place, pre-covered with a lid. To ferment it does not break, in the lid make a few holes. Berries are allowed to brew for a week, stirring them daily, after which they add 0.5 kg of sugar. A week later with daily stirring, another 0.5 kg. After three weeks of daily mixing, the remains of sugar are added to the wine. Another 7 days the berries are mixed every day, then for a month they leave alone for natural fermentation. In 2 months after the beginning of preparation, the wine is filtered and bottled.

What will your home be happy about? Wine, if done correctly and with love, decorates any table.

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