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How to make a mask from Iron Man's paper: a detailed description

After the film "Iron Man" was shown on the screens of the cinemas, the whole world exploded with the idea of recreating an exact copy of his costume. Each admirer of this hero dreamed to also at least once put it on and save the world from the enemies of mankind. Many people had a question: how to make an Iron Man mask, without spending a lot of money?

The fans of the film are not only boys, but also adult men who also want to dress in such a dress at the New Year's corporate. There are facts when rich people spent not only time, but money to recreate the image of the Iron Man, and some even succeeded.

The first winners

The first world-famous costume was assembled from plastic and fiberglass. In America it was made of a polyurethane slab and sculpted clay. It is clear that the outfit was unfinished without a lot of various rivets, LEDs, servo motors and other necessary spare parts. Many craftsmen are still puzzling over the author's inventions of this suit. In this article, you will learn how to make a mask from Iron Man paper and also from other material.

In the technique of papier-mache

Any New Year's costume has a mask, it complements the image and hides the face. Working in the papier-mache technique takes a long time, but the result is worth it. A mask for a child of up to 10 years can be made on the form of a three liter can. We take the newspapers and begin to glue the jar with pieces dipped in the PVA glue. A short distance should remain free, so that later it would be easy to remove the mask from the can without cutting it. When everything is dry, take off the product and try it on to see if the size is right or something needs to be changed, everything is still possible at this stage. The next day, after the final drying, we plan the area of the eyes and cut them out.

Now we need to draw the main lines. To do this, look at the sample and just paint them. The next stage is the creation of a relief, this is done with the help of the same paper and glue. Let's completely dry the product and see what happened. If the result suits, you can start painting. Paints should be thick, it is better to use gouache. After completely drying out the primary colors, draw a line with a very fine brush. The effect of metal can be obtained with the help of golden paint. Now that you know how to make a mask from Iron Man's paper in an easy way, you can begin to master a more complicated version.

Take the paper

Every year before the New Year's holidays all parents have a question about the children's costume. If earlier you could just buy a mask of any animal and attach a ponytail, now the children want to look like only superheroes. Therefore, parents begin to search for the most interesting costume. There are among mothers and dads who want to make it themselves. The following information is specific to them.

The first thing to do is to be patient and prepare everything you need. Drawings today are not a problem. We provide a diagram of how to make an Iron Man mask from cardboard. It remains only to try to follow it.

Required materials and tools

To make an Iron Man mask you will need:

  • Paper with a density of 160 g / m 2 or cardboard;
  • Cutting mat;
  • Stationery knife is large;
  • The old awl;
  • Ruler;
  • tweezers;
  • Adhesive PVA building, epoxy;
  • Glass cloth;
  • Acrylic paint;
  • scissors;
  • Glue gun.

How to make a mask of Iron Man paper

Having decided on the model, you need to cut out parts of the product and start to glue them together. When the mask is ready, we will give it a stiffness. For this, we cover the product with a two-component epoxy adhesive. To make the mask more believable, you need to glue the seams on the end parts with adhesive tape. These are the parts that will separate in the finished product. Remember that working with epoxy requires caution and compliance with the instructions. When everything is completely dry, you can start working with fiberglass. It is glued in small layers on the inside of the mask in several layers. The next step is to give the product an ideal smooth shape. This is achieved with a primer and nazhdachki. When the Iron Man mask is made with your own hands, you can apply the paint, and after it dries it is varnish.

Another variant

Now many people are fond of handmade. Many make their own incredibly beautiful and exclusive things. Why not please your child and not make him a favorite hero costume ?! Below, one more variant of how to make an Iron Man mask out of paper will be described. The manual is very simple and accessible to anyone.

The first stage of manufacturing is printing out the patterns of patterning the mask. Cut out the details carefully. The process is quite laborious, although from the first it may seem simple. Now we connect the details, which will subsequently be immovable. The remaining parts must be connected by means of openings. Now we make the mask more dense, in this we will benefit from epoxy glue. It can be applied both to the outer part and to the inner part. We give a complete dry the product, then cover with a primer to hide inaccuracies and various flaws. Now we proceed to coloring - the color depends on the chosen model. The main thing is to apply the paint neatly, to avoid staining on other parts of the mask. It is best to use a painting tape for this. Using a can of spray, apply one coat of paint, allow to dry and repeat the procedure. If you use acrylic paint, it is better to paint in fresh air. If after all has dried up, you will find some disadvantages, they can be hidden with a simple nail polish, matched in color. The product is ready - enjoy your work.

Now you know how to make a mask from Iron Man's paper. Be bold and rest assured that everything will turn out. A child or you yourself will have a bright, memorable fancy dress.

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