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Guest house "Fortuna", Kabardinka: description, photos and reviews

The Black Sea is the dream of any Russian. The most famous resorts are Sochi and Anapa, but recently Gelendzhik is becoming more popular. There is everything you need for a wonderful holiday. Hundreds of hotels, dozens of sanatoriums, large hotels of European class. And how many opportunities for leisure! You are waiting for several water parks, cable cars, parks, nightclubs and natural attractions.

Where to stay?

You need to choose in advance, since by the beginning of the season there can already be no vacant seats. Today we want to tell you about the cozy guest house "Fortuna" (Kabardinka). It is quite small, but very popular with tourists. Stopping here once, you probably for next year decide to repeat the trip. Guest house "Fortuna" (Kabardinka) is a modern complex that will provide excellent conditions for comfortable living.


To date, this is one of the best options for a vacation. Guest house "Fortuna" (Kabardinka) is located on a small green street. In walking distance is a supermarket "Magnet". A very comfortable boarding house with a developed infrastructure. Around there are cafes and shops, that is, you will not be far from civilization. This complex was built in 2015 and only the second season opens its doors to visitors.

Guest house "Fortuna" (Kabardinka) is very convenient for beach lovers. From the coastline it is separated by five minutes of walking. But most of all warm reviews are devoted to the internal arrangement of the boarding house. The hosts have tried for everyone to create exactly the conditions in which you can completely disconnect from all worries.

Number of rooms

How does the guest house "Fortuna" (Kabardinka) greet tourists? Description of the rooms is very important to study in advance, so you know exactly which option is best for you. In the boarding house there are rooms for every taste, simple and luxurious, huge and exquisite. It was commissioned very recently, so you can count on fresh repairs, new furniture and shiny sanitary ware. But the most fascinating are balconies with views of the mountains and the sea. The places here are just wonderful.

The territory of the hotel

Guest house "Fortuna" (Kabardinka, Collective, 113) is a small park hotel. The guests have a large parking lot, as well as equipped places for picnics. You can use the gazebo or barbecue. There is Wi-Fi internet in the whole area. All guests can use the laundry and shuttle service as needed. The cost of living is quite acceptable, from 2000 rubles per day.

Room for two

To make the final choice, it is very important to get acquainted with the reports of tourists who have already visited the guest house "Fortuna" (Kabardinka). Photos will help to understand if the hotel is right for you. Some of them we will give in our article. So, the most economical option is a double room with separate beds. Its price per day is 2600 rubles.

Inside there is everything a tourist can need. A new refrigerator and a set of dishes, a working area. For a pleasant pastime there is a big TV. In addition, there is a wardrobe in order to conveniently accommodate all things. Fresh linens and towels are provided daily, there is a clothes dryer. Guests can use the heated pool.

Judging by the reviews, the interior of the room draws for 5 stars, despite the rather modest prices. The decoration in exquisite beige and golden colors, magnificent repairs, new furniture - all this creates an atmosphere of comfort and comfort, which we so need on vacation.

For a large family

Guest house "Fortuna" (Kabardinka, Collective street) is positioned as a quiet harbor where all conditions for each of you are created. This is a family-type hotel, where there are no discos and bright show programs, but it is possible to plan your vacation the way you want it. The quadruple room is perfect for a couple with children. There is a double bed and one sofa bed.

Interior decoration repeats the above, adds only air conditioning and hairdryer, as well as a luxurious balcony for viewing the surrounding area. In itself, it is small, but tourists who have come to have a good time, do not need another. The cost is 4000 rubles per day. There is almost the same with a breathtaking view of the mountains. Each of them is beautiful in its own way.

Two-room suite

One of the largest rooms in the hotel, an area of 35 square meters. M. Cozy and stylish, it will be to the liking of lovers of minimalism. Nothing superfluous, there are beds, a desk and a balcony with a set of furniture, air conditioning and a bathroom. All entertainments are waiting for you outside the room, so rather leave his cozy walls and go on a quest adventure. The cost of the suite is from 5500 per day.

Improved number

If you value beauty and elegance in everything, then this option is exactly right. Guest house "Fortuna" (Kabardinka), which is underlined by the excellent taste of the administration of this boarding house, was created especially for those who choose the European style. Here, in every detail, you can feel the work of a master of interiors, carved arches, elegant lamps, delicate lambrequins - all this creates a single, harmonious image that pleases tourists with its uniqueness.

The room has one double bed, air conditioning and bath. The previous ones are equipped with shower cabins. There is a sitting area with a sofa for watching TV. Guests are provided with bathrobes and slippers. The cost is 7500 per day. Can accommodate three people + one extra bed.

Hotel details

The food of tourists is not organized, but there are all conditions for cooking in the common kitchen on their own. If there is no such desire, then you can go to breakfast and have lunch at any of the nearest restaurants, cafes or canteens. The choice is big enough, you are sure to find the right option for yourself. Tourists point out that there are no problems with food here. Right next to the hotel is a small dining room, where they cook very tasty and at quite democratic prices.

For children there is a good children's playground on site. A large heated swimming pool is sure to like small fidgets, and they will spend all their free time there. And if you are planning a family get-together in the open air, then boldly gather in one of the arbors. Prepare yourself a fragrant shish kebab.

Beach holidays

Guest house Fortuna (Kabardinka, Collective) is located almost on the coast, five minutes from the coast. Therefore, the hotel does not need a private beach. At your service all the coast, where you can choose your favorite place. Pebble beach, however, if you walk closer to the central embankment, then there is a large section covered with sand. On each site there are sun loungers and umbrellas. To pay for them is not difficult, for this special person is on duty. Just on the sand, sunbathe for free. For the convenience of tourists, there are shower cabins required after bathing in sea water.

Reviews of tourists

Everyone without exception likes the magnificent view of the hotel. The interiors inside are no less exquisite than the exterior decoration. A luxurious pool, well-groomed territory - all this creates an atmosphere of celebration. However, many tourists in their reviews express their dissatisfaction with the need to eat outside the hotel or cook on their own. The all-inclusive complex in this plan is more advantageous.

Tourists note the courtesy and courtesy of the staff. The administrator is always ready to listen and meet the client. But most of all, tourists are attracted by the beauty of the surroundings, the opportunity to make excursions. This quiet corner of the Black Sea coast will give a fabulous holiday. You will definitely want to return.

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