How to make arrows in front of eyes?

If you want to make your make-up more expressive and emphasize your eyes, then you should learn how to properly make arrows in front of your eyes. Thanks to the mastering of the technique of drawing arrows, you can make your image more attractive and give your eyes the desired shape. To learn how to make arrows in front of your eyes, you will definitely need special tools. These can be pencils, eyeliner or shadows. In cosmetics stores you will find a large number of such products, so you will only have to choose what kind of eyeliner you are more suitable for.

So, how to make arrows in front of your eyes? Eyewear can be of the following types:

Option number 1: a pencil for eye makeup.

Pencil is the most convenient device for eyeliner. There are a lot of different pencils. They can be pearly and matte. The most important requirement for a pencil for eyes is that it should lie well and easily grow. Thus, the pencil should be quite soft and resistant. So how do you make arrows with a pencil? You need to start from the upper eyelid, gradually drawing the arrow from the inner base of the eye to the outer one. You can also apply small stitches, and then connect them with one smooth line. And only then draw the arrow on the lower eyelid.

Option number 2: cream liner.

Cream eyeliner is most often used by professional make-up artists. These liners are usually sold in small jars, so for their application you will need a special brush. The minus of this podvodka consists in the fact that it does not last long, although it lays very easily on the eyelid. Therefore, it is recommended to apply creamy eyeliner to the already shaded eyelid.

Option number 3: liquid podvodka.

Liquid podvodka, also popular, as well as a pencil for an eye make-up, its color palette is various, besides such kind of podvodki will keep on for a long time on a century. It is very convenient when the brush is made in the form of a felt-tip pen as it is much easier to make arrows in front of eyes with its help. Often, such a liner creates a glossy effect, but if you want to achieve opacity, you can simply apply over the eye shadow. It is recommended to powder the eyelid a few times before applying the liner to avoid tightening the skin.

Option number 4: shadows.

With this method of applying make-up, you can create a more natural image. Makeup artists recommend choosing baked shadows. Apply a shade of water soaked in water. Thanks to this method of application, it is possible to make any kinds of arrows.

Some more tips on how to make arrows in front of your eyes:

- Arrows can be done using different techniques. You can apply eyeliner, both from the middle of the eye, and from its inner corner. There is also a technique for putting points along the eye contour. After these points are exactly connected. So you can choose the option of drawing arrows, which will be more convenient for you.

- In addition, draw arrows, leaning on any surface, since the line should be perfectly even.

- Draw a line, as close as possible to the eyelashes, this will give them the maximum volume.

- Remember that the black color makes your eyes smaller. Therefore, if you have small eyes, the arrow line should be thinner. Or it would be better to change the black eyeliner to a golden or silver pencil. On the contrary, it will make your eyes bigger and more expressive.

- It is not recommended to use thin eyeliner if you have a rounded eye shape. It is better to choose a pencil and draw wider lines.

- If you have close-set eyes, start the line from the middle of the eye. With far-set eyes, draw a line from the inner base of the eye.

If you follow these recommendations, then no doubt your makeup will always look great.

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