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How to make a birdhouse? Make a birdhouse with your own hands. Drawing, photo

Many from early childhood know how to make a birdhouse. After all, our fathers and grandfathers taught us this. They made these miracle boxes and hung them on trees, thus wanting to instill in their child a love of all life and create an interest in work and creativity. Next were the sets of tools, all kinds of designers, puzzles. However, the birdhouses crash into memory and remain there forever. It is impossible to extinguish these memories. Now there is a great opportunity to return to childhood and make a birdhouse with your own hands. This can be done without the help of parents, teachers, grandfathers and grandmothers, and thereby attract flocks of birds to their garden. If you place these structures on trees, the birds will settle in new dwellings with pleasure. Read more about this later.

Features of the structure

The first time to build birdhouses for birds on their own is not an easy task. However, it is completely solvable. In this text, it will be described in detail how to make a birdhouse. Following the subsequent instructions, you will easily understand the features of the process. You can also pick up the tool and material and go to the active phase. With the right approach, you can build a birdhouse in a few hours. However, for this it is necessary to understand the material that will be used to make a birdhouse. You can use wood, plastic, plywood, even paper. However, any material requires pretreatment. And for this we need certain adaptations.

Required Tools

In this respect, everything is quite simple. Before you make a birdhouse, you need to make sure you have the right tools. We list the main ones. In this case it is necessary to use:

  1. Joiner's hammer.
  2. Chisels of different widths.
  3. Hacksaw on wood.
  4. Wooden hammer.
  5. Ruler, pencil.
  6. Drill, drill.

Types of birdhouses

First you need to determine the size of this building. This will determine the type of birdhouse. There are several types of such houses. Namely:

1. The birdhouse is standard.

In this case, its dimensions will be:

  • Length - 16 cm;
  • Width - 15 cm;
  • Height - 40 cm;
  • The diameter of the tap is 5 cm.

2. The cuckoo. This is a small birdhouse. It will become a wonderful home for birds that are no bigger than a tit. This building is suitable for different species of birds. Perhaps, these will be sparrows, redstarts, variegated. Or the very tits.

In this case, the dimensions will be as follows:

  • Width - 12 cm;
  • Length - 10 cm;
  • Height - 30 cm;
  • Letok - 3.5 cm.

3. Wagtail. This species has a protrusion in front of the ledge. The following dimensions will be here:

  • Height, width - 15 cm;
  • Length - 30 cm.

4. Triangular birdhouse. This is a house for ordinary pikas. The hole in it is through. It has the following dimensions:

  • Width - 15 cm;
  • Height - 25 cm;
  • Letok - 3x6 cm.

If you just want to make a birdhouse for the forest or have no idea what kind of birds are in your garden, then make a standard type. Just remember that, for example, tits more like small comfortable houses. In large, they feel uncomfortable. But the starlings do not fit in the cowshed. This is important to consider.

How to make a birdhouse out of the box?

Such a structure is very simple, it can easily be done in a couple of hours. Its drawback is that, of course, it is not very reliable and will last for just one year. This house can be made from any small box. To do this, you need to do the following:

  1. Stick the cover to the box itself. It must be securely attached.
  2. In the lid, cut the chick with a diameter of about five centimeters. The hole located should be no higher than 20 cm from the bottom. For full convenience, the tray should be round. To do this, you can glue the edges of the hole several times with a wide tape. And he will serve longer.
  3. The back of the box should be very strong. After all, it is the basis. It would be nice to glue it on plywood. Wooden trims are also suitable in this case. Instead of glue in general, it is better to use small self-tapping screws or brackets for fastening.
  4. That the birdhouse was protected from moisture, you need to paint it with paint. It is desirable that it was odorless.
  5. And the very last thing. Wait until everything is dry. Then the product should be fixed to the base.

You can make a house made of cardboard in the same way. Only with him there will be more trouble. We'll have to sweat to connect all the parts and give rigidity to the cardboard itself. You can try to make a birdhouse from paper. However, it is unlikely to be reliable.

A birdhouse from a bottle

The manufacture of such a product will not take much time. Maximum hour, maybe even less. To do this, you need a plastic bottle of five or three liters. It all depends on the size of the birdhouse you need. This house is very similar to the feeder. All of them in their childhood did. But there are still some minor differences.

In such a starling house you will have to make a standard flight. And everything else needs to be done as described above. The only but significant disadvantage is that the bottles are often transparent. But birds need coziness and solitude. So in this case the birdhouse will have to be either painted or pasted with paper. You can fix this product by the handle of the bottle just by the tree. About the care of these facilities will be discussed below.

A birdhouse from a tree

This design will take much more time, knowledge and strength. But the result of your work will be a durable and strong birdhouse, which will serve as a bird for many years. In this case, the main desire. Although the wooden birdhouse is much more difficult to make, however, the effort is not wasted. In addition to the set of tools listed above, in this case you will need certain materials:

  1. Aspen or birch uncut dry boards.
  2. Paint without a smell.
  3. Wooden slats for strengthening.
  4. All kinds of consumables.

When everything is already collected, you can begin to design a house. To do this, you need the following:

1. Create a birdhouse project on paper. This is quite significant. It is necessary to measure the birdhouse correctly. The drawing of the designed product in this case is necessary. You should also calculate the number of materials.

2. Then all the dimensions should be transferred from the paper to the material. Cut out the necessary parts with the help of the tool. Checking with the drawing, we connect all the details with the help of nails or screws. We will get a strong and comfortable box. To this house was very reliable, after the connection, no part should be unsteady.

3. Then make a ledge for the birds before the "entrance" into the birdhouse. This device is for the convenience of birds, who want to get into their shelter. And he usually consists of a small planochki. Feathers like to relax on such a ledge. Strengthen it also with nails.

4. The next stage. It consists in the manufacture of fasteners for the installation or suspension of a birdhouse. Most often it is a special hole on the back of the house. It can also be other fasteners - clamp or clamp.

Features of work on the above construction

Make a birdhouse by yourself - the task is not particularly difficult. Just need to follow certain rules and listen to the advice of specialists:

  1. The ideal material is a tree, as this is a fairly solid material.
  2. Use special wood. Birch, aspen, alder, you can other deciduous tree species.
  3. Fibreboard, chipboard and OSB is not recommended. First, they are toxic, and secondly, they are not durable.
  4. The smell of paint does not attract birds. So its use is not mandatory. If you still decide on this step, then use the paint without a smell.
  5. Inside, you can put a perch and do not. But the protrusion from the outside is better to attach.
  6. Inside the birdhouse must be rough, so that the birds are comfortable to move around. If the board is smooth, you will have to cut it. You can do this with a chisel.
  7. Summer is better to make a round, so that the birds are not injured.
  8. The roof of this product can be built detachable in order to easier to care for the birdhouse.
  9. It is also desirable to make the roof sloping so that moisture does not accumulate. It will not last long.

Birdhouse Installation

This is an important process. Make a birdhouse, the photo of which is given in this text, is half the battle. This does not require special experience. But then it must be properly placed. After all, if it is poorly attached to this house, and even in the wrong place, then it can turn over or, worse, fall.

You should listen to a few tips on this:

  1. It is necessary to seriously approach the choice of place. For example, it could be the butt of a house, a strong pole, a tree, a pole, and much more.
  2. It is better to install a birdhouse at least three meters from the ground. And necessarily in a place where a small predator like a cat, marten or caress can not reach.
  3. The birdhouse should be fortified under a slight bias. That is, it should be placed so that rain drops do not fall into the tray.
  4. You can fasten the birdhouse all with the same nails and screws. But if you decide to hang a house on a tree, then it's better to use clamps, do not hurt the tree itself.


Installing houses for birds, in principle, it is possible during the warm season. Feathered in any case there will settle. However, the ideal time is early spring. After all, the bird family needs to get along well and have offspring.

How to care for a birdhouse

In this respect, nothing is complicated. After you have made yourself and installed a birdhouse, you, of course, want to have it served as a bird for as long as possible. And for this you need to constantly take care of the house. How can this be done? The answer to this question is quite simple. It does not require any extra costs, no extra time. Everything is done simply and quickly. You just need to clean the bird house of dirt and feathers at the end of the season. It is also necessary to treat it from parasites and store in a dry place until next spring.


To do something with their own hands (a bird feeder, a birdhouse, various garden structures and much more) is a very fascinating activity. This work is not a pity to allocate a few hours a week, and even a month. After all, you are going to do very useful things. After you yourself make a beautiful decorative birdhouse, the desire to create further, of course, you will wake up. Such handmade items will not only create the comfort of your garden living creature, but will also visually decorate the interior of your summer residence. Having familiarized with the aforesaid, everyone will be able to figure out how to make a birdhouse. But how it will look like it depends on the individual desire. The main thing in this case is diligence, scrupulousness and patience. All in your hands!

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